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Excellent sales service, frightening customer service.

Let me preface this by saying that I frequently buy electronics online and have had to deal with defects, customer service, ensuing RMAs, etc. plenty of times from many different retailers online. Never in my decades of online shopping have I had the displeasure of dealing with customer service as apathetic and avoidant as Electronics For Less Canada.

I purchased a 4K HDTV from Electronics For Less Canada on June 20th, 2017. I had called several times to ask about price matching and also get other general information on the TV. The sales representative (Mason) was extremely helpful and responsive, and so I ordered the TV. Before two weeks (14 days) of ownership after the product was delivered, my TV began to exhibit a problem where the back panel started to come apart. I contacted Electronics For Less via email on July 4th and asked to perform an exchange. They claimed to have contacted the TV manufacturer, and said the manufacturer has never heard of the issue, and that they wish for me to provide photos, which I did on the same day (July 4). I also asked if it was possible to exchange for a different TV and simply pay the difference.

I was ignored for several days via both email and phone (every time I called, I got their voicemail, left a voicemail, and my call was never returned), ultimately reaching a point where I could not even call them from my phone number (I had to use a friend's phone to get through, as my number appeared to have been blocked) and I finally spoke to Mason over the phone. He said they have been busy and that's why he wasn't responding to my emails or phone calls. I explained to him that I needed to understand my exchange options since they only have a 14 day exchange policy. I was assured that I could indeed exchange through Electronics For Less, and even exchange for a different product if I wanted to, so I provided him with information regarding a price match for another TV that I was interested in exchanging for. He told me he'd have to review it to make sure the competitor was an authorized reseller (Note: this other retailer IS an authorized reseller, with a physical store) and that he'd get back to me afterwards if they are, to help me perform the exchange.

He never got back to me, and they continued to ignore my ticket. I also noticed that they removed the other TV I wanted to exchange for from their website, so I could no longer submit a price match request for it. After opening another support ticket on July 11th, I was told by a different agent that he contacted the TV manufacturer that morning on my behalf to inquire about an existing Return Authorization (for performing an exchange), and that he was instructed to tell me that the manufacturer would handle it, and I'd have to contact them with my purchase information to continue. Upon contacting the manufacturer, I learned that they were NEVER contacted by anyone from Electronics For Less regarding my issues, and further that they do NOT even perform exchanges, and that I would need a repair technician to inspect and repair the unit. In the end, I had to go through a completely separate struggle with the TV manufacturer and found myself outside of the 14 day exchange window with Electronics for Less because of this fiasco. I also noticed that several days after my last contact with Electronics for Less, that they put the model of the TV I wanted to exchange for back on their website, so it would seem they deliberately removed it for a period of time simply to avoid price matching against their competitor's sale, which is extremely shoddy as a business practice.

In summation, the initial sale went just great, but I will never deal with this company again in light of how shockingly poor their customer service is.



Great service, excellent products

Purchased an Echo Oxford Sofa from Article, and it arrived very timely. Scheduling the delivery was easy as I was contacted via phone to pick a day and time. The sofa is extremely comfortable and looks gorgeous. The leather has a very natural, visually appealing look to it. The seat cushions are firm and supportive, with enough give to be pleasant; the back cushions are very soft and have a good depth to them. Putting it together is extremely simple (requires four legs to be screwed on) and the construction seems very sturdy and durable. Three people can be seated very spaciously, and four people can fit fine as well, albeit more snugly. My only complaint is that the stitching in an area of one pillow has part of an orange thread visible, which is obviously not meant to be. Aside from this, I would recommend it to anyone wanting a condo-style, modern leather sofa, and I would recommend Article as this is an amazing product for a reasonably good price.

Since then, I have purchased an Amoeba coffee table from Article, and had to perform an exchange as I decided I wanted the product in a larger size. The customer service team is extremely helpful and responsive, and only charged me for shipping the new product, not charging me at all for the pickup of the product I was returning. FedEx came to pick the old table up, and the new one was delivered swiftly a few days later.

This company sells extremely premium products for great prices and has excellent, responsive customer service.

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