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Tower Hobbies


BUYER BEWARE OF TH online orders!!!

Upon surfing online through the Tower Hobby website, I experience a shady process in going through the payment process, including confusing and non disclosure of final cost and breakdown. While online, I had contacted their customer service rep, who at first was equally confused, but then directed me to a small hidden detail window, located below and off the the left, but NOT present directly on the site. It warned of a possible up charge in shipping costs, but did NOT show a cost! Again, it was NOT displayed next to the selling price of the plane kit (Top Flite F4U Corsair). She then directed me to hit the place order key (in red), and I told her that I did NOT even have a explanative- final price breakdown. I still hadn't entered into my PayPal account. I was leary about hitting a "Complete Order" key, but she instructed me to move forward, and then I was sent into my PayPal account. I selected my delivery address & bank account. I then continued from PP, and then was sent back to Tower Hobby, where the final breakdown was revealed. The rep was still on the phone, and I still had to hit another "Complete Order" key. I argued the hidden charge, despite the so- called $50 off coupon. They wanted to charge an additional $59.99 in addition to a $9.99 shipping charge. Of course they blamed the extra "sur charge" cost on UPS. How convenient. Never the less, I completely disagreed with the way they kept the actual costs hidden throughout the process until after PP. I refused and did NOT hit the final acceptance key, backed out and logged off my account, thus told their rep that I was NOT interested and to have a nice day! I went to Horizon Hobby, where I had a upfront experience without ANY hidden charges!!! A few days later, I received two plane kits from Tower Hobbies, and I then noticed that my PP and my bank account was charged by Tower Hobby for an order that I NEVER submitted a "Final Order". I contacted the Tower Hobby customer service and they could care less about my experience. I even spoke to their supervisor, who equally treated me without care and/ or concern. They basically blamed the entire experience on myself and the shipping company, and that it was done online. Yes, online and on their website, and directed by their sales staff. I'm not their I. T. person, and I did NOT format their online system. I own my own business and shop for parts for our customers on a daily basis, and with several different vendors. This is NOT my first rodeo!

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