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Rating 10/10

I purchased a rather pricey ear bud for my birthday from BHPhotoVideo. Just several days after receiving the product , the price dropped by $50+ and one of the ear buds volume diminished by 90% during one night compared to the other. I just thought what a horrible birthday gift this is turning out to be.

And eventually it turns out everything is fine because of BHPhoto and their service. I contacted them by emails as it was during non-store hour. I requested to see if I can get a price adjustment and return/exchange for a new ear bud.

I got a reply/contact the next day saying they’ll refund me additional difference and send me a new one. They issued RMA with free shipping back to store. So I sent my product back and waited patiently as it was a holiday week for them. I didn’t see my refund coming in, so I called them after they’re back from holiday break. They said they’ll reissue the difference and I waited a coupled days. Finally, refund came back and they also shipped my new ear buds before that.

I bought the ear buds from BHPhotoVideo because their price was the same as Amazon, which is where I usually shop. But since BHPhotoVideo is located in NY, I didn’t have to pay tax. I think their service/a lot of product prices rival to that of Amazon. I had a good experience shopping with them and will shop again in the future. It would’ve been great had they refunded promptly the first time so I didn’t have to wait 2 weeks. Other than that, I’m impressed with BHPhotoVideo.

Rating 2/10

Beware of reviews that rate this store (or any other stores) where profile and review were created on the same day and there's no other reviews after that. That could be an indication of employees or owner's family members basically inflating their store credibility, by creating profiles and giving rave reviews.

Okay, now onto my reviews. I ordered 4 appliances, which were all "in stock" or "available," on Friday night. I needed my appliances soon, so after not hearing anything, I called them on Tuesday.

I was told they'd be shipped at the end of the week from Los Angeles, which should just take a couple days I'm also in California. So I said fine. About an hour or so later, they created a ticket notifying that they're on back order and it would take 2 weeks to be in stock.

Here's their obscure definition of in stock/available:
"Items that are currently in-transit to our warehouse, are currently in-stock at a drop-ship vendor’s, or manufacturer's warehouse will be marked as "Available"."

Look: if it's in stock or available, then it should mean you have the actual item to ship within 2 days. It's not complicated. If it'll take time, then it should be called, back order or available 1 - 2 weeks.

I asked if I can have the cook top expedited at least since I don't need the other 3 appliances right away but I do need cook top ASAP. They said, in order to do so, I would have to break up the order of 4 and reorder, and by doing so, I'd lose the discount. Also, I was told it would be shipped from New York, not LA as I was told.

Right there and then, I cancelled the order. It was just a bad experience and wasted my time.

-- It made no sense that items were showing as in stock or available, when in reality they weren't.
-- It took them 2 days, 4 days if you count the weekend, to inform me they'd be shipped in estimated 2 weeks later. They only informed me because I called them first.
-- They couldn't accommodate me to ship my cook top first separately. They wanted me to go through cancel, reorder when the fault is theirs, not being able to reflect correct status on the site.

Rating 8/10

I placed a laptop, Sager NP6110, order a couple weeks ago. Before I bought, I wanted to reuse my Window 7 key so I touched base with Xoticpc sales dept and sales rep assured me that I can reuse my key, which helped me decide to purchase since that's a saving of 80 or so.

After I purchased the laptop, I followed with a concern note, saying if there's an issue with reusing the key, since it's an upgrade to Window Vista, contact me ASAP and I'll consider purchasing a new Window 7. Also, before it was shipped, I asked again if Window 7 was installed and the same sales rep assured me that they Window 7 key was used.

I received my laptop two days ago and upon turning the power on, there was no Window OS. It booted as though nothing was there. I checked xoticpc tech page and it was unclear which # I should call since Sager was listed as having 2 support #s.

First # went direct to Sager and they advised me to contact Xoticpc. I guess either Xoticpc or Sager is the middle man. The guy who answered from Xoticpc was not helpful to say the least. He basically said I need to check with the sales rep and there's nothing he can do. As far as order shows, I didn't choose to install Window 7 he said, even though I explained that it should've been. There was no use in explaining to him what had occurred before. He just stated Window 7 wasn't part of the order to be installed.

