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Good quality sofa

I recommend buying from Article. Though the delivery at first was a bit "bumpy"*, in the end everything turned out fine. Most importantly, the sofa they delivered to me is great, and looks as gorgeous as on the website. I like the color and the texture, and you can see they paid attention to the finishing.

* Here is what I mean by bumpy:

Old message:

You cannot relay on their customer service!

Article makes a lot propaganda about their flat delivery fee. I chose the inside room delivery option. I was expecting the sofa for Christmas celebration. When the delivery company arrived in my apartment, the sofa did not fit in the elevator, they contact Article to see if they could go ahead and take the sofa up through the stairs. Article refused to accept the terms of the third party delivery company and they took the sofa back to their car.

I called Article later to try to arrange the situation and they told me that they could not negotiate a fair price with the delivery company and they would not do the inside room delivery anymore. When I asked the refund, they refused to give the full refund of the amount I payed. They will give me the sofa price back, but they will charge me a return fee because. Do they consider it a return? Seriously? I wanted the sofa, I payed the delivery fee, I was not the one suppose to negotiate with the delivery company.

Now, I lost many hours of my working day, I don't have a sofa for Christmas party and I still have to pay a return fee.


The day after I wrote this message I was contacted by Duncan, the director of marketing from Article. Duncan explained me that the delivery team did a mistake, and that they shouldn't have charged me an extra fee for delivering to 12th floor. He arranged my delivery and he made sure I had it before Christmas. Today is the 23rd and I'm sitting in my sofa, which by the way is really great!

Given my experience and the quality of the sofa I got, today I would recommend buying from Article.

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posted Dec-22-2016

A rep from Article, article.duncan,has responded

“Hi Lira,

Thanks for speaking with me yesterday - it was great to get your feedback and understand your issue first hand.

As I explained on the phone, we do offer flat rate shipping across the US and Canada, however there are a few exceptions. The issue here was that because the sofa was not going to fit in the elevator, the delivery team were going to have to climb 12 stories by stair to deliver the sofa. Our delivery partners are willing to take items up a few sets of stairs for customers who choose inside-room deliveries, but 12 floors is an exceptional case. I agree that this could have been communicated better by the people involved, but also hope that it is clear this was not an attempt to change the terms of your delivery for no reason.

All that being said, we want to make sure you have a sofa for your Christmas party, so as we discussed, I am happy to make an exception in this case. I trust that by now our delivery team have been in touch to set up delivery again at our expense.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas party.

Duncan Blair
Director of Marketing

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