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Reyniers Audio


Being a retired English teacher, I simply have to watch how I spend my money. So I researched audio computers for a long time before choosing. I guarantee Dell and their ilk won't be useful! I decided to go with Cakewalk Sonar and a Reyniers Audio computer. Wooter lets you customize the box, which is more than I can say about most of them (like Musician's Friend.)
I got a Core 2, 3.33 ,Win XP system with 3 hard drives and am very happy so far with it. It is quiet, only a soft fan noise that I have yet to hear rev-up like my home Vista system fan does. It starts and shuts down quickly, thanks to his customization. (Never use a DAW computer to cruise the internet. Keep it OFF the web and away from anti-virus software and internet malware that will slow its performance!)
I like that I could talk directly with Woot, the company owner, and get his advice regarding customization. I like that he went ahead and downloaded a couple software updates and had them on my hard drive waiting for me when my unit arrived. The computer took longer than usual (30 days as opposed to 7 to 10 days) to arrive, but that was no biggie for me, a guy that had researched for 6 months the different components going into his DAW rig.
Simply put, I doubt you can do much better on the price of this computer (unless you do it yourself) and I know you can't do better on customer service. Wooter and Reyniers Audio rules! Go Woot!
Mike Upchurch

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