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Sports Unlimited


I ordered a Nike Storm Slim Waistpack from Sports Unlimited on 4/30/15 & by 9/1/15 the zipper closure had totally separated from the seam, rendering the waistpack useless. Frustrated, I contacted Nike's customer service department for info on what I could do about this. Nike told me that because Sports Unlimited is not an authorized retailer, they couldn't do anything. Nike's Claims Department also went so far as to tell me that they "couldn't verify the authenticity" of the product and weren't able to tell me if the item was counterfeit or legitimate. I contacted Sports Unlimited about the problem and a Sports Unlimited rep named Aaron Cummins responded to my email and said that he "spoke with their Nike rep" and that the product wasn't under warranty but that they would be so kind, gracious and generous as to give me a 35% discount if I wanted to buy a new waistpack from them. Um, no, I'm good on buying the exact same item from you guys that deteriorated in four months and how about giving me that Nike rep's name because it sounds pretty suspect, since every legitimate Nike rep that I've spoken to has told me they don't work with you guys at all and has essentially implied that I've bought fake merch from you.

It could be way, way worse. At least all I bought was a fake Nike waistpack that I entrusted with my iPhone instead of a fake helmet that I entrusted with my life.



I ordered a started for my 2007 Honda Accord LX and paid for rush shipping because I couldn't afford to have my car out of commission and risk not making it to work. I was pretty frustrated that they sent me the wrong part because it meant I was out a few hundred AND still had to go purchase the correct starter (at a pretty high price) from a local auto parts store. I contacted customer support on Saturday and was forwarded to a voice mailbox where I left a message detailing my experience and requesting a call back. I didn't receive any call back and started reading reviews online that had me pretty worried this company was just some scam website that would never issue a refund. Finally, on Monday after waiting on hold for the Returns Dept. for almost 40 minutes (and being randomly "disconnected" AKA hung up on twice) I finally spoke with Jody, who was courteous and helpful the entire time. Jody said that the company would email me a prepaid UPS label which I could affix to the box my item arrived in and drop off at any UPS store. I received the email shortly and dropped the package off, so hopefully I'll be getting my refund soon. I told Jody about ordering rush delivery and she said that Automotix would also refund the shipping charges. I was worried that I was going to lose my money but hopefully I'll actually get the refund and won't have to dispute the charges with my bank. I'm giving them two stars because while they totally messed up my order and cost me money, time and energy I really didn't want to spend around the holidays, they are going to rectify the situation (ASAP, I hope!) I might be writing a scathing review in a few weeks if I don't get my dough back, though.


I can appreciate the concept but was relatively unimpressed by the price break between purchasing a book -- and hoping that a newly released edition didn't squander my chances of reselling it later on in the school-year -- and renting one from a provider like Valore Books. I was pressed for time and had to get the book as soon as possible and decided to rent it for $31.46 instead of buying it for $52 (which would have undoubtedly incurred shipping costs). After the semester was over, I returned the book using a FedEx Express envelope and the printable shipping return label provided by Valore Books. The process was easy and definitely beneficial to me as a student.

posted Jun-02-2012

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“Hello gabriellerae,

Thank you for the feedback, we are always trying to grow the business to fit students needs; so we appreciate your time to review the process!”

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