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My fiance purchased a
Tressa Sterling Silver Round-cut Cubic Zirconia Ring with which he was going to re-propose but his plan got messed up when the ring he ordered from Overstock.com granted was a quick delivery he ordered it Sunday morning and that Monday morning it was delivered. Well he was away at college and had it sent to my house so we didn't get to open the package until that Saturday when we discovered it was a very beautiful ring but it was the wrong size. He ordered a size 7 and they sent a size 5. Well so here I had this beautiful ring i went to try it on of course it didn't fit it got stuck on my hand. He called customer service and they told him to send the 5 back and they would send him a 7. They sent him an electronic label to send it back UPS but yet his order for the new ring did not even ship until that Monday and processed for like 5 days now we are just waiting and were hoping it would come today but it is apparently slower this time probably because of the holidays expecting it the Friday after Thanksgiving considering its last departure was like 2 hours away in Alabama (we are in Mississippi) which was on the USPS website and it was at 12:00 am LAST NIGHT but yet the mail has already come and it did not come. After reading the reviews of this site I will not order from them again not after their lousy service as well as the reviews ive read of people ordering toasters getting broken ones sending them back and getting ice makers. I'm done with overstock I just want to get my ring and say to hell with overstock.com. I do not recommend using them. In my opinion, you've got a safer chance of getting something from EBAY from a complete stranger just trying to sell his junk. I give overstock.com a major thumbs down.

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