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Trans: #029229

I bought Patriot ddr3 ram Oct 3rd from digitalstar.com. After a week, Oct. 10th, I asked a question about how long it would take. One hour later, they unilaterally canceled my order against my wishes.

They said in their claim that the RAM wasn't in stock, that it was back ordered, with no estimated arrival date & thus my order was canceled.

However in reality, digitalstar had the item in stock & had it listed for sale, except at a higher price. Same.

I checked again, and the ram was still up there for the higher price. Meaning it was still in stock!

I smelled a rat. I informed them that what they did was illegal & that if they don't send the ram that I purchased, I would be well within my right to contact the proper authorities.

Stating facts to let people know, like here, of the situation, is not a crime. Stating my legal options is not a crime. It is EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO when a business gives you the RUN AROUND.

They claimed to have refunded my money, and say I have no claim.

But I see no refunded money in my account here Sunday night Oct. 11th, NOR any 'pending' transactions.

Their response to my LEGITIMATE complaints were the following...

Additionally they even called my house to threaten me, but my dad talked to them

Here are the two emails I received from them Saturday night, Oct 10th.

"......When this happens, we immediately correct the issue to reflect correct price as well as product description.

PATRIOT MEMORY PVT36G1600ELK was priced incorrectly & we could not sell it for that price, since its well below our cost. We have contacted our distributor to verify the price, and they confirmed the actual cost. Since then, we have fixed the price as well as issue you a full refund for the amount $80.64. At this point we own you absolutely nothing since you received a full refund. You have also stated repeatedly in your threatening account notes where you will write about us on various blogs to hurt our reputation and hurt our business. For your information, disseminating false information knowing it is false causing monetary damages constitutes libel and slander, and is punishable by law. Since you have sent us threatening emails repeatedly, I will forward our correspondence and all of your account notes to our legal department for further review.

If you send one more threatening email to us, I will contact our local authorities and pass them all the information to obtain a restraining order against you. Please act responsibly.


This response was in response to this email I sent them.

" Dear www.digitalstar.com

I can also contact your state's attorney general Lisa Madigan. Why would I contact them? Because it is quite illegal to sell something to someone at one price, and then claim it's not in-stock (when it is) because you guys would rather try to sell it for a higher price. (In other words you are selling a good that is already been purchased by me, but are not delivering because you want to sell it to someone else [after the fact] for a higher price.

I'm sure Lisa Madigan your state attorney general would be interested in finding out your selling practices. Am I supposed to now purchase the ram for $158.95, would it be in stock then? Exactly.

Do the right thing. Send the ram, or the consequences could be a loss of business 100 fold over the cost of this ram. I have documentation & screenshots. You may be a weekend person, but make sure your boss knows that a crapstorm is coming Monday, that I will be in contact, and that I expect the ram to be shipped to me ASAP. Otherwise again, I go to your state's attorney general, the BBB, scour the blogs creating distrust for your business, and be sure to tell my story on resellerratings.com. Don't CONTINUE (not start....don't CONTINUE) trying to scumbag me. Very simple to satisfy, even now. Send the ram."

SO I wasn't very nice, but I think I handled it very well, all things considered.

Explaining their actions towards me would sow mistrust. That's not because of me, but because of their actions & notable inaction.

Here is their 2nd email response with nothing new added by me since long before the 1st email.

"You have stated---"Send the ram, or the consequences could be a loss of business 100 fold over the cost of this ram."

You have no right to blackmail us. This is obviously an extortion attempt as well a serious threat to our business. I will be contacting federal law enforcement regarding this email and see what can be done.


So, for asking that the ram I paid for be sent to me, like any other purchase that occurs on a daily basis in America I am threatened with federal prosecution for extortion? Amazing, simply amazing.

I have stated time & time again, my desire is for them to honor the contract. I completed my side of the contract by paying the purchase price, it is digitalstar.com that refuses to ship the item I paid for. If they erred & the price was wrong is of no issue, that was the price that was shown, that was the price that I agreed to, that was the price I paid, and that was the amount that was transferred to complete my side of the transaction on Oct 3rd.

Checking their website tonight, the product suddenly is gone from the website. Seems fishy.

As you can all clearly see I did not threaten them- I stated my rights, and behooved them to do the right thing. Instead digitalstar still has my money, hasn't shipped the product, and has threatened me with a slander/libel suit, to slap a restraining order on me, and to contact the authorities that I somehow tried to extort digitalstar.

edit: 10/16/09 Money returned. Although I didn't want the money back & wanted the contract completed. Good for them for getting it back to me in a fair time.

Still think I was wronged. Claiming it was out of stock when it was selling on their website for a higher price seems bad to me. Don't you think?

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