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I have purchased a LCD television LN-R3228WX through this company on Oct. 28th 2006.
The very next day, I got a phone call regarding my order. Eliot told me it was a never used, never owned model and not to be surprised of the condition of the box. Which I had no idea why he told me that. If it was brand new why would it have a different box in the first
place?Once I was told about the total being charged for the TV, It didn't make sense. On their website all they show available is the TV and Shipping. NONE of what they were charging me as "insurance" b.s. I asked them what was the breakdown of the shipping and insurance and she told me that "I don't really know how it's broken down, but it will show on your invoice" What kind of answer is THAT??????? So I asked for an electronic email copy of the invoice and She (Sarah) said "I cannot send it to you electronically, I can only send it through the mail" Oh god.......I didn't like the final price so I wanted a refund. "Henry" (this name just seems so popular ) told me that the order was already processed and that he cannot give that refund due to credit card company fees NOT
because of the return policy. He told me he would send out a surge protector, and a cleaning kit along with the purchase just to keep me as a
customer. So I decided to give it a try.
Once I received the tv on Nov. 2, I took the TV out and inspected it.This was no joke. There were cracks on the stand for the TV and I know
that this crack cannot appear during shipment. This TV was supposedly BRAND NEW NEVER USED ...HELL was wrapped in a giant plastic bag.....all tied up. When I removed the wrapper, the TV had dinks and scratches EVERYWHERE. O my god, how the hell are they doing business. Henry kept insisting that it is brand new and he swears it was never used. I took pictures and sent it to them through email. The remote had DIRT in almost
every corner of it without orginal wrapping and it was also scratched all around. The TV manual came used and wrinkled with stains. I was furious. This TV for a fact is used and refurbished. There was no plastic protectant
sealing on the screens, nor did it have any indications of it being new. The box even said it was refurbished! I called Henry furious
requesting my refund and he simply said that he cannot give refunds because once
I purchased it online, I automatically agreed to the understandings of no refunds. You see how he changed the excuse? First he said it was because the credit card company charges them "fees" now he's stating that it is a part of the policy on the website. On the website's return policy, it does not state that the LCD TVs are non refundable. It simply states certain items on that site were non refundable which included "television equipment." So, technically, my product was refundable and he is refusing to give me my refund. I wrapped the shipment back up and had DHL pick it back up. I kept trying to call these people to fight for my refund, and their toll free number doesnt even WORK nor does any of these clowns answer!!! they put you on hold for 30 minutes or more hoping you'd hang up, and have the phone disconnect at their convenience. I don't believe this company even EXISTS after all these complaints!!! what is the law doing???? Next Step Plasma aka Digital Kings are by far the worst fraudulent and shady company alive. Not only was the TV in terrible shape, They didn't even send me my warranty OR my invoice with my shipment. They just slapped on a mailing label with no documents whatsoever!! WHAT KIND OF COMPANY just sends you a messed up TV with NO INVOICE!!???? This fake "company" seems to have multiple issues with consumers and their way of fraud selling. That's not even all, their "warranty" that they're selling is TechPro. One their website, it says that the warranty is with the actual MANUFACTURER. TechPro is their OWN little "warranty" department. I wanted to kick myself knowing I purchased this item through them. I wish I did my research with this company before...what made it worse was that, I bought it through my debit card. Not Credit. So now I have to go through claims and all these tedious steps to getting my money back. BEWARE FOLKS. STAY FAR FAR AWAY.

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