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Rating 10/10

I placed an order with these guys and I can honestly say that I will be back again to do some more business with them. Shipping is a flat rate so it's either hit or miss depending on how much you order. For me, it wasn't too bad at all.

I placed my order and it shipped the same day and arrived to me 2 days later. Great turn around and a great experience.

Rating 8/10

I placed my order on 06/22/12. I waited until Monday and saw that it still hadn't shipped and just assumed they were closed on the weekends. On Tuesday, I emailed them for a status update. Apparently, they take 3 days to "process" your order (not entirely sure what that means but essentially it seems that your order sits in limbo for 3 days), then it actually goes to the shipping department to be filled. This is where I got a bit irritated. Their website doesn't filter items that are out of stock. It still shows them as being instock and available for purchase. My issue with this is that I ordered an item that was out of stock. Now, I did receive an email from them telling me that one of my items was backordered and they asked if I wanted to wait but they didn't have an ETA. I stated no and asked for a refund for that item.

The rest of the items shipped on 06/27/12. So a 5 day turn around from the time you place an order until the time it's shipped. It arrived pretty quickly so I can't complain there.

Also, another thing I really liked is that they didn't actually "charge" for the order until they were ready to ship it. Definitely a positive in my book. I would have been pissed if I had to wait 4 days for my refund to go through.

All in all, I will definitely do business with them again but I really hope they put in a real time stock software for their website.

Rating 10/10

I've been browsing their site for awhile and finally ordered. The order arrived the next day after they shipped and everything was well packed. Definitely a great exeperience.

Now the bad, this company has the absolute WORST customer service you will NEVER experience. I guess if you can manage to get in contact with someone, you'll have a good experience but good luck to you on that. I called every 15 minutes from 8am until noon and never got through. It takes about 3 days to get a response from an email. There's not really anything you can do about it though.

Back to the good, their prices are awesome and their selection gets better by the day (I literally mean the day...1 day after I placed my order, they put exactly what I wanted on their website and because I couldn't get in contact with anyone, I couldn't cancel my order and just order the product that I really wanted).

I would honestly hate to see what would happen if you actually have a problem with your order but 5/5 from me!

Rating 10/10

I ordered 200 rounds of Winchester Ranger T-Series ammunition and this was the site that had the best selection and decent prices along with cheaper shipping prices so they got my business. They shipped my package quickly and it arrived quickly and I couldn't be happier. Will definitely do business with these guys again.

Rating 4/10

Okay..I'll start from the beginning. I called Buds Friday before I placed my order to ask some questions about the item. I answered theirs and apparently, they created the order for me which I didn't find out about until after I got off the phone and got an email 2 hours later telling me that there was no payment applied to my order. That kind of irritated me but I was going to order it anyway so I left it alone. I called today (04/19) at 9am to attach payment and did so successfully and I'm just waiting on the item to ship. I get home from work to find an email from them at 2pm (5 hours later) telling me that they are going to call me (haven't called so far) to tell me that the item wasn't in stock and the person on the phone shouldn't have took my payment and instead of just refunding my payment right then, they want me to call them (that's right...they sent me an email stating they are going to call me and then end with wanting me to call them) and tell them whether or not I want them to keep my money for an alternate item (I don't understand this one at all as there is no alternative) or refund it.

So, first time shopping experience with them is terrible and honestly, after this, I'll pay the extra $20 and just buy directly from Sig. At least I know they won't process payment until they are actually ready to ship the item and will call me to tell me things and not send me an email stating that they are going to call me but I should really call them.

Edit: I just got a phone call from Buds (specifically Timothy) at 9:19 apologizing for this and he did go ahead and say that he's going to process my refund for me. So I guess it takes a post to get a response outside of business hours but maybe this is a site that works for some and not others. Apparently not me though :( But I'll bump you up 1 more star.

