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Poor customer service, poor quality

I have had to continually pay out of pocket for fixes required to keep these saunas going, such as having new lights put in, the bench seat breaking and having to be replaced (they then sent the wrong size which had to be altered to fit correctly). Recently they sent me new fuses which had to be installed by someone with electrical knowledge, and they said if I didn't replace them my warranty would be voided. Now the glass sauna doors don't shut properly, I had professional glass installers come to fix the doors and they said that the integrity of the sauna wall is the issue. Sunlighten is now sending me new gaskets as they think that's the problem. So now I need to keep paying people to fix this. I wish they would stand behind their product and pay for all of these fixes! Here's an email I sent Sunlighten shortly after I purchased 2 commercial saunas from them in 2015. Horrible customer service.

I purchased 2 saunas from you recently and they have not been working properly. I have spent money on electricians and paying people to replace the screens in the saunas, new screens you sent because the ones we were sent were apparently the old ones that don't work properly. We lost money not only on these repairs but on having to cancel appointments and closing the saunas until new screens arrived and were installed. Not only did we lose money, this affected our reputation with our clients as well.

What is most disturbing is how you as a company have dealt with this thus far. First off, Nick refused to send the new screen until we paid for it and had sent the old one to him. Why would we pay for a part that we already paid for? When it was admittedly a mistake on your end? While putting in the new screen, my manager Rose was assisted via phone by Mathew, who at one point in the phone call said "Can I call you back? I have better things to do right now". Really?! She also had better things to be doing.

And Rose tried many times to call you Mary, you sold me the saunas. You were always out, or too busy to talk and will not return our calls. You called me back many times when you were trying to sell us the saunas.

The screens in the saunas are overheating, the saunas are exceeding the temperature they should be at and making a terrible sound that makes them unusable. I called your spa to ask if the same thing happens to theirs when they preheat and they said absolutely not, they are using them in the same fashion as us. We purchased these with the Commercial package and they absolutely need to be on to be prepared for clients when they arrive. Mathew (in a condescending tone) said we were not supposed to preheat them when they are already on, but how else would we get them to temp. when a client arrives? Again, your spa said this is the way they do it and they have never had a screen overheat or malfunction because of this.

I would like to add, that the people we have talked to have been short with us, have given the impression that we are bothering them and wasting their time and have not made the efforts to make this right in a manner that we are deserved. This is outrageous and absolutely unprofessional.

If the saunas we have are not fixed within a reasonable time (by Feb. 20th, this has been an issue since October) I would like them replaced with properly working saunas.
I also feel that I should be compensated for the money that I have spent trying to fix this issue.

It is truly unfortunate that you as a company haved failed thus far in giving us appropriate customer service.

I hope this will turn around and we can have a future relationship as our business expands and requires more saunas.

Please call me and let me know how we are going to resolve this.
Thank you,

Brandy H. Owner

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posted Mar-29-2018

A rep from, sunlighten,has responded

“Thank you for your feedback. Your experience does not reflect the level of service that we strive to provide our customers. We absolutely stand behind our products and our team is working with you to find a tech in your area. We appreciate you as a customer and will make this right.”

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