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Life long non-profit, non-political consumer activist. Worked for unusual uncle as teenager. He was poor before there was welfare. Worked his way up to successful small businessman. Didn't trust banks, government, real estate brokers, or loan compani

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan | Interests: Computers, Free Thinker, Life Long autodidact,; Advocate of Environmentalism & Saving Money Through Buying Used and Refurbished --the commonsense recycling! | Occupation: Consultant at Large | flatquasar is a top reviewer!
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Rating 10/10

I order several items a year directly from Amazon.Com...They have the best purchase policy of any online retailer. 1st, there is the 30 days no questions asked return policy. Most items are covered by this. You return purchases at Amazon.com's shipping cost!! Read the terms. Movie and music DVDs and CDs are generally excluded from "no questions asked" for obvious reason.

I also order from Amazon Marketplace sellers. Unlike eBay, Amazon exercises some controls over resellers. Shipping charges are regulated by Amazon. Your payment goes to Amazon and Amazon pays the reseller. Unlike eBay, Amazon has no complaint bot to handle buyer complaints.

One caution. Amazon is a huge corporation, not a sworn to poverty and charity service religious order. Intentionally or not, Amazon does sell knock offs. I ordered a professional hairstylist Farouk Chi Hair Dryer that turned out to be a knock off & one very expensive curling iron is too. I know a customer who bought one. It was missing the S|N number buyers must have to register the warranty. Just be cautious. We returned are items within 30 days. Amazon paid returned postage & refunded our money, under the no questions asked return policy.

Be cautious about buyer reviews. Anywhere, not just Amazon.com. About 85% of buyer reviews are useless. Do not let them think for you. Overall that works in the retailers favor, which is why all smart online retailers allow buyer comments, reviews, or feedback --whatever thy label it.

Most buyer feedback is irresponsible. Few are the buyers who actually use a product before they rate their buy, which is why only a couple retail sites allow buyers to return later and correct a previous positive rating (sell.com is the exception and their growth rate has been slow!)

The Store Credit Cards. Be sure to read & understand the Amazon.com credit card options before picking one. Print out the rewards points
policy and carefully read how you get points for offline purchases. Its not as simply as many people think. Read it until you fully understand it, particularly the part about points for gasoline and various retail store purchases.

Use caution if and when buying from Amazon Marketplace sellers, especially computer software & particularly expensive Microsoft software. There are people seller counterfeit Windows 7 and 2010 Office. Some have buyer feedback in which every one of them report Microsoft shutting them down because their Windows 7 is counterfeit. Yet, Amazon had not shut these sellers down!

Rating 10/10

I have ordered rechargeable nimh batteries from Amondo tech for about a year. I find their ordering process, shipping above average. No problems. Amondo pushes Titanium Brand rechargeable Nimh batteries, which Amondo sells at a very competitive price.

I have no complaints about the AA or AAA nimhs. But I am sure there is a quality control problem with their C cells. I only ordered four a year ago in May. After six months the top of the outside plastic cases peeled away.

I use only the Amondo recommended Vanson Nimh\Nicad universal recharger. I suspect, but am not sure, that the charger's odd method of securing batteries may be the cause. I ordered two more Titanium C cells in March. Already the tops are peeling. I am disastified with that. I haven't approached Amondo about the defect yet, but I will.
For now, beware that Amondo sold Titanium C (and probably D) cells positive-end case tops peel if you charge them with the Amondo recommended Vanson Universal Recharger.

Rating 10/10

I purchased two items from Beach Camera over the past three months, a camera and the popular HP Pro 8600 AIO Printer. In both cases their price was very competitive, shipping immediate, Item exactly as described. They also have high buyer rating at eBay and Amazon.com. I cannot rate response to issues as I had none.

Rating 10/10

Blair should participate here @ resellerratings.com So should another outstanding clothing retailer Haband. I have purchased clothing yearly from Blair since 1988 and I have not had a single problem with them (or with Haband). I wonder if the reviews of them are from actual customers of from Internet activists upset than both companies were forced to shut down their US Clothing Plants? Neither would exist tody if they had not resorted to off shore clothes manufacturing, as the unions made it impossible for them to compete with Walmart & other retailers who switched to foreign sources in the 1980s. If that is your issue with Blair, say so. Do not lie and call them theiving and incompetent retailers. Blair remains an outstanding mail order retailer & they maintain their quality line of mainstream style clothing.

