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Great Site/Great Service

Everything about my experience was flawless. This is my first time purchasing a laptop from Hidevoultion and I'm glad to say that I did. I loped at purchasing from sites such as XoticPC, but their website was so confusing compared to Hidevolution. Hidevoultion's site is so clean and simple, letting you know exactly what you're purchasing and with MANY different options and prices. The only hiccup was their account creation services were down at the time. All I did was email support about creating account and within the hour they had created me an account with my email and a generated password. From there I got in contact with Donald S. and he helped me throughout the entire process. I selected my laptop of choice and customized it. I'm fairly new at this so I don't know everything there is to know about laptops or parts. With my custom laptop in my cart, he reviewed it and suggested I change one of my warranties to a LOWER warranty. Doing some research after the fact, he was right. This saved me over $50 on cost. I had a feeling he was going to tell me I needed to upgrade parts and spend more money, but he actually helped me save. We got to emailing back and fourth and even asked if I was a full-time student. Since I am, I emailed him a picture of my student ID and he gave me a student discount as well as 2.5% cash back on my payment method. This led me to save upwards of over $100 on the original cost. The whole process of emailing took a few hours, as I was busy throughout the day, but he even helped me past the time of the store closing. I am on the east coast, putting their support 3 hours behind me. I emailed him well past midnight (9:00pm PST) and he kept getting back to me in a timely manner. All in all, I would definitely recommend purchasing a laptop from Hidevoultion. Their site is superb and their customer support is exquisite, even for someone who knows very little about upgrading parts.

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