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Everything's On a Time Limit

So, just to preface this, I've seen a lot of belligerent people/customers bully their way through the customer service/retail environment with the mindset that "the customer is always right and thus I should get my way". They have always gotten their way because- well customer service dictates it as so. Anyways, I ordered a solar powered Arduro external battery pack one summer- back when I thought Groupon was always cool to offer these deals. However, I've come to realize that it's not always guaranteed to be in stock or to be sent. They sent me an e-mail saying that it was delayed that the seller wasn't sure if they had any remaining or any being sent any time soon. They offered me a refund or I would wait for the item, I asked if I could get a full refund if I waited for the item and they responded that I could and even added:
"Thank you for letting us know that you are willing to wait for the product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not receive your product and we will be happy to honor the refund that was offered."
I waited for the product and literally life just happened. I forgot Groupon existed and stopped using their services because of this and then eventually, I saw someone with a solar charged battery pack and I realized that it was so long ago. But I figured maybe assurances from someone in customer service was policy and thus thought it possible to get a refund. Sure, a naive thought- but I figured Groupon could be different from other corporations and I could actually get my money back for something I paid for but never got. I was told it was so long ago and thus not possible anymore and was just dismissed.
I wish I were a bit more selfish and cruel to push my way through e-mails and all and somehow get a refund because, but why do that when I could be honest and just share my experience.
Anyways... I didn't heed one of the oldest warnings out there: If it's too good to be true, it probably is.
There's always a catch and if you're unfortunate enough- you'll buy something that will never arrive.

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