Note: Blair is no fly by night company. It was one of the pioneers of direct marketing over 100 years ago and its efficiency was presented as a study model to ivy league MBA students for many years. In 2007, 400 million dollar a year revenue Blair merged with Appleseed a major holding of Golden Gate Capital. Shareholders were given 47.50 a share for their Blair stock. Appleseed also owns Haband, another major direct marketing clothing seller.

My ongoing regular experience with both companies is the opposite of what is reported here.

Rating 10/10

I order 4 or more items a year from Buy.com. I have no complaints. Each buy I make has been an incredible deal. For instance, I got a no longer made accessory kit for a Fuji Finepix for just a dollar and reasonable shipping. I buy memory modules at unbeleivable prices from Buy.

A large cost cutting seller like Buy is going to generate unhappy customers. Anyone who sells millions of dollars of items a year will have at minimum a few thousand unhappy buyers.

I never buy Christmas gifts from any online seller after December 1st. I would never buy a mail order item from anyone after Dec 7th, if I need it for a gift by Dec 24. No mail service is reliable after the 7th & no large shipping department can get orders out with precise timing. Just common sense.

Rating 2/10

Buyer Beware. The giant company Comcast Cable TV, Internet, & Phone company, now trying to look like AT&T U-Verse with a new brand Xfinity is a highly profitable corporation dedicated to:
Hype and Spin "Customer" Service centers (actually a euphemism for American Automobile Dealership Sales Thechnique Extraodinare).

After a few encounters with a Comcast call center, you wonder if they are forced to use a unique Comcast dictionary. If you must speak with them (I advice staying away from Comcast altogether), insist they use U.S. English, not Comcast-ese. Here are some tips: "Package" means overly complex intentionally complex billing. Think Automobile salesman number mumbo jumbo, designed to make it look like you got a decent deal but the end paperwork contains surprise odd ball charges and fees which bring the minus amounts right back-in. Packages "Triple-Play" supposedly saves you money. Money compared to what? Who knows?

Want to reduce your bill to something less than a car lease bill? Close your entire account, that will get their attention. You will be switched to a "retention" agent who suddenly speaks a different tongue. Hold out, Stand your ground. Let it go to making an appointment for a tech to pick up your hardware (yes, they can suddenly come to the house free of charge). Wait for the power player retention agent to ring you, everyday at the same time. Wait a few days. Then hint you may consider keeping Internet. Now we use our dictionary. Force a decent discount for Internet for 12 months. Now, get an RCA indoor digital antenna from Amazon ($16 to $24 free ship) and buy a Roku 2 Box for under $90. This beautiful tiny box does a great job of streaming video from Internet to your TV. It your TV was made this century, Roku can connect to it. Install the free Crackle, Internet Archive, Vangard, PubDHub, Netflix apps (Its very easy). For $7.95 a month stream an endless amount of movies, TV shows, documentaries, all higher quality than cable TV video.
You will be surprised how many stations you can get now with a simple antenna and some stations have many new stations, Toledo PBS has 6 additional channels, all HD digital. Telephone? Use a minute cell phone and subscribe to Skype $2.95 a month unlimited calling US & Canada. Use it for calling out...

Rating 2/10

I regret to have to post a negative report for Carol Wright Gifts (CWG), as CWG was an excellent mail order company. Like many other once great companies such as Sears & Roebuck, S.S. Kresge, Polaroid, Kodak & Walmart, Carol Wright Company seems to have declined after Carol Wright no longer owned or managed the company. Too often today, company quality dies with the founder. Corporate suits and their internal jockeying for position can replace genuine zest to provide service and value.

I began buying much less from Carol Wright (and Walter Drake), a few years ago, when I discovered a great little California company called Starcrest. Unlike current CWG, Starcrest gives me good prices and reasonable quality merchandise. These days Carol Wright often depicts products as being better than they turn out to be.

I decided to never buy from Carol Wright again. They seem to have sunk to running number games on customers. We can get that from any Automobile dealership, Pay TV\Internet Service provider, or Big Cell Phone Services contract hawker.

