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All 29 customer reviews

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This has been a pleasant experience. I have been looking for a particular outdated product for years.I posted my plea on an Internet forum, got a suggestion that I try XtremeGear.

I ordered on Saturday 2/4 and the product arrived today 2/8. Could not be more pleased.

I highly recommend this supplier.



For years, I've been buying sweat shirts from my Walmart brick and mortar. I reached a point where my shirts were so worn that I could almost read a newspaper through them.

I went to my Walmart store looking for replacements and found none. This was late Spring so that sort of makes sense but I was determined to check Walmart's site looking for them and there they were for seven dollars with a low shipping cost of 97 cents. Too hard to resist!

Just to be sure they were OK, I only ordered 3 of them. They arrived in a few days and they are name brand and fine as far as quality is concerned.

I will now be ordering one of each color so I will be set for at least the next few Winters.

I consider this one of my best buys of this season.



I have the honor of being the first to review Maxi-Aids.

I discovered them on Amazon while looking for a Royal Blue Lanyard.

Got two day delivery from Long Island, NY to Southern California and the product was first class.

I highly recommend these folks.



I see that I am the first to review this company but I have been motivated to do it because I was impressed with the service I received in the way of speed and packaging.

Yes, the company is probably a little more than 100 miles from me but it's pretty hard to beat what amounts to very fast service plus the way my order was packaged was very impressive in that the two containers of Chili Paste were individually bubble wrapped and then set in a strong cardboard box on those inflated pillows.

Just thought I would pass that on.



What a pleasant experience.

Ordered a very inexpensive piece of software on Friday and received it today, Monday. They shipped it in a well padded box by first class mail with tracking. It was essentially next day delivery and the shipping was only $4.00.

What a pleasure doing business with them.


I have been doing business with All Electronics for many years. Reseller ratings reminded me to get with it and write a review.

I ordered three inexpensive items from them a couple of days ago and they are here already.

Good prices, good products and speedy delivery. Hard to ask for more.

I highly recommend them.

I consider this one of my best buys this month.


Couldn't ask for better service.

I ordered a xD Picture card on Sunday, April 10 and received it today, April 14. They are in Illinois and I'm in California. The product works fine and I never saw it offered for this low a price.

Very satisfied.

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Couldn't ask for more. Fast shipping and great price!

This was for a dozen dog boots for my basset hound Fred.



Took about 19 days to get my order and I had to email them to find out they were out of stock. There was no urgency so this didn't bother me.

They did provide a UPS tracking number when it shipped so this was helpful.

Product arrived well packaged and it was in good shape and worked well.



Pretty hard to fault this company. Received my order the next business day.

It was very well packed and I was charged half the Priority Mail fee for shipping.



I have been ordering from Vitacost for quite a while and have nothing bad to say about them.

I'm in California and they ship from Las Vegas so my orders are no more than a few days away.

Their prices and quality seem fine so I am very satisfied with them.

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My order for Vitamin B-12 arrived today. It was delayed a day due to bad weather.
Before my first order arrived I checked to see if they had ratings here and most were not favorable.

My rating will be very favorable--the price for B-12 1,000 mcg for about 2 cents each beats any others I have ever seen and I've been taking it for over 20 years. I now have a 2 year supply for about $14 and I got FREE UPS shipping also.

I agree that they don't provide tracking information but a simple email to their customer service gave me the number.They could make points if they would take care of this.

Customer service said that their site is under construction. Not a valid excuse.

In any event, I was very satisfied and will order from them many times, I am sure.



First order from Hanes and I have recently placed another.

I took advantage of a 20% off sale to buy 9 "T" shirts so I can place iron-on transfers on them.

Quality was fine, as expected but I am disappointed in the fact that the shipment took 10 days to get here and that they don't provide tracking information. When checking the status of the order, "shipped" is the best they can offer.

Kitchen Kapers


What a company!

I'm in California and they are in New Jersey.

Received my order by Priority Mail in ONE day.

I crown them the Newegg of Kitchen fixings.


Just a warning-like dealing with any other company do your research before you press the BUY button. I have been sorry with some items that I purchased from the "O" because I did not do my homework.