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Import Shark


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After ordering an item (worth over $500 US) that I was told was in stock, I messaged Import Shark to ask when it was coming since I was told directly by the owner it would ship the next day and it did not. The response I received was that the item was cracked, and that it would be, "maybe four weeks tops" to send me a new, undamaged product. I accepted that it wasn't the fault of Import Shark that the item was cracked (although I now believe they never had the product to begin with), and agreed to wait for another four weeks. After four and a half weeks, I messaged Import Shark again, and was told that it would come, "maybe at the end of next week". Unwilling to continue waiting for a product I was told was in stock (this is the only reason I chose Import Shark over another vendor), I politely asked to cancel my order, as I had already been waiting a month. My request was met with the most unprofessional response I've ever experienced in my entire life. First, Mike (the owner of Import Shark), responded with "WTF man", then "Scumbag". So, seeing as Mike wasn't taking my request to cancel the order seriously (or professionally), I opened a PayPal dispute. Mike then went on a swearing, name calling rampage over Facebook messenger, calling me things like c###, whiny b####, scumbag and more. I did not reciprocate the name calling, just asked again to cancel my order. He then stated, "didn't I tell you to f### off". This is only a small snippet of his insults towards me. Eventually I got my money back through PayPal, after Mike let the dispute sit for two weeks. I'm honestly shocked this company is still in business. Had Mike acted professionally when I asked initially to cancel my order, and had reassured me with some sort of proper timeline as to what was happening, I 100% would have been willing to wait another month. However, his rude attitude and complete lack of customer service lost him my business.

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