As I prepared recently to submit a three item order that totaled $20.XX, I got a shock! There before me was not only a shipping charge still but one $3 BIGGER than the one that was there BEFORE I entered my personal code! There were also two other charges, one for $2.95 ("insurance") and one for "Handling", $3.95! Since I was a preferred customer, I get to pay $6.95 shipping and two additional fees. Nearly $13.00 on three lightweight items totaling $20. That is a 65% charge to get my $20 order to me. This is billing mumbo jumbo & slight of hand that would make a cable TV bundler proud!

!'ve never had a service problem with Carol Wright, other than The speed they get orders out to people is much too slow for today's marketplace. I routinely get products from Hong Kong faster (6-7 days). Starcrest has better products, better prices and when it says free shipping, they do not turn around and add mystery fees that exceed what online sellers demand for shipping.

I advise avoiding Carol Wright Gifts because the Internet market has left this company a mail order dinosaur. Buyers get the efficiency they demand. CWG is inefficient. To top it off, the company seems to have added spin doctors to their billing

Rating 2/10

I Find it Odd that CircuitCity has so many very high ratings here. Why? I'm a gadget guy and I have gadget guy friends around the country. We have been buying off Internet since Amazon.com and TigerDirect started up. We trade notes. We are reluctant about buying from two medium large online sellers. One is Heartland America. The other is CircuitCity! By the way, the company is not the CircuitCity Stores retailer that went belly up a few years ago. A not very well known computer maker Systemax bought the name. Systemax also owns Global Computer and they may still own TigerDirect. Systemax started TigerDirect several years ago in order to market their computers. Apparantly in order to improve sales, they downplayed the fact that they own TigerDirect and set up things so it seemed TigerDirect, a company many of us liked back then, was a retailer that features Systemax computers. More recently Systemax started up Global, calling it a business machine retailer. Of course Global featured Systemax. We noticed the ads and specials at Tiger & Global were exactly the same.

TigerDirect began sliding away from being a top notch discount retailer but Global was excellent. That was about 10 years ago.
Today, if you want competitive pricing and outstanding service and return policies, you go to Newegg and Amazon, not TigerDirect or Global. I'd stay away from CircuitCity completely.

One of us recently risked a deal offered by Circuitcity, against the opinion of the rest of us. He will not buy from them again. What happened to our Ohio buddy is a common complaint made by people we know. Circuit city advertised one thing and sent him another. Customer service tried to tell him he made an error. He proved he did not so he was transferred to a manager, who talked to him like an Honest Abe roadside used car dealer.

A stand up retailer who made an honest mistake would have made good on the order, or at least apologized, said send it back and at least offer a nice price break on what the man ordered.
Not the Circuitcity manager. He tried to talk him into keeping the speaker portion of the refurbished Yamaha Home theatre sound system CircuitCity advertised for under $50, or at the very least would have offered money off on what he got -just the speakers. Clearly CC offered the entire system, refurbished, for $49.99.

Warning. Circuitcity seems to do so much of this that some people accuse them of false advertising or outright fraud. We are advising our friend and any of you out there with a similar experience to file mail fraud changes with the US Postal Service. Our friend told me the manager talked real friendly, etc. I'll tell you what I told him. Stop expecting the Devil to be ugly, wearing a devil suit and fangs. No con, by definition, looks like a jackass. That would be obvious. Prisons are filled with thugs who look and act like thugs and very few cons. A con goes out of his way to look and act like a boyscout. He is a felon in nice clothing and a warm smile. A few people with this Circuitcity buy one deal but get another experience is cause for suspicion. A few hundred and we have a case of bait and switch fraud.

Rating 10/10

I began buying from Cowboom this summer (2010). I bought an open box Playstation 3 bundle for a really good price & free shipping. I was impressed. Most recently, I bought an open box Nintendo DS Lite minus the stylus(Nov 26). Service was excellent, shipping prompt. I've been a Dealtree customer for a several years (the company that operates Bestbuy Outlet @ eBay.com & Cowboom).

I've had nothing but excellent results from the Outlet (on eBay) and from Cowboom. I suspect the few extremely negative buyer comments they get come from buyers who range from unreasonable (or are simply wackos) to buyers who do not read product descriptions or shipping terms. I was partner in a used electronics & collectibles business on eBay for several years. We maintained a 100% positive feedback rating. We did so only by giving refunds we should not have. Most of our buyers were stand up but we got enough unreasonable wackos to lower our rating to about 95%. So, we "paid" them with refunds to keep our ratings high.

