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All 7 customer reviews

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Always great!

Great place to find all the oddball items you wish you could find in a local store but never will, or to find many things you can find locally, but much cheaper. Takes a while to arrive, just long enough you get a surprise. If you have a problem, someone is there to try to make it right.




I have dealt with Gamers-Outlet a couple times in the past without issue. This time though when I hadn't received they key after a couple hours... I emailed them and the problem was quickly solved. Thanks again Gamers-Outlet!

DIY Gadget


Decent quality adapters, received my order promptly as it was shipped within 24 hours.



Good service, pre sale questions were answered quickly and received my product on a different continent well within the expect times.


Fast delivery of my products. Had a small snag with something not fitting right, and they went far beyond what I expected to resolve the issue.

These people give an example that make me proud to also be Canadian.


I was a little concerned with dealing with them because of earlier ratings on this site. No more.

When I had issues with my product, they went above and beyond to help me first try and get it working and later get a replacement.



It took me a while to figure out how to contact them, and waiting for the support ticket was tedious. I finally got on IRC through their "live support" link on the top right of their site. Once I got a response on there (5-10 min wait, I had given up and was just packing it in when I did get a response) I was helped quickly and excellently.

The PSP faceplate was in my hand the next day, which amazed the heck out of me.

Thanks, I look forward to coming back for more IRC waits in the future (if needed, that is. Now I know for certain that paypal isn't an option.)