I was very unhappy since my main issue, which I wanted to avoid so badly, was stated 3 times and yet I got the same outcome I didn't want. I checked with the sales rep that I had contact with and this issue was escalated to the management the same day and management contacted me 2 or 3 times by e-mails. The same day, I was able to install my laptop using a thumb drive. It took me a long while but I was able to do it. In case you are wondering, NP6110 model doesn't come with internal laptop as it is an 11" gaming laptop. So installing Window 7 isn't possible unless you have external optical drive, which I don't.

Management offered me an item but I ended declining that item. After declining, they still offered a game for troubles I had to go through. I accepted the game and outcome wasn't as bad as it had seem two days ago when laptop seemed just broken.

All in all, I would buy from this store again.

- It seems they like to take care of their customers until they're reasonably satisfied to try to resolve when there's an issue, which cannot be said the same about a lot of other companies.
- Great laptop for a great price. It was 100 bucks or so cheaper than competitors, avadirect, powernotebooks, etc...
- After declining the first offer, they still made another offer. I think that speaks volume.
- Free shipping and no tax to Cali.

Not so impressed:
- Where was the testing, checking of sort? I don't know if Sager or Xoticpc sent directly to me. If Xoticpc did, they should've checked whether OS was there or not. If Sager shipped my PC, then they were the one who dropped the ball by not installing.
- Sales rep assured me of something that was false. I don't know if there was a miscommunication.

Rating 10/10

This was my 6th computer in 9 years but the first purchase from AVADirect after doing a lot of research about where I should buy. I can honestly say I will most likely buy from them again.

I placed an order on or around 3/5 and received the computer exactly 3 weeks later, which is about how long it will take for a custom gaming pc without paying extra for a rush order. It would’ve taken more time if I hadn’t responded with credit card authorization fax the next morning. People might find the authorization form process a bit annoying as not everyone has a fax machine. Did I mention a couple of times I called to find out about my PC status, I only had to hold 10 to 20 seconds? Maybe it had to do with the right timing but 10 to 20 second is just unheard of.

AVADirect website:
Great selections that reminded me of Monarch PC, which went out of business not long ago and where I got my 4th PC. I combed through many other gaming PC maker websites and almost all of them did not bother to offer a decent selection of PSUs or cases. I was very picky about PSU, had to have a PSU with modular cable, right amount of power, power saving features, etc… and AVADirect was the only company that offered a great selection of PSU, as well as other components at a good price. Also, almost all of them have detailed info which helped me save time doing research. Just an unparallel selection at a good price overall. If you’re picky about certain brand/feature you like, this is the place you should go. I configured similar spec PCs from AVADirect and buyxg, and the AVADirect was a little cheaper than buyxg, even with the buyxg 5% off discount. No brainer, I went with AVADirect.

PC came in a well packed package. PC itself was installed like a pro, wires installation looks clean inside. CPU cooler had a problem when it arrived first but that problem is now solved. Great customer service I must say. I couldn’t call in to get support as I work during the day but I was able to deal with customer service through account message post. One let down: wrong DVD drive was installed which is a bit disappointing since they did not let me know about it ahead of the time but the one that they installed works, plays and burns fine. So not a major complaint there…

-Probably most responsive customer service, it shows that they care
-PC setup inside was impressive
-Lets you post message within your account and someone answers them quickly
-Many, different components at good price, selection is simply unbeatable
-A ton of configuration you can choose

Cons (sort of):
-No CS support on weekend
-Wrong DVD writer was installed (no biggie since it is black color and works)
-First time buyer will have to go through credit authorization process, so be prepared to fax

Final thoughts:
Their reputation is well deserved. I will buy again in future if they continue this tradition.

Rating 4/10

If you're looking for a custom system, they offer a ton of options at a good price. From what I can remember, they were helpful when I called them for support... that is when I can finally get a hold of them. It just seems like they're dealing with too many customers and there isn't enough staff. Anyway, I had to return my Hornet Pro because the PC heats up quickly and then shuts down itself. Turns out fan doesn't spin inside, thus making the PC overheat quickly. I returned it at my own expensive from what I remember. They said they fixed it by replacing the CPU fan and sent it back. But guess what, it still does't spin. They cut out the unnecessary wirecovers though. I don't know if they truly replaced the CPU fan. But if they did, they didn't test it either... two times. So I wouldn't buy from them again. If they go back to being a reputable company, then I might change my mind. But the trend doesn't look good.

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