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Life long non-profit, non-political consumer activist. Worked for unusual uncle as teenager. He was poor before there was welfare. Worked his way up to successful small businessman. Didn't trust banks, government, real estate brokers, or loan compani

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan | Interests: Computers, Free Thinker, Life Long autodidact,; Advocate of Environmentalism & Saving Money Through Buying Used and Refurbished --the commonsense recycling! | Occupation: Consultant at Large | flatquasar is a top reviewer!
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Rating 10/10

Buying direct from mainland China online sellers is very risky business. Under ethically challenged eBay CEO Meg Ryan, bad seller was almost synonymous with Shenzhen, China. After Ryan left eBay, the bad sellers branched out to procuring a Hong Kong front store, turning Hong Kong buying into risky business & some landed at Amazon marketplace and they took to launching their own websites carefully designed to mislead buyers into assuming they were shopping on a North American website.

A favorite ploy of the more skillful bad Shenzshen China sellers is to "warn" buyers of longer than normal shipping times and then blame arrival of used & damaged items on the Postal Service. Of course, credit cards are charged immediately upon placement of an order & refunds, if you ever get one, take weeks.

There are a few good to excellent Shenzhen, online sellers. I decided to carefully test two who are said to be good by gadget forum members and who take pains to appear trustworthy here at resellerratings. I tested Geekbuying and In4dealz, ordering a mini-PC from Geekbuying (Dec 1st) and a Measy Fly Mouse from In4dealz (Dec 21)

Both appear to be good sellers. I find In4dealz is clearly better of the two. I used Registered International Airmail for both orders. They were handled by the same Chinese post office in Shenzhen. Geekbuying wants me to believe that my mini-PC sat at the Chinese Post Office from about Dec 2 to Dec 16 before it was flown to Chicago. I received it Dec 19. I came close to ordering a charge back.

I didn't order from Geekbuying competitor In4dealz until Dec 21, yet I received it Dec 28th! They offer buyers choices, UPS & DHL are two of them. Based on several years of buying from good Chinese and Hong Kong sellers, I am impressed with In4dealz. They are trustworthy and efficient. You save considerable money with them as they cut out the middle men for you & they are honorable sellers who do seem to want to provide quality, money saving service.

Rating 8/10

UPDATE: Good NEWS. Geekbuying may prove to be a rare good China located seller. However, They really need to improve shipping. Took them four days to reply to the email inquiry I mentioned here but they did reply. I ordered Dec 1st. Tracking showed arrival at Chinese Postal Service Dec 5. Processed the 6th but did not leave Post Office until Dec 16th. USPS shows item arrived for delivery at my local Post Office Dec 19th. Once item was on an airplane, it proved not to be a solar powered plane as it did reach Chicago within 24 hours. I will update when I get item.

UPDATE II 12-19-2012 Package Arrived! Upgrade rating to 3 stars.

UPDATE III 12-20-2012 Item (iMito MX1 Android Mini PC\ Android TV Box) was well packed & arrived in good condition. Took 18 days to arrive. Upgrade rating to 4 stars. Today, I ordered a Fly Mouse from competitor In4dealz, which has good ratings from Freaktab.com members. I will post how that transaction goes.

Original Post
O.K. Buyers. Check my member history by just clicking my name. I am a true American reviewer. Contrary to what the posts here claim, I haven't received a single response email from Geekbuying. Not one. I'm waiting one more day for USPS tracking to show my item has moved from Peoples Republic Chinese Postal Service to USPS International Air Mail. According to Geekbuying Tracking its been at the Post Office for 7 days! It took five days to move from the seller to the Post Office a few miles away.

I've order items from two excellent China eBay sellers. They send Air Mail & I had items within a week. I decided to "try" this seller just so I could post a review. I was suspicious they post fake reviews here and then one of their people insulted me here. I will certainly keep shoppers posted about outcome of my order!

