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Very Bad Experience

On the 7th Oct. I purchased from DIGITALTOOLS Technology Ltd. A 10.1 inch Android 6.0 Tablet PC. It arrived with a piece of debris under the screen. I began the journey to receive a refund.
It has been long, arduous, and unsuccessful.
First request was for a photo – DONE
Next request was for a video – (can’t upload videos only photo formats e.g. .jpg, .png etc.
Next request was “You can send the video and show us the link,or you can send the video to our,thanks!” – DONE
Next request was “Hi,friend,thanks for your video,but could you pls show us a video when you operate it?Thanks!” Sent a video of the debris running my finger over to show it was UNDER the screen
Next request was “Thanks for your video,friend,but we need the video that you operate it,we can see it clearly,like that you use it to open some apps,like watching a video,thanks!”
By now it was 7th November
I was quite angry at this point as I had told them:
Everything opens. All the apps work. There is nothing wrong with the operation of the tablet. If you insist on ANOTHER video I will up the request for a larger refund. The time it is taking to do all you have requested is excessive.
It is a clearly visible cosmetic fault. As such, there is a fault, and there must be consideration for sending me an item that is clearly NOT without fault. It should have been listed as a blemished item and priced accordingly. If you were unaware of the fault you should upgrade your quality control. Clearly this item was NOT inspected prior to shipping it out.
If you had listed an item with a cosmetic fault for a lesser price, I would have had the option of purchasing that product with a fault or purchasing a product at the regular price that was without any blemishes.
At this point I opened a dispute. Of course, there was not a category in the drop down menu that fitted my reason, so I just selected one. BIG MISTAKE. But I don’t know how I could have done any different.
The stupid seller kept asking for a video and I continued to send the ‘ENOUGH’ response.
I had asked for a $30.00 refund. For all the reason set out in the ‘ENOUGH’ response.
The is a ‘comments’ section once you get to the dispute stage, but there is insufficient room to make your case.
This stupidity kept going until finally I received an email from AliExpress dispute offering me:
AliExpress proposed a new solution
Option 1. Refund Only AU AU$ 18.69
Option 2. Return goods & refund AU AU$ 93.44
Of course I clicked Option 1 and that was all I was asking for right from the beginning.
Imagine my surprise when I received an email saying
ov. 19 2017
Seller accepted AliExpress' proposal
Return goods & refund AU AU$ 93.44
Buyer accepted AliExpress' proposal – NO I DID NOT
Nov. 20 2017
I am so damn mad, I am going to post this review/complain anywhere I can find a place to post it.
Buyer beware. They do not understand English, which I believe is part of the problem, but if you are going out there to the international market, you need to up your game.

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