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PRO Camera Rain Cover and Customer Service Absolutely Excellent!

I love my FotoSharp rain cover, and I truly appreciate the amazing service Bob offers.

I purchased my first Universal Camo with Blackout Coating Rain Cover in 2011, and I used it faithfully. It did a great job of not only keeping my gear dry, but of also keeping blowing sand out of my gear. The dark lining on the universal camo helped keep my camera cool while also providing a bit of shade for viewing the LCD screen in bright sun. I hiked with my camera and cover more than 100 days a year and that cover looked as good as it did the day it arrived.

Unfortunately, my camera bag, along with most of my camera gear was stolen, in fall 2015. To file an insurance claim, I needed proof of purchase, but my copy was long gone. One quick email to Bob and I soon had a copy of my invoice.

Once insurance settled I began purchasing replacement gear, and a new FotoSharp rain cover was high on the list. We recently took a trip to eastern Ecuador, where we went from 14,000 ft. to 600 ft. elevation. Rain was a daily companion, but so too were fog, thick trails with sharp branches, mud and more. My gear, dressed in its rain cover remained dry and well protected, and I didn't have to constantly worry about its safety. When the rains in the Rainforest became insanely heavy, I simply pulled the cover over the ends of the camera and lens, tightened the elastic straps, then tucked my camera under my arm. Back in our room, my camera was the only thing that wasn't completely soaked!

One other perk, I carry expensive gear while birding along popular trails or in city parks. If my camera is out of the cover, I'm constantly hearing comments about it, including comments about how much it must have cost me. But when it's in its cover, no one notices it's there. After the theft, I'm a bit more wary of those comments and appreciate the cover making my gear less conspicuous!

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