The way China located sellers work their scams is they give you a shipping window that runs past when you can do a credit card chargeback. Better informed scammers like Paypal because most buyers are not aware that Paypal arbitration is a waste of time for most foreign countries. That's why I advise people to link Paypal only to a credit card and then skip arbitration and do a credit card chargeback. KNOW YOUR CREDIT CARD TIME LIMIT to chargeback! Discover Card is the card that sides with the buyer. They are best for online and foreign purchases

Rating 10/10

I purchased two items from Beach Camera over the past three months, a camera and the popular HP Pro 8600 AIO Printer. In both cases their price was very competitive, shipping immediate, Item exactly as described. They also have high buyer rating at eBay and Amazon.com. I cannot rate response to issues as I had none.

Rating 10/10

I buy everything I want from them about twice a year, when they offer free shipping. I've been a customer of Kimball, Walter Drake, Harriet Carter & Carol Wright (mostly Carol Wright & Harriet Carter) for many years, buying from them products I could not find in local stores. Two years ago I stopped buying from Carter & Carol Wright because they failed to evolve adequately from traditional mail order to Internet Retailer.

The quality of Carter & Wright products declined and their shipping is too slow by today's standards. Now, I buy most of our hard to find products from StarCrest of California. They frequently offer special prices and free shipping.

Periodically, I buy from Kimball, whose prices are usually higher than the others but they have maintained product quality & they have really stepped up their shipping processing & speed. These are all old mail order catalog companies that have continued long after kings of mail order, Sears abandoned it and J.C. Penny's seriosuly scaled back.

I recommend Kimball. They sell hard to find products at competitive prices and they have modernized their processing and shipping to better match the big online stores such as Amazon, Newegg, Tiger Direct, & eBay "Top Rated Sellers." Kimball, like Starcrest, always gets my order right and unlike Harriet Carter and Carol Wright these days, Kimball doesn't offer complex confusing "free Shipping" deals, or ship out much cheaper products than you expected from the photo & description.

Rating 8/10

I never thought I would feel the need to post a review of Paypal. After reading "reviews" here I feel ethically compelled to add my experience and thoughts. 1st, I am a critic of Paypal but I also form my opinions based on as much quality fact and fair mindedness as I am capable. 2nd, having experience with Paypal as a seller and as a buyer, I see Paypal from two entirely different points of view, that of the seller and the buyer.

As a former online seller, I did not like Paypal much, after eBay bought Paypal and applied it to eBay. Paypal markets it services to the range of sellers, from small to very high volume. A third distinction is Paypal and eBay marketplace and eBay and online sellers. As a small used electronics eBay seller, Paypal was the primary reason I stopped selling on eBay.
Why? It seemed to me that eBay used Paypal to monopolize and narrow payment instruments. As a seller, I was left no choice but to use Paypal as the way to receive payments. There are two problems with this. 1) Paypal fees are expensive for smaller sellers. There are other cheaper alternatives which eBay prohibited in favor of its Paypal 2) Paypal Arbitration on eBay is really eBay arbitration and too many times it ruled against small sellers when it should not and ruled for large sellers when it should not. Paypal became CEO Meg Ryan's tool for narrowing eBay to mostly high volume sellers and stores. If eBay wants to be a store marketplace then it should outright become one and not advertise it is one thing when really it is another. Such deception is the mark of incompetence and the mark of a dishonest & thus bad business.

From a buyer's point of view Paypal is a problem because the only arbitration between sellers and buyers is eBay and eBay's Paypal and it is not arbitration at all. When there is built in conflict of interest, arbitration cannot exist. Out the gate, eBay marketplace arbitration is A CONFLICT OF INTEREST. It is an oxymoron. Its comparable to a court Judge acting as Judge in cases involving family members and friends. That is not a fair or neutral courtroom. A fan for Home team cannot serve as the game referee.

The same is true for eBay arbitration and eBay-Paypal arbitration. Scam buyers get over on small sellers as the arbitration leans toward the buyers. When the seller is a high volume profitable customer of eBay, arbitration leans toward the seller against the small buyer.

Despite this, I highly recommend buying online using Paypal whenever possible. Its free for the buyer. Use Paypa but do it after first knowing the score.

