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I was not specifically asked to write this, however there was a link in my order page to write one. So I am.

My order shipped within the time frame given on the site, of shipping the next day.

The price of the items was more than acceptable, but with the (comparatively to Amazon and Newegg) higher cost of shipping it's still in the air if it was worth the added cost.

I got what I hope are acceptable quality items with relatively higher shipping costs that so long as they are up to snuff save me some cash overall.

Honestly there are only 2 items I'm concerned with, a Network Cable Tester and some Cat5 couplers, the 2 different bags of zip ties should just work they aren't providing any actual support, just keeping wires neat.

I'll update this once they arrive today. Unless they turn out to be junk, my 4.5(only allows whole numbers) stands.

Update: Package arrived and everything seems in good working order, Cable tester even came with a battery. 4.5 stands.

Ice Monkey


I've ordered from these guys 2 other times before this order. Shipping was about average for a "Flash sale" site.

This recent order(a "1,000 Lumen CREE XML T6 LED Ultra-Bright Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight with Adjustable Zoom") though got to me in 4 days. That's like next day delivery compared to the average shipping time. For comparison, I ordered something from 5 days earlier than this, and it won't be here till tomorrow. The item is as expected, well it's a tad bigger than I expected, but since size is inconsequential for it's use, it really doesn't matter at all.

I've never spent a large amount on any flash sale site, so I've never been burned. I make all major purchases from Amazon or Newegg, so if something isn't right, it gets fixed without hassle.



I ordered a Refurbished 24" Viewsonic Monitor, and while I am satisfied with it for the time being(just got it today, so it could die tomorrow)I am disappointed in MacMall's description.

The Specs stated that a Power cable,VGA cable and DVI cable are included in the package, well mine came with just VGA and Power.

From the product page
"Package Contents LCD Display, VGA Cable, DVI Cable, Audio Cable, Power Cable, Quick Start Guide, ViewSonic Wizard CD (User Guide & Drivers)"
Actually it only came with the Power and VGA, everything else was MIA.

It's not the end of the world by any means, but I was expecting a DVI cable, as I intended on using it to hook it up. If the page had been more accurate I'd have ordered one with the monitor and no harm no foul, and this would have been a 5 star review. But since it listed it and I was expecting it, it's a 3 star review. I could be convinced to change it to a 5 star in exchange for a DVI cable though. Hint Hint.


I ordered a cheapo iConcepts Illuminated USB Optical mouse, it arrived via their free shipping in 3 days from CA to Ohio.

The mouse was for my father, who likes it very much compared to his old Dell ball mouse.

My opinion of the mouse was it was super light, pretty much to light weight for my tastes, but that doesn't matter as I don't use it very often.

I will be looking forward to ordering more stuff from Mwave in the future.


Well they finally took down the more unfortunate victims



....did they move to canada?


This is my second order from them, so far its gone smoothly i ordered christmas eve and it will here the 28th(according to FedEx)
while i still dislike the "handling" charge i must say I actually got a real tracking # I'll update if i get it on time.




i have ordered from FTI 5 or 6 times with no real complaints,except the whole out of stock problem but after a quick phonecall it was taken care of,there was a small price difference so the guy said he would just toss in some extra stuff to compensate and i was pleased with the order, i have always gotten what i have ordered the rma prosess was not too horrible,did take a week to test the cd-rw, hell it stopped working(think it is just MSI)but got the replacement a few days later they pay for shipping back to you even trade WILL BUY FROM AGAIN, and to the guy who said something about LD charges, not smart enough to use the 800 number they have?????