I've read thousands of buyer feedback, comments, & "reviews" over several years. There are kooks who make sure every online business and every product has at least one extremely negative review. I've come to suspect any large retailer that doesn't have a few extremely negative reviews.

Whether positive or negative, I look for detailed information and some indication in reviews that the buyer actually used the product before posting a review. Most extremely positive reviews come from buyers who haven't even taken the item out of box yet! Then,there are many reviews with garbage that has nothing to do with the transaction: "I bought this as a present for my father on a rainy Sunday afternoon..."

I cannot tell you Cowboom IS excellent. I can say I've purchased several big ticket items from them and I got exactly what I thought I would get based on the Cowboom description. Packing and shipping has been consistently excellent.

posted Jan-10-2011

A rep from CowBoom (a Best Buy Brand, Cowboom.com,has responded

“Thank you for your amazing feedback. We appreciate that you took the time to post about your experience with us. We look forward to doing business with your again.”

Rating 10/10

As I have elsewhere, I strongly advise readers to habitually check member's account histories. Its just a click on their name. You want to check two things, how many reviews they have written & the date they became members. A growing number of online Retailers take Resellerratings buyer comments seriously. Unfortunately, there is a growing trend of retailers trying to pad ratings by having an affiliated person (or employees) sign up and post what amount to short ads falsely posing as real unaffiliated buyer comments. Many bad mainland China located sellers are creating what appear to be North America located retail sites and throwing up faked extremely positive feedback

Crucial is the very first good retailer I have found to have what look like padded "buyer" comments. Several are very short and the poster appears to have signed up just to post a 5 star comment for Crucial! Its possible this is explained by Crucial's current aggressive attempt to get recent buyers to visit RS and post a comment.

I've been a Crucial customer for years. Crucial is a top manufacturer of memory. They make system memory for different brand names, not just their own. When you buy Crucial you are buying the best. Crucial.com is also an outstanding online retailer. Question anyone who tries to tell you the opposite. Like the case with individual people, no company is perfect. I am certain Crucial makes the occasional mistake, that is why quality control and customer service exist and the mark of a great manufacturer or retailer is the effectiveness of their customer service department. I find Crucial's overall operation efficient and above average. I can find memory upgrades for less elsewhere, especially @ eBay.com marketplace. Go for it, if you are skilled at navigating the 'buyer beware' jungle marketplace.

Crucial's retail prices are competitive, I have never had a crucial item DOA or fail. In fact, every memory upgrade I ever bought from them-and I've purchased many- over a period of about 12 years, still works. If Crucial was not first to have a practical memory scanner, it was one of the first and I find their memory matching service to be outstanding.

If crucial has an over eager agent monitoring buyer comments, please relax. Crucial's products are consistently high quality and the retail site has been among the best of Internet for years. I strongly recommend them to buyers

Rating 10/10

I have purchased quality clothing, mail order, for a long time. I do so for a few reasons, mainly to save money, save time, & to get exactly what I want, in my size. I buy leisure shoes from Joes New Balance Outlet for the same reasons. I got tired of family members & I being forced to pick among the shoes and sizes store stores happened to have in stock. Buying mail order gets you excellent service & the shoe you want in YOUR exact size all in one stop.

I bought from Blair.com for a long time. Recently, I decided to look elsewhere. Today, Blair clothing is made off shore and yet
their prices do not reflect it. After some research, I decided to try a popular Florida company Cubavera.com. According to my information, my favorite leisure shirts & pants, the guayabera & linen draw string pants are better quality and significantly better priced that similar Blair branded pants.

I ordered three shirts for me and two my wife wanted. My first shipment arrived quickly (3 days). I was surprised by the sharp style and quality of the guayabera shirts, since they were significantly cheaper than Blair's casual guayabera shirts. In each shipment, Cubavera includes a postage paid FedEx return mailing label

I call customer service before I order for the first time from any online seller. If customer service is poor, I want to know before I order. I was on hold for three minutes and the agent was polite, helpful, and he knew the product line.Two days later I called again to see if I was just lucky. This time I was on hold two minutes and this agent was also polite and helpful.

I am impressed with Cubavera.com...

UPDATE. My wife's three shirts arrived today (3 days after ordering). Excellent quality. Prepaid return shipping label included.

