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A lot to be said.

I purchased the Ceni Aquarius in Aqua. I thought it looked nice online and the price was very reasonable.

A few weeks later, it arrives in Toronto and the logistics company calls me to set up a delivery date. After it was confirmed, they said they would call me the day before to confirm. No calls were made, and the friday of, no calls were made and no delivery was made. Despite me booking the elevators and the day off. I call the delivery company to inform them of what had happened, and they apologized and said they would attempt another delivery. I told them to send me an email confirmation this time since last time, no calls were made. Surprise surprise, no email confirmations. 3rd week in - i'm extremely annoyed. I call article to have this sorted out. CS rep calls logistics to ensure this would go smooth this time. Once again, they did not delivery on time. This time, it was outside of the delivery window they had promised. I couldn't wait any longer at my condo, plus it was outside of the time I booked as well. So 3 weeks couch. We went back and forth with article with the problem. They made it like it was us that flopped on the logistic company was was REALLY frustrating seeing that we spent 3 entire days just waiting around for the couch with our phone in hand.

I had my bf call article this time, as he was really fed up as well. They agreed to compensate us our shipping costs and a bit for our time wasted. 4th attempt and over a month later, we finally got our couch.

The couch is great, no complaints there. But definitely a lot of improvement is needed at Article in terms of their organization, customer service and communication with their logistics team. I wasted 4 days that I had booked off at work for this couch - which really ends up costing a whole lot more than the couch and what they had compensated for it.

So yeah, I wouldn't order again. Wayyy too much hassle than worth. Placed an order Sept 26. Received first week of Dec.

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posted Dec-22-2016

A rep from Article, article.duncan,has responded

“Hi Linda,

As I mentioned in my message, I am very sorry about your experience. Having read your review and reviewed our internal notes I can certainly understand your frustration. We made a number of mistakes, and we didn't handle them as well as we could have.

Mistakes happen, but we could have done a much better job both communicating with you and ensuring that our delivery partner followed through.

I am glad to hear that you like the sofa, and hope that we might have an opportunity to demonstrate how the experience should go in future.

Thanks for taking time to provide your feedback.

Duncan Blair
Director of Marketing

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