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Bought a mystery box from them, and it came absolutely packed full of stuff, some of it actually useful. We had fun disposing of many of the items that we found to be less than useful. All in all, the amount of stuff we got for the price was incredible.



Ordered from woot several times, never had a problem. Also, note that their bags of crap are exactly as described.


In case the 600 other reviews somehow haven't convinced you, this place is a scam, plain and simple. They're being investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal level. Just don't do it.


Monoprice is the only place to go for cables. Actually, monoprice is the only place to go for anything they sell. You'll get twice the quality for 1/5 of the price you'd pay somewhere like Radio Shack. Monoprice's items are consistently better quality than anything I've already got. Don't let anybody else fool you - paying 10 times more (*cough*Monster*cough*) won't get you any better cables than you'll get here on the cheap.

The only problem I have is their shipping costs, which tend to be high, especially if you want any kind of speed. I guess it makes sense, though -they only way they can sell stuff for so cheap is to ship direct from China. I always try to save up my monoprice needs, so I can make one big purchase and save on shipping. (USA)


Newegg is the place to go for computer parts. I've been buying from them for probably close to a decade, and they've always had the lowest prices. Sometimes I wish their shipping costs were a little lower, but I almost always get my order faster than I pay for, so I can't complain too much. Returns are easy, and customer service is good. You can't go wrong with newegg.


I order from Amazon at least 3-4 times a month. They have everything in the world, and their Prime program ($79 gets you free 2-day shipping for a year) is one of the best ideas ever. Things that I used to search through several local stores to find are now one click away, and I usually get them in less time than it would take me to get to all those stores, and almost always for less money. Amazon is now my default store for most items.

Returns are a breeze - if there's actually something wrong with the item, they'll provide you with a shipping label that you print, tape to the box, and stick outside for the mailman. I've never had an easier return from an online store - no calling and having to beg an employee for an RMA number, etc.

The only thing to watch for is items that are sold by compaies other than Amazon. While many of these companies are great, they all have their own return policy, their own customer service, etc. So if you buy from a 3rd party through Amazon, you need to check the ratings of that company as well (which Amazