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I bought my Advent laptop from PC World about 5 years ago for £450 and took the cover/repair plan, approx £400 extra over the 4 years. After various serious problems over the years, the laptop finally caught fire yesterday in the room next to my daughter's bedroom!! (literally a flames out the side job!).
As I had bought a PC World own-brand product with a PCW cover plan, from a PCW store, I thought it reasonable to take it in and ask if they could tell me why it nearly burnt my house down! As with several posts I've read on PCW, I had to literally hunt down a sales staff, to then wait for a manager to appear only to be told "absolutely nothing we can do, you can try calling customer service and they may do something" - this is from the store manager, Bury St Edmunds branch.
I then phoned CS to be told the same, and that as it was out of warranty they could not even look at it or make it safe for my family. When I asked him what their stance on corporate responsibility was towards dangerous products I was told "I don't know". I asked to speak to a supervisor but strangely none were available. After a polite argument he put me through to the 'dangerous products' department (surely he should have done this first?) where I spoke to perhaps the rudest telephone operator I've ever encountered. (Shaz - ext. 25259 apparently!). When I asked what PCW were going to do about this clearly dangerous product, please read this quoted response: "it's not a dangerous product cos it was on fire yesterday, not's not on fire now is it." When I asked her what her point was, she simply repeated the above quote! She proceeded to chastise me for not taking time off work to bring the fault to their attention yesterday, but when I asked her what she would have done differently yesterday the response was: "we would have told you to turn it off". So apparently I should have called and gone through the automated options system whilst my PC was on fire. A strange approach to dangerous products it would seem...
She offered me 2 paying options and got cross when I said I shouldn't have to pay...All very surreal indeed that PCW were angry with me for their product catching fire! She got even more incensed when I claimed PCW were washing their hands of the issue, and angrily denied they were doing this. I said I would like to speak to the complaints department and hilariously she said they were it! leaving me in the bizarre predicament of having to make a complaint about the complaints dept! Every member of staff I spoke to in store and on the phone were badly trained, unhelpful, plain ignorant and very, very rude.

Many thanks PCW for all your support and concern with this potentially life-threatening product!
I had always wondered why there were such a huge number of complaints about PCW I know why :)

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