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Phenibut from LiftMode

I've been struggling with anxiety and depression off and on for years and have just recently been getting into nootropics, herbs, dietary changes, and meditation. I decided to try Phenibut on account of it's use in the 1975 USSR cosmonauts' medical kit on the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project as an alternative to otherwise drowsy conventional tranquilizers for stress and anxiety. [citation and link to book page] Slava Lapin (30 July 2009). From the Inside. Luniver Press. p. 209. ISBN 978-1-905986-11-8.

I've been using Phenibut on an emergency basis for particularly stressful times. I concretely attribute fast and long lasting anxiety relief to low doses of Phenibut. This stuff can last all day with just the minimum recommended dosage without feeling lethargic, cloudy, inebriated, or anything else other than your regular self minus the stress and anxiety. I'd use it sparingly as not to develop a tolerance to it's effects. I haven't noticed any adverse reactions at low infrequent doses.

I'm most pleased with LiftMode's business and customer support and has been a wonderful experience. They offer a nice customer loyalty discount program, discounts on orders for friend recommendations, and fast and friendly emails. They'll send you a lab tested purity certificate for your Phenibut and offer competitive prices on all their products. You can always call their customer support as well if you prefer to use the phone. But don't take my word for it, check them out at and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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