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Xotic PC


Cancelled original order, replacement had incorrect configuration

Cancelled original order, replacement had incorrect configuration

This company doesn't do a good job with custom machines, and they are absolutely terrible if any change ever occurs to your order. They do not appear to have an automated inventory system, which seems rather odd.

They cancelled my first order, a Thanksgiving special, indicating they were out of stock. Unfortunately, they notified me a full six days later, so I missed all the Black Friday specials. Note that payment had already been made.

I was contacted my a CSR who said if I bought a different computer, they would comp me with a backpack, some upgrades and rush shipping. So I did.

I received none of those things. The machine arrived several weeks later and was the wrong configuration. I contacted Xotic about it and they blamed me for not following their instructions to send an email to a different department. I provided the email that had been sent and was told, "Well, it's already shipped, so we can't do anything about it."

I contacted them one final time and was told that maybe I would get a free game. That was not provided -- they just sent a link to a game coaching site, which I have no need for.

Only buy if you have a standard order, and by no means make any changes to it or allow them to change it. If they are out of stock, just get your money refunded.

I will not be buying again. If this is the service on a $2,000 laptop, I'd hate to see what they do at the lower prices.

I will go back to another vendor -- the extra cost is worth it.

Maingear Computers


I'm a software developer and gamer and I generally buy high-end systems to satisfy my dual needs. I had become disgusted with my previous supplier (Alienware) because of long phone wait times and poor customer service. I did some research and bought Maingear because of the personal service indicated by the reviews. I was not disappointed. A phone call gets a live person on the first try, and my question wasn't redirected -- the person who answered the phone answered the question. The system arrived within a day of the original estimated delivery date and performed flawlessly. I have had the system for about a month and have been impressed by its performance. I am looking forward to buying from Maingear in the future.

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