NEVER connect your Paypal account with anything but a major credit card. If you sell and use Paypal for payments open two accounts: one you use only as a seller and one you use only as a buyer. NEVER COMBINE THE TWO.This way neither eBay or eBay-Paypal can control your buying transactions. Skip arbitration and go right to your credit card company. Know the charge back policy of your Card. We have certain clear rights by law when we use a credit card (not debit but credit card). You do not have these consumer powers ANY OTHER WAY with any other payment method.

As powerful as Paypal maybe at eBay, Paypal is minor fish compared to Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

By the way, with a charge back you can get your entire bill refunded. Yes, shipping and sales tax included. Furthermore, you punish a bad seller when you do a charge back, especially when Paypal is involved. Credit Card companies charge sellers fees for a charge back AND SO DOES PAYPAL when a credit card does a charge back to Paypal!

Using Paypal, you credit card information doesn't fly across Internet and the seller doesn't get your personal account information.

Rating 10/10

You can be sure that a high percentage of the people who hate a seller for unrealistic, irrational reasons are most likely to write a review of them and the review will be extremely negative. On the other hand, satisfied buyers are unlikely to write a review. I know. I was a 100% feedback used electronics seller at eBay (for eight years) and I've been a 100% feedback buyer for 10 years.

Given these facts, it is impressive when a seller is highly rated by buyers. I know MacMall from their ebay store and they maintain a consistently high feedback rating there.

In May, they made an incredible offer, one I have not seen matched anywhere as of this date. They offered the newly released samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" tablet for just $219 and free fast shipping! They sold over 1,000 and no one posted even a minor complaint.

I got mine in two days and it was well packed. I stood ready to get a charge back from Discover Card, as I was skeptical any retailer could honor such an unbelievable offer. I registered mine immediately to make sure it wasn't a knock off. Well, MacMall shipped the real deal & did so for over 1,000 buyers!

I cannot comment on the service supplied by the Macmall.com site but I can report that the staff that operates the Macmall store branch at eBay is consistently outstanding. I strongly recommend them.

Rating 10/10

As I have elsewhere, I strongly advise readers to habitually check member's account histories. Its just a click on their name. You want to check two things, how many reviews they have written & the date they became members. A growing number of online Retailers take Resellerratings buyer comments seriously. Unfortunately, there is a growing trend of retailers trying to pad ratings by having an affiliated person (or employees) sign up and post what amount to short ads falsely posing as real unaffiliated buyer comments. Many bad mainland China located sellers are creating what appear to be North America located retail sites and throwing up faked extremely positive feedback

Crucial is the very first good retailer I have found to have what look like padded "buyer" comments. Several are very short and the poster appears to have signed up just to post a 5 star comment for Crucial! Its possible this is explained by Crucial's current aggressive attempt to get recent buyers to visit RS and post a comment.

I've been a Crucial customer for years. Crucial is a top manufacturer of memory. They make system memory for different brand names, not just their own. When you buy Crucial you are buying the best. Crucial.com is also an outstanding online retailer. Question anyone who tries to tell you the opposite. Like the case with individual people, no company is perfect. I am certain Crucial makes the occasional mistake, that is why quality control and customer service exist and the mark of a great manufacturer or retailer is the effectiveness of their customer service department. I find Crucial's overall operation efficient and above average. I can find memory upgrades for less elsewhere, especially @ eBay.com marketplace. Go for it, if you are skilled at navigating the 'buyer beware' jungle marketplace.

Crucial's retail prices are competitive, I have never had a crucial item DOA or fail. In fact, every memory upgrade I ever bought from them-and I've purchased many- over a period of about 12 years, still works. If Crucial was not first to have a practical memory scanner, it was one of the first and I find their memory matching service to be outstanding.

If crucial has an over eager agent monitoring buyer comments, please relax. Crucial's products are consistently high quality and the retail site has been among the best of Internet for years. I strongly recommend them to buyers

Rating 2/10

I regret to have to post a negative report for Carol Wright Gifts (CWG), as CWG was an excellent mail order company. Like many other once great companies such as Sears & Roebuck, S.S. Kresge, Polaroid, Kodak & Walmart, Carol Wright Company seems to have declined after Carol Wright no longer owned or managed the company. Too often today, company quality dies with the founder. Corporate suits and their internal jockeying for position can replace genuine zest to provide service and value.

