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Rating 10/10

Fantastic service! Shipped out earlier than promised, which meant I received the lens earlier than promised. It was in excellent condition, with all the accessories. On the last day of my rental I asked for a one-day extension, fully expecting to pay for it. It was granted at no charge. If you need to rent a lens from anywhere, this is the company to do business with. A wonderful experience all around!

Rating 2/10

Toys R Us' website shows product availability regardless of actual product availability. This means you can order something and when they cannot find the product in their warehouse, they will simply cancel your order. Then, despite having cancelled your order, will still show the product as available on their website. This is a terrible company, very difficult to deal with and unpleasant to use. They have spammed me THREE times in the 24 hours since I placed my order -- in addition to order-related emails.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Amazon and Walmart often have the same product, for less at that.

Rating 2/10

Placed order on 10/7/2007, promised to ship within 24 hours. By 10/12/2007, I had not received the order nor heard anything from the company and the order status page still showed "New Order". I emailed to inquire what was going on, but did not get a response. On 10/14/2007 the order status had updated to "In Progress" but I still had not heard anything so I sent another email to the company. On 10/15 I received a phone call from the company taking issue with me having listed their company name in my shipping information (so I would know if they sold my contact information to any mailing lists). I was told that they could ship my order but that they would need to remove their company name from the shipping information, and I agreed. An hour later I received an email stating they were canceling my order and would refuse to do business with me in the future, even though they had verbally stated the order would ship.

Stay away from this company full of false promises -- they are unreliable and untrustworthy.

Rating 2/10

Best Prices Cameras is a horrid experience. Here's how it went down for me (and your experience will likely be the same): You place your order online. A day later you receive an email claiming your shipping address could not be verified with the credit card company and that you must call the store to confirm your address. The credit card has nothing to do with this, it is merely a ruse to get you on the phone. During the phone call, they will push hard to sell you accessories, including some accessories which come with the camera such as a battery. They told me that the camera did not come with a battery, even though the website says it does. They might also tell you the battery that does come with it is very poor and doesn't last very long. If you want to get your camera, you should buy these overpriced accessories. If you don't, like I didn't, you'll get off the phone expecting your camera in about 8 days. Around the time you're sitting at home waiting for the UPS man, you'll get an email informing you that your camera is backordered and that another shipment should arrive in 6-8 weeks. If you call them up at this point and pretend to want to order a camera, they'll tell you the very camera you ordered previously is in stock and can ship out the very next day.

This company is deceitful. I didn't actually get anything from them in the end, so I don't know if they actually bait and switch, but I do know that unless you buy enough overpriced accessories to bring the cost of the camera up to what you'll pay elsewhere, you'll never get it. SPEND YOUR MONEY AT A MORE REPUTABLE STORE. This is not the only Brooklyn, NY camera shop that runs this scam -- stay away from New York based stores. I have heard B&H is a good store. (http://www.resellerratings.com/seller_info.pl?seller_id=1914&comment=206314)

Rating 2/10


I placed my order on Jan 19, 2005. The order confirmation page stated that I would shortly receive an email confirmation, but I never got one. On Jan 23 I began to wonder when my order would ship, as it was showing "Pending" status on the case-mod.com website, even though my credit card was charged the day I made the purchase. I called the phone number listed on the website which rang for a while then an answering machine with no greeting picked up. I tried calling about three times on Jan 23, and twice on Jan 24, both times also emailing the company's listed email address with my inquiry. At this point I looked further into the reviews of this merchant online, including the merchant's ebay account (username case-mod) and found numerous negative experiences with this company, especially relating to getting in contact with anyone. On Jan 25 I tracked down the domain name registration information and got the name of the owner of the company. Several google searches turned up a few more email addresses and about 6 phone numbers for a Furqan Rydhan. All of those phone numbers but the one on the case-mod.com website were disconnected. I sent another email to all of the email addresses threatening to dispute the charge if someone did not get in touch with my the following day, and I received a reply from furqan@case-mod.com stating that I would get a tracking number in my inbox by Jan 27. That day was today, and I have given up all hope of actually seeing a shipment, and having seen other complaints about this company, I firmly believe if I were to get a shipment, it would be damaged, non-functional, or missing components. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They will screw you by ignoring you at first and preying on your ignorance, then they will make false promises to try and keep you going. Pay a little extra elsewhere -- it's worth it.

When I am promised a tracking number, I expect to see a tracking number. I got an email this morning from Furqan stating the order would be cancelled and the already-shipped package recalled. I asked for a tracking number as proof of shipment, but got no response. I NEVER received an email from this company even confirming the order, much less informing me of any delay in shipment or backorders on my product.

The owner of the company graduated from high school in 2002. This is what I said to him, and he thinks I am calling him a 'kid'. That's fine -- my review is only one of numerous very negative reviews on this site -- if this company cared as much about customer service as they do about replying to people's negative reviews here, there would not be so many people with negative experiences.

Bottom Line: Getting in touch with this company is next to impossible. Getting proof that your order shipped OVER A WEEK AFTER IT WAS PLACED is next to impossible. The hassle is not worth it. Do not shop case-mod.com!

posted Jan-28-2005

A rep from Case-Mod.com, JokerF15,has responded

“Customer Was contacted within ~2 business days of a delay on the lilliputs. We used the email address provided in his order. No response was received from him. We got the item and shipped it out when it was possible. I personally emailed him to assure that it would be shipped out as soon as we have it and gave him an eta.

He emailed again on the night of the 27th saying that he did not get a tracking # so assumes we are fraud. We have already gone ahead and cancelled his order and authorized a return from fedex. Customer also speculates on many items such as calling us 'kids' who don't know how to run a business. Our business hours are from 11am to 5pm pst. The phone is not staffed @ all hours, and all emails are replied to within 24 hours on normal business weeks.

Customer assumes many items but the facts speak differently.

The phone # listen on our site is our company #, it works fine Customer may have dialed incorrectly.

Furqan Rydhan