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Their business ethic lacks veracity, maybe I would even say outright deceitful.

I ordered a set of Leifheit preserving jar lids and rings. It was in stock.

A week later, I still heard nothing fr them and checked the status. Surprise, item on back-order. Well, that's not what pissed me off. Sometimes, there are slip ups in the inventory system; I can understand that.

Oh but no, I decided to go to the product page again, and the items are listed as in stock while on the order status page, they are listed as being on back order.

I say that's dishonesty.

Update 14-Oct - The story gets better. After I complained to them with the above info, they purported to ship the item 2 days later with a Fedex tracking no. Up till now, Fedex has no record of the package entering their system.

What a joke of a company.

Construction Gear


I came across Construction Gear after hunting up and down for a store that offers decent shipping on a couple of Bucket Boss Mug Boss. They are cute, cheap and make great gifts. Most of the Amazon sellers charge about the same price as the product for shipping.

Construction Gear offered free shipping for orders above $24. I ended up buying a Carhartt belt as well. Unlike Amazon, which usually takes more than 4 days to despatch the order if you go by FSSS, my order was sent out via Fedex Home Delivery just 3 days later. And that's because the Carhartt belt was on back order.

The prices were very competitive. The packing was great. The order came tightly packed, without all the sytrofoam and air packets that's so common nowadays and wasteful. CS was very responsive too.

I just wish they carry more things, such as tools. I would shop there again if there's something I need that they have.



I ordered some Gutermann threads which they had at 40% off.

Their despatch time was acceptable. It took 5 days for the order to be sent out.

What was bad was the non existent customer service. I emailed them after placing the order. I have not received a response after 7 days.

Additionally, the online store allowed me to order some muslin which they did not had in stock. They then unilaterally struck it off my order with a cursory email.

Schmetz Needles


CS responded to my emails selectively.

One day after placing my order, I sent an urgent email to them requesting to add an additional item (jersey needles). The order had not shipped yet.

I never received a reply for that. 3 days later, the order was shipped. I queried if there was a confirmation number. This, the CS replied in the negative.

It turned out that they did add the item to my order, but did not let me know. After waiting about 3 days for their reply, I decided to order the stretch needles together with some other notions which I was already planning to get from another store. I did not want to risk having to pay shipping to order the jersey needle again if the order wasn't changed in time.

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Edmund Scientifics


I ordered 2 Erlenmeyer flasks and some test tubes.. They had the best prices on them. My shopping experience gave me the impression that they were really disorganised and bad at order tracking and management.

They shipped the order 4 days later using UPS Ground. However, both their customer service and I had no idea that the order had been shipped for the next 12 days. CS was clueless that the order was already shipped. Worse still, the back and forth email correspondence had an average of 2-3 days interval. 8 days after my order, CS finally decided to take some action. The lady I spoke to promised to ship it out using UPS 2 Day Air. This was the second package, which thankfully contained the full order with a packing invoice.

The first package (which I had no idea then that it had gone out) had only 1 flask. Neither did it come with a packing invoice.

14 days after the order, their automated system sent me the shipment confirmation. It turns out that they actually shipped my order 4 days after I placed it. By the time I got the tracking number, the package had already been delivered. According to the confirmation, the order was shipping out in 2 separate packages using UPS Ground. I only received one (containing only part of my order). The 2nd tracking number was a dud. I suspect the shipping department created the shipment in UPS's system but forgot to send it out.

The back and forth correspondence and confusion made this an unpleasant shopping experience. It's quite a pity. I don't suppose it's anyone's fault but rather the absence of a well orangised order tracking and fulfillment system. Had the fulfilment been done right the first time, they wouldn't have to ship out again using UPS 2 Day Air and saved that extra cost.

On the other hand, I'm very pleased with the student grade erlenmeyer flasks they had. It's German made, the pyrex glass looks sturdy, and the flask has clear markings. The order was well packed. The flasks were wrapped in tough looking bubble wraps. The big bubble ones. The box could have been 1/2 the size though, which would have prevented the items from bouncing around.

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