I began buying much less from Carol Wright (and Walter Drake), a few years ago, when I discovered a great little California company called Starcrest. Unlike current CWG, Starcrest gives me good prices and reasonable quality merchandise. These days Carol Wright often depicts products as being better than they turn out to be.

I decided to never buy from Carol Wright again. They seem to have sunk to running number games on customers. We can get that from any Automobile dealership, Pay TV\Internet Service provider, or Big Cell Phone Services contract hawker.

As I prepared recently to submit a three item order that totaled $20.XX, I got a shock! There before me was not only a shipping charge still but one $3 BIGGER than the one that was there BEFORE I entered my personal code! There were also two other charges, one for $2.95 ("insurance") and one for "Handling", $3.95! Since I was a preferred customer, I get to pay $6.95 shipping and two additional fees. Nearly $13.00 on three lightweight items totaling $20. That is a 65% charge to get my $20 order to me. This is billing mumbo jumbo & slight of hand that would make a cable TV bundler proud!

!'ve never had a service problem with Carol Wright, other than The speed they get orders out to people is much too slow for today's marketplace. I routinely get products from Hong Kong faster (6-7 days). Starcrest has better products, better prices and when it says free shipping, they do not turn around and add mystery fees that exceed what online sellers demand for shipping.

I advise avoiding Carol Wright Gifts because the Internet market has left this company a mail order dinosaur. Buyers get the efficiency they demand. CWG is inefficient. To top it off, the company seems to have added spin doctors to their billing

Rating 10/10

Skype probably isn't for everyone. Anyone who considers anyone who can figure out how to work a Windows PC, Use an Android Phone, or program a DVD recorder a geek will likely find Skype frustrating and blame their lack of basic understanding on Skype.

I've had and regularly use Skype since Feb, 2012 and I find it an outstanding buy. In order to keep calling costs very low, Skype operates on a shoe string budget. Microsoft bought the company last year but doesn't seem to be investing into it, just making profit from the 11 cent charge for a text message.

I use skype only to make Internet calls to non-Internet and Internet phones (comcast, U-Verse, etc). For this, I pay only $3.95 a month for unlimited North America. Like most Americans, my wife and I have cell phones. We use pay as you go cell service so it is beneficial to make calls with Skype.

We use Skype with laptops and Android Tablets, having our account configured in all of them. Skype is consistently good for us. In fact, we have never gotten the long delay we often get when we make a call with our Verizon or U-Verse phones.

All business calls that will involved being on hold for a while we make on Skype. So far we have not been dropped once, which is more that I can say for any cell phone service.

Many of the people who report an extremely negative experience with Skype had a poor outcome for the same reason many people report a poor result with a Roku box, a major brand Wireless Router,Internet Radio or a new Laptop. THEY FAIL to REALIZE these devices are internet devices and as such are only ONE PART OF A PROCESS.

Most often, the problem lies with YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, which in most cases is YOUR TV & HOME PHONE SERVICES PROVIDER. ALL INTERNET DEVICES MUST HAVE A MINIMUM CONSISTENT LEVEL OF INTERNET DOWNLOAD SPEED. Your service provider is about as honest as a automobile dealer. When they are not outright lying or deceiving, they use deceptive and vague language.

Take a look at your bills. You assume you pay for and receive 3Mbps download speed, but the provider's exact language is "Up TO". What does that mean? Very few people pay attention to two things. One, the very unclear meaning of "High Speed Internet" or "High Speed Broadband". The terms are used for speeds from under 1Mbps to 114Mbps. Two, You never get the speed you think you are paying for and two people in the same neighborhood get different speeds when they pay for the exact same service.

Before you buy any Internet device, visit the Roku site and use the free Internet Download speed meter. You must check your speed several times at different times of the day. You will be surprised at how much less download speed you get than the speed you think you are paying for.

For example, the U-Verse "node" for my U-Verse line is one foot from my house. The fastest download speed I ever get for my "Up To 12Mbps is 9.9Mbps and I get that only very early in the morning week days. I had the better performing Comcast Cable Internet Service. I paid for "Up To 24Mbps" The fastest I ever got was 18.9Mbps.