Rating 2/10

This is an update of the review I posted Nov 2010. I have had nearly a year as a Dailysteals customer. My first impression was negative but after I posted my issue here, the rep addressed it. I have made many buys since that time with no complaints until now. Oct 18, 2011 I ordered a set of TWO earbuds. I received one set. Obviously, they were packaged two pair to a plastic bag. Mine was cut open and there was only one pair. I reported this immediately. Two days later I got a reply from customer service apologizing for "the damaged product". I was instructed to send a photo. I replied I cannot send a photo of a missing set of earbuds and I hoped I was not going to need to post this problem at Resellerratings in order to get it resolved. I got a reply apologizing and reporting my ear buds are in the mail. It's Nov 8 and I still do not have my ear buds.

I mentioned last Nov that I hope I do not discover that Dailysteals customer service worked only because I posted my problem at Resellerratings. You decide.

I'm aware of delivery & customer service complaints against DailySteals,so I tried them out with a small order. I ordered 11-26-2010. Item still hasn't shipped. DailySteals claims they encountered a "glitch" but I learned of it ONLY after I asked why my credit card was charged but my order had not shipped.
I pointed out a form email notice should have been sent out right away. Then, first time buyers like myself might still order more items, as we wait for the first item. I also expressed disapproval that my card had been charged when they knew there is a problem.
One more week of this and I do a charge back, which will cost Dailysteals. I used Paypal, which charges sellers all the fees again when they get a credit card charge back & Paypal isn't big enough to stop credit card charge backs. Note: buyers only have 30 to 45 days to do a charge back. Make sure you know your card's policy.
I was not offered a refund. I think I'll stick with Cowboom & Amazon. They deal straight up with buyers!
UPDATE: Dailysteals emailed me a few days after I posted this review.
They referred to my criticism & asked me to call them or contact them by email. I opted to see what they will do, so I did nothing. I then received an item shipped email notice. It arrived 12-20-2010 & I then ordered a slightly more expensive deal of the day.
At this point, I would increase DailySteals to 3 checkmarks. If I had not reviewed them here, would I have my item? They do deserve a higher rating because they did reply immediately to my emails and they did respond to my criticism here. A single check retailer would not bother with resellerratings at all.
Update. Ordered second item 12-21-2010. Shipped 12-24-2010. Received 12-29-2010...
Considering, its near Christmas, the heavy snowfall between me and Dailysteals warehouse, inefficiency of government unionized postal service with fat cat executives that are above accountability, Dailysteals incredible low prices on quality products, and shipping times of other sellers, I think Dailysteals did good.
I raise my rating a checkmark, keeping it one check down because I have no way of knowing if my posting at resellerratings is the reason for my much improved service.
They deserve my new rating because no seller has constant flawless service. What separates the top sellers from the mediocre and the good from the bad is what a seller does about problems when they arise.
I hope Dailysteals EXTENDS the PROBLEM SOLVING THEY DO HERE to COMPLAINTS that COME into the DAILYSTEALS SITE. Otherwise, top service is only guaranteed to the few buyers who post here and that would not be great customer service but merely SlICK IMAGE CONTROL!
invoice 380584 order date 11-24-2010

Rating 10/10

I have been a consumer activist for several years and I have owned computers since IBM began making desktop PCs in 1981. I do not get the strong hate mail against Dell.

Dell has long been a Rolls Royce in a market filled with fast buck computer assemblers and sellers. Dell was forced by cut-throat competition & poorly informed buyers to enter the cheap computer market created by eMachine, Gateway, Packard Bell & thousands of local small assembly shops.

There have been support problems with the under $500 systems but Dell maintained excellent quality, excellent engineering & support for its over $600 desktops. I have owned six and not one has ever needed repair. This impresses me because the several other mail order computer company PCs I purchased over the years from Acer to Gateway (when the top magazines rated Gateway number 1 in quality, value and support)ALWAYS arrived needed to be finished. I swear Dell was the only major direct sale PC maker (they were known as Mail Order PCs) who actually tested them and did I 24 hour burn-in before shipment to buyers! Gateway certainly did not.

The best way, in my opinion, to buy a newer PC is to buy factory refurbished. So, my Dell sales experience is limited to Dell Outlet Store.

I find Dell refurbished systems are so class A, like new that I cannot tell anyone ever used them. I just this month received a hot refurbished Dell Dimension XPS 400 customizable (originally called Dimension 9150 customizable).

