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Avoid Like The Plague

Better hope you don't have to return something. (if you're lucky enough to actually receive it) Since they're not making a sale due to the item being returned they'll just come up with a lie to justify not refunding you and/or charging a ridiculous fee. Decided to utilize their payment plan on a guitar. First payment being $71. Guitar sounded terrible so naturally, I returned it. Got an email stating the guitar I ordered had residue on the back of the body which appears to be from adhesive and that photos are available upon request, and that I was being charged $55 for it. Called and asked to see the photos and they refused, then said there's nothing they can do. That guitar did not go anywhere near any adhesive or anything to cause 'residue' I simply packed it EXACTLY as it was when they shipped it to me. If you don't want residue on your guitar then stop packing it in stuff that leaves residue. Simple as that. In addition, although the order was marked "refund issued" I received a big whopping $1.95. Nice!

I typically shop at Sweetwater, but gave Zzounds a chance because the guitar I wanted was not in stock. Won't happen again. Dishonest company and judging from several other reviews both on Facebook and elsewhere, I'm not the only one that has been conned into losing money. Avoid them like the plague. Go elsewhere. There's Sweetwater, Pitbull Audio, RNA Music, etc etc etc.

Barnes and Noble


Ordering Online

The stores are very nice, but do not order from their website. It's far more trouble than it's worth. In my experience if you receive something damaged and send it back, good job. They just got your book AND your money. Was lied to multiple times by their staff about a refund, saying they refunded me. 3-4 days later I go and check, nothing. (take note I used a gift card. this supposedly should process in 24 hours) And then the next person comes back and says there was never a refund issued. This little pattern has happened twice in a row. If Barnes And Noble sees this, if they fix the issue, I will update this review. Otherwise, my recommendation is that you don't do business with them. Their customer service is a joke and will lie to you just to get you off the phone or chat room. Oh by the way, I record any call I make for quality assurance purposes as well! How about that. If this wasn't a gift card I would have just disputed the charge with my credit card holder instead. Don't believe this review and prefer to throw your money in the trash? Then go right ahead.

UPDATE: I received a replacement book in the mail. Still does not change the fact that I was lied to multiple times by Barnes And Noble staff. Simple communication from both Barnes & Noble and the marketplace seller could have avoided all this.

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