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They need to hire a Director of Client Success immediately

I know good customer service (I am a Director) and unfortunately Torrid is just lacking the knowledge to succeed but it can easily be remedied if they hire a Director. I ordered a few swimsuits 3 weeks before my trip (allowing for 14 business days just in case). Needless to say, it did not ship in time and was scheduled to come a few days into my vacation. I called customer support and let them know that I needed the suits, so 5 days before my trip I placed the order all over again (over the phone) and they overnighted me the order. I also told them to stop the previous order as I would not be home to retrieve it and they told me they notified UPS and they are sending the order back to their headquarters. I went on vacation, came back, and sure enough, the first package was on my doorstep. Thankfully I live in a great neighborhood, but it was sitting there, in the snow/rain for 6 days before I came home. I then went online to try and find the instructions and return label to return the suits and I come to find out the return labels are only given on a case by case basis. It's 2018, this is unacceptable. So fine, I call them and let them know what happened, they told me to wait 24 hrs as they have to contact their Supervisor to approve the label. A week goes by, no response. I call back again. The support rep tells me they have to contact their supervisor because the first request didn't seem to go through. Fine. A few more weeks go by and my boxes are sitting across from me in my office taunting me. I call back (3rd time). They tell me it didn't go through again and they'd have to contact a Supervisor. I kindly ask to speak to one of their "supervisors" (at this point it's possible they don't exist lol) and I'm put on hold. 10 minutes later, the original rep comes back saying a return label will be in my inbox in a few minutes. Listen, I'm a size 12, I have the option to shop at other stores without an issue so it's fine that I'll never order from Torrid again, however, what about the amazing women that do not have multiple store options to shop at? Why should they, or anyone, have to go through this terrible process of ordering clothes that make them feel confident just to go through a brutal return battle if it doesn't fit (which most of the time happens especially when you order online). Torrid, if you need some advice for how to run your customer service, call me.

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