Most people have "Up to 1.4 to 3.0Mbps Service. If you have had bad experience with a Roku box, a Wireless Router, Internet Radio, Skype, etc check your actual Download speeds.

I find you need service that does not dip below 2.4Mbps in order to get decent results.

Rating 10/10

Many people look to buy one of the excellent Chinese branded Ainol Novo 7 tablets. It is extremely risky to buy from a Shenzhen, China seller. They have moved to new tricks, planting agents in Hongkong and now they have many online stores that cover the fact that they are located in China. Some of these sellers are Focalprice, Chinagrabber, etc. Tip never buy from an online seller that doesn't include their address as part of "Contact Us", FAQ, or "About US". The Hongkong trick is to make you think the product is located in and shipped from HongKong, when orders are simply forwarded to Shenzhen, China & buyers aften get the "Shenzhen service", not the good HongKong seller service they expected.

There is a USA seller on eBay who buys drop ship, makes sure his products are good. I bought two Ainol Tablets and two keyboard\cases from him the past three months with excellent results. He answers email and does so quickly. Shipping is fast (I get each item within four days). He makes sure the Ainol tablets are set to English and uninstalls the Chinese Apps. I strongly recommend him.

Rating 2/10

BEWARE. This site is part of the complex, many versions of infamous peoplesearch.com. Any site that asks for any sum of money to provide a report on any unlisted land line or cell phone number is a scam. Bewarned these many peopleseach in disguise sites can be convincing and they have people on Youtube videos claiming to explain how to do a free search. Near the end they highly recommend some peoplesearch site such as yourspyingeyes or peopledetective. For a membership fee you can get access to a super reverse phone number service. Do not believe them.

As cautious and experienced as I am, I was temporarily taken by a peoplesearch front site, Yourspyingeyes.com...They use a premium membership scam approach. You always get NOTHING, just loss of your money. I will get mine back because I shop defensively. I used Paypal and I link paypal to the most consumer friendly credit card, Discover Card. I immediately demanded my money back from peoplesearchaffiliates (I did not know I signed with them until AFTER I paid and went to demand a refund), from Paypal and if I get no action within 7 days, I go for a Discover Card Charge Back. I will get it back.

Here is the only way you can get reverse phone number information when the land line is unlisted or it is a cell phone. These methods are free.

Do not be suckered in by a Youtube video that seems to be a guy explaining how you can do a reverse phone lookup free. He knows it doesn't work and is really looking to recruit suckers for one of peoplesearch.com's many sites under many names and many different approaches designed to do the same thing, namely steal your money. You will pay and then get nothing!

Google search the entire 10 digit number. Narrow your hits by adding quotation marks on the 7 digit number. There is only one honest free reverse phone number search site. It is FREE411.COM

Next, visit boardtracker.com & try a free search there. Finally visit the major social sitesl, Face Book, My Space and enter the phone number in search.

Finally, peoplesearch is using the customers they scam to build a phone database. In order to get the promised information they mislead you into thinking they have they get your phone number and you real name! They also get your address because that comes with your charge card. They probably got my address too because Paypal does supply that to merchants so they can ship orders. I think people search got mine because the CLKBANK.Com complaint form has product questions you must answer even after you click on "service".

Again, stay clear of all sites that demand any money claiming they will provide you with information pertaining to ANY unlisted land line or any cell phone number! Consider all of them SCAMS.

Rating 10/10

I consider these reviews Highly suspicious. Wondering if Internet Activists are writing them, I checked the ratings of another outstanding seller, Blair. Sure enough, they too have roundly bad "reviews". I've purchased a few hundred dollars in clothing a YEAR (and so do two of my closest friends) for many years from Haband & Blair. The only complaint any of us have is they are, by today's standards, occasionally a little slow about shipping.

I purchase every way, by mail order, telephone, & online. I get excellent product, accurate shipment every time. Neither I or anyone I know have ever been overcharged or had any surprise charges on our credit cards. These are reputable companies, owned since 2007 by Golden Gate Capital, which does over 2 billion a year in direct marketing clothing sales AND their call centers are still American -- Pennsylvania and Georgia.

