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All 8 customer reviews

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Shipped part that doesn't fit and refuse to refund shipping charges both ways.

Awful experience. I ordered a windshield wiper blade they indicated would fit in the online catalog. It didn't fit and I asked for full refund including shipping charges. They refuse saying Trico, the blade manufacturer claims it's correct. I contacted Trico and they indicated they have verified it DOES NOT fit and will be updating their catalog. I sent this information to RockAuto including Trico's Application Engineer's phone number. They claim that's not sufficient information and still refuse to refund.

This is RockAuto's refund policy:
Shipping charges are not refundable unless the return is due to our mistake (for example: you received a part number that is not what you ordered, an item arrived defective, or the manufacturer confirms our catalog information is incorrect).

Obviously, I have provided them the means to confirm the manufacturer verify's the part does not fit, but RockAuto refuses to comply with their own policy.

Well they lost a customer and everyone else I tell. I'll be filing a BBB claim as well.



Never received the item and they refuse to refund.

Ordered a DashAm on November 23 and they claim they shipped it on November 24. It's January 6 and I still have not received it. I've asked several times for a refund and they have refused claiming I need to wait 60 days to see it it arrives! Originally they said I had to wait 30 days, but when that deadline passed, they pushed it out to 60 days.

I filed a dispute with American Express and they are investigating. The issue is that this merchant uses PayPal as a credit processing partner and they protect the merchant, NOT THE CUSTOMER. Today they claim they sent PayPal the shipping confirmation from Sweden Post. It shows the package left Sweden on 12/26/2017. It does NOT show it arriving in the States, receipt by USPS, FedEx, UPS or any other freight company. It certainly DOES NOT show delivery confirmation of the package to me.

Save yourself some grief - don't buy from LightInTheBox. Worst Online store I've had to deal with. Even worse because they use PayPal credit services.

Not sure how they got a good rating on this site. Could be planted. Read about their horrible service at this site:
Really? You'd still risk buying from LightInTheBox?

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posted Jan-07-2018

A rep from LightInTheBox, LightInTheBox,has responded

“This is Customer Service Supervisor from LightInTheBox.

I sincerely apologize for the shipping delay and all the inconvenience caused to you. I'd like to help you resolve the problem in a timely manner. So I had conducted ticketId=17215468 in our ticket center and will follow up your case in this ticket. please log in your light in the box account--go " personal center"--"my ticket" to check our reply . please keep in touching with us by replying the ticket as all the information will be recorded in system. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Lorex Technology


Security Company with this BAD Customer Service???

Don't buy their products. They have HORRIBLE Customer Service. I bought a system last week and it arrived defective. A camera bracket was broken and they said they don't cover brackets under warranty. I called them less than 12 hours after I received it! How can it NOT be under warranty? They ship defective material and think they can get away with that? I'm filing a claim with the credit card company to refund my purchase price.

Twice on the phone 35 minutes to Customer Service and they won't replace the broken bracket!!!

Don't put your trust in this so called Security Company.. They're as bad as crooks!

Check out their "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. That should be a warning to you too!



Lovdock sells defective merchandise & then refuses to refund or replace

Purchased a floating solar fountain and tried it in my pool. It did not spray, only bubbled. This is in full southern New Mexico sun in the middle of the day. The other solar pump product they sent me worked marginally.
I sent them a note and they requested a video, so I complied as requested. LovDock asked for up to two days for their technician to review. They never replied, so I again sent a note and requested resolution.
This time they claim it's my fault because it's not floating correctly! I don't control the law's of physics or how THEIR product floats! In any case, it's being used exactly as pictured and exactly as noted in the included instructions.

Now I have to open a dispute with my credit card company.
It's not worth the hassle dealing with LovDock. Purchase elsewhere. Scam company.


Missing Parts and ZERO help from iTechDeals Customer Service

The Dash Cam arrived without the 8GB SD card that was in the product description and listed as part of the included items in the manual. Contacted iTechDeals Customer Service and they refused to resolve the issue.
I'll NEVER purchase anything from iTechDeals with this lousy Customer Service.
Now I need to file a dispute/fraud claim with my Credit Card company to deal with these thieves.


Received damaged items and has not resolved

Part of my order (light bulbs) arrived damaged due to poor packaging. I contacted and sent the picture they requested to get a replacement. I'm on my third follow-up email to them with NO response.

Horrible service and I'll not shop their again.

Abe of Maine


Deceitful New Leaf Extended Warranty Contracts sold by Abe

I would NEVER purchase another TV from Abe of Maine, but if you ignore this advise and insist on buying from them, here's some valuable advise.


Read the terms carefully. The following clause in the their terms will void any hope of getting them to repair OR replace your TV after a couple years into the warranty because TV manufacturers stop making the parts:

"Should repair parts become unavailable because a manufacturer has gone out of business or if a manufacturer no longer provides product support and all parts sources have been exhausted during the coverage period of this Plan, the Administrator/Obligor shall be excused from performance hereunder and you shall receive a full refund of the purchase price paid by you for the Plan less claims paid, if any. Replacement products may be new or rebuilt products. In no event shall the Administrator/Obligor be liable for any damages as a result of the unavailability of repair parts."

I filed a claim and was told "parts unavailable" even though nobody from New Leaf even inspected the TV. Obviously they can claim this issue any time the repair exceeds the cost of giving you back the money you paid for the warranty. IT'S WORTHLESS. How are you suppose to contest their dishonesty?

I called Abe Customer Service and they insisted I should be given a replacement TV by New Leaf but if not "threaten to sue them"!!! They didn't offer any other assistance. Is this the kind of Customer Service you want if you purchase a product from Abe?

So DON"T TRUST ABE an it's New Leaf partner is the result of this debacle.

Feels like FRAUD, don't you think?

You still really want to give them your business?



Paid for item via PayPal but never received it. NewFrog strung me along for a month and then said they had Customs problems and the item was never sent. They would not refund the order via PayPal and offered some service I never heard of and I didn't want to give them my personal information for this. PayPal refused to do anything since the case is more than 45 days old!
AVOID they are dishonest!

+ Read the user comments for this survey

posted Jul-29-2014

A rep from NewFrog,,has responded

“Dear Jayjay21,

Sorry for your time, I am the representative of and we just registered on this website as a merchant. As for this order, we have contacted you earlier. Accoding to your words, you have received this order at the end, but as the compensation of long delivery, we have refunded to you.

Once again, sorry to cause you inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us via if you have any concerns.

Yours faithfully,