I got Windows XP Media Center 2005, a set of programs, McAfee Security Suite free for 3 years!
It came with 1 Gig of fast memory, a fast SATA 250 GB hard drive, a solid graphics-video card, & so forth. There is no way this system was ever used. Cost? $459 & free Shipping & I had it in a week.

I have one criticism of Dell's current online ordering process. The largest computer maker in the world (Dell) needs to hire some good common sense marketing people, strong in communications with buyers.

Dell has fallen into using insider terms (I called it "Dell-anese" in a letter about the ordering process I sent to Dell customer service) in their ordering process. I am a businessman & I do a lot of online ordering. I have not encountered a more insider lingo filled ordering and invoice system.

When an experienced buyer like myself has no idea what to click next after I list the system I want to buy, there is something seriously wrong with the language in the online ordering process. You get three choices and none of them seem anything near to "checkout process"! I had to take random guesses and click my way back to the begining in order to get to checkout!

The rest of my purchase went well as I expect with a Dell purchase.

Dell remains one of the very best computer makers and sellers in the world. Just avoid the under $500 systems with a printer, flat screen and other marketing hype tools. If you go for it anyway, consider the quality of what you get, not just the very limited handholding from support.

We do need to get real. Do you get Dell quality from a eMachine, HP or Compaq desktop system you pay less than $500 for? How is their support? If you get a 'all the bells and whistles' PC system for under $500 and the thing actually works, be happy. Grab Dells ample online text information and visit the Dell forums.

Do not expect $400 of support and hand holding & a PC system for $299.

Dell and IBM has had the best support in the business for years. I think they still do (Lenovo-IBM does). Visit the Dell Support site and you get considerable specification detail and an excellent support group forum hosted by Dell.
A good support group is far superior to the phone support any computer maker has ever been able to supply.

If you want the latest Tech PC system and no need to think or learn anything to work the system, you will have to lay out a few grand for a local private computer consultant. Not even a $50,000 car or a $300,000 private airplane comes with free new owner training.

Rating 10/10

I'm surprised to see no reviews here. Dell Financial is owned by Dell computer maker; it's the corporate leasing arm of Dell. Its been leasing and selling refurbished off lease Dell computers for several years. I know them through their online store at eBay. I've been buying through Dell Financial for about five years. So far, no complaints.

Most recently I bought an off-lease refurbished Dell Latitude D630 laptop. It arrived within a week. For $217 I got a corporate quality off lease dual core, 2GB Latitude D630 that was in outstanding cosmetic and working condition. As with every laptop I've purchased from Dell Financial, I got a completely clear reinstall of Windows and no crapware. I got a new power cord\charger. For those who are not aware of this, corporate class computers are significantly higher quality build that are those made for the consumer market. Dell consumer market laptops have dropped in quality the past three years but Dell's corporate market laptops remain outstanding.

I received my off-lease laptop in under a week even with free shipping. I live in Michigan. It shipped FedEx from Nashville.

I recommend Dell Financial.

Rating 8/10

I have sold on eBay and I've been a buyer for many years. Today, I find eBay better than its ever been for buyers. Until 2011, ebay was best avoided by the average shopper. It was a buyer beware market under former CEO Meg Ryan. Her replacement has worked hard to run off the bad sellers and his addition of the "Top Rated Seller" category has made eBay possibly the best marketplace of its kind for BUYERS. For instance, its extremely risky to buy items from Mainland China sellers off their sites and its risky to buy from them off Walmart, Yahoo, Amazon.

At eBay, if a China located seller maintains "Top Rated Seller" status, its probably safe to buy from them. By safe, I do not mean you are guaranteed product quality, I mean honest transaction & reasonable shipping time. Not even Sears in its heyday could guarantee product quality for all it sold. No retailer today can do so. Buyers still must do their product homework.

As for the complaints here from sellers. Sellers claiming eBay is no longer a good place for sellers go back at least 15 years. When I was selling and making good profits, failed sellers were moaning on eBay boards. Most people who try their hand at selling fail. If your downtown had a place for sellers to rant, you would hear how downtown isn't the marketplace it was, a seller cannot make a profit.

eBay is no different than brick & morter business, many sorts of people try their hand at selling and most fail because they proved to be simply not cut out for business. Despite what a particular political party preaches, business requires hard work and special talent and special skills. Much like sports, many dream, many try it and many fail. Often, the bad seller lacks the savy and skills required to succeed in business, so he turns to dishonesty or shabby methods.