I hadn't ordered anything from Haband for 10 months, so I decided to make an online order before I wrote this review. I ordered two pairs of pants on 3-22-2012. As usual, I got two email notices, one verifying my order & a notification my order had been shipped. The pants arrived 3-31-2012, 9 days, about 5 days sooner than past orders. As always, I got exactly what I ordered. A postage free mailing label was included. I have returned items because the color wasn't quite what I wanted. Both Haband and Blair allow for such exchanges. Each exchange was processed to my satisfaction.

I'm including my REAL INVOICE number and I think resellerratings.com should verify the numbers for all the other reviews here and for Blair... I wonder if the complaints are about the service or are these complaints slander against two outstanding, companies that had no choice but close their US clothing plants, or go bankrupt. After the big box stores outsourced, Haband and Blair had no choice but do the same. At least, they did not hand the work over to China, a nation hostile to America. They use Latin American & our Asian allies.

I highly recommend Blair (business clothes) and Haband (more casual) to shoppers seeking to save money on quality clothing.

Rating 10/10

Blair should participate here @ resellerratings.com So should another outstanding clothing retailer Haband. I have purchased clothing yearly from Blair since 1988 and I have not had a single problem with them (or with Haband). I wonder if the reviews of them are from actual customers of from Internet activists upset than both companies were forced to shut down their US Clothing Plants? Neither would exist tody if they had not resorted to off shore clothes manufacturing, as the unions made it impossible for them to compete with Walmart & other retailers who switched to foreign sources in the 1980s. If that is your issue with Blair, say so. Do not lie and call them theiving and incompetent retailers. Blair remains an outstanding mail order retailer & they maintain their quality line of mainstream style clothing.

Note: Blair is no fly by night company. It was one of the pioneers of direct marketing over 100 years ago and its efficiency was presented as a study model to ivy league MBA students for many years. In 2007, 400 million dollar a year revenue Blair merged with Appleseed a major holding of Golden Gate Capital. Shareholders were given 47.50 a share for their Blair stock. Appleseed also owns Haband, another major direct marketing clothing seller.

My ongoing regular experience with both companies is the opposite of what is reported here.

Rating 10/10

I have purchased quality clothing, mail order, for a long time. I do so for a few reasons, mainly to save money, save time, & to get exactly what I want, in my size. I buy leisure shoes from Joes New Balance Outlet for the same reasons. I got tired of family members & I being forced to pick among the shoes and sizes store stores happened to have in stock. Buying mail order gets you excellent service & the shoe you want in YOUR exact size all in one stop.

I bought from Blair.com for a long time. Recently, I decided to look elsewhere. Today, Blair clothing is made off shore and yet
their prices do not reflect it. After some research, I decided to try a popular Florida company Cubavera.com. According to my information, my favorite leisure shirts & pants, the guayabera & linen draw string pants are better quality and significantly better priced that similar Blair branded pants.

I ordered three shirts for me and two my wife wanted. My first shipment arrived quickly (3 days). I was surprised by the sharp style and quality of the guayabera shirts, since they were significantly cheaper than Blair's casual guayabera shirts. In each shipment, Cubavera includes a postage paid FedEx return mailing label

I call customer service before I order for the first time from any online seller. If customer service is poor, I want to know before I order. I was on hold for three minutes and the agent was polite, helpful, and he knew the product line.Two days later I called again to see if I was just lucky. This time I was on hold two minutes and this agent was also polite and helpful.

I am impressed with Cubavera.com...

UPDATE. My wife's three shirts arrived today (3 days after ordering). Excellent quality. Prepaid return shipping label included.

Rating 10/10

I do most of my shopping online & I buy only from the best online sellers. Amazon is my major "store". My favorite deals store is Ice Monkey. So far, I get my items at a speed that ranges from rivals Amazon to excels over Amazon. I get what I order and like clockwork Ice Monkey addresses any problems.

I find this consistently stellar service odd because Dailysteals, which owns Ice Money is troublesome when it comes to missing items and can be slooow with shipping. I only buy from Dailysteals these days when its a serious bargain that costs only a few dollars and Ice Monkey doesn't have it.

Maybe Ice Monkey management and staff should take over Dailysteals!