Rating 10/10

They have the cheapest price with their coupon codes for the Athlon II X4 630 processor that I could find. I ordered it on 11/05/09 around 3:30 pm and it was delivered to me on 11/06/09 around 1pm. Customer service was knowledgeable and friendly and order placed without a hitch. Will be back to do business with again if they can keep the prices that low :D

Rating 10/10

I'm very pleased with them. The prices are pretty cheap and most items come with free shipping. I ordered on August 6th and it was mailed out on August 7th. That's definitely a big big plus in my book. Will do business with again.

Rating 10/10

Fantastic service as usual. This time I ordered 2 HDMI cables and 2 audio M/M cables. The 1 day delay because of the high volume of orders is a bit bothersome but my order will still ship in 2 days.

Rating 10/10

I just purchased "Shadowrun" for PC that was listed as New on their website. I chose to do so because it was the cheapest I could find. Sure enough I got sent Shadowrun for PC still in the plastic and brand new. I read the reviews below and had to debate whether or not to purchase but it seems that some people get it and some don't. I ordered mine on 02/12/2008 and I got it today 02/16/2008 using their "Dirt Cheap" shipping option. All in all...I'll definitly do business with them again.

Rating 2/10

I placed my order on this site because I saw they had a sale on SATA II cables for cheap and they were giving ones away for free as well. I placed the order and it's been 8 days and the order still hasn't been shipped. I had to actually pay through yahoo's system because the paypal wasn't working. I tried sending an email to them but no response at all. I tried calling the phone number listed and there's never an answer at all. I did however do a whois on their domain name and here's the registration information:

Hanacom, Josh **
PO Box 301
Wagontown, PA 19376
Phone: 610-383-9316
Fax: 610-383-9317

Record expires on 31-Aug-2012
Record created on 31-Aug-2000
Database last updated on 18-Jan-2007

So I did a reverse lookup on the phone number listed and here's the owners of the phone number.

Home: Soo Y & Kyung J Um
280 Martins Corner Rd
Coatesville, PA 19320-1076
(610) 383-9316

They also have the following information registered to them

61 South Reed Street
Suite 500
Royersford, PA 19468
Montgomery County

It appears the 2nd address is either a warehouse or some type of office environment. Well either way, I'm calling the local police to see if there's anything I can do about this business.

I called the Royersford, PA Police Dept and he said that he doesn't even know that address but it's a multi-jurisdictional city and so that he's going to contact the others and do some research to find out about the address, the business, and the owners and once he speaks with them and I can prove (duh credit card reports) that I paid them and they haven't responded to me or sent me anything in return that they will prosecute them and I should be able to get my money back.

Also, remember that Yahoo has a Buyer Protection Policy like Paypal but it's automatic so long as you contact them within 60 days of the order. I just contacted them to get my money back and from what they say on their site I should get my money refunded by Yahoo but on the phone the lady was a little dodgy. I asked her if yahoo handled their CC processing and she said no but yahoo does handle the CC processing of merchants using Yahoo. I would never buy from these people again but I'm damn sure going to get my money back and press charges against them.

Rating 2/10

I placed an order for a 52 inch Sony XBR4 LCD HDTV for $1600 bucks on my Visa card. Everything seemed legitimate about the website so I didn't have any issues placing the order. However, the next day I get this email stating that they are having system related issues with their credit card processor and can't give an eta as to when they will be able to actually process my payment and that I should send them a bank transfer to their bank account of the money and then they'll ship out the item. I replied back stating that was the stupidest thing I've ever heard and that I have no trouble waiting for their credit card processing issues to get resolved. They replied again telling me how safe and secure a wire transfer was and that if I did not choose this method they would cancel my order and I would have to submit it another time when their credit card issues were resolved. I replied back telling asking them how was I to know when their issues would be resolved and that a wire transfer is not safe because if they don't send me the tv, I can't get my money back from them. They then sent me an email stating that they were going to cancel my order. So, seems to me like they want you to do this wire transfer awfully badly. If you try calling their 1-800 number it just goes to a busy signal. So I looked up their domain name and called the phone number registered to their domain and got a voicemail with a mailbox that has been full and stayed full for 3 weeks. So the best thing I can say about this so called company is SCAM SCAM SCAM. It looks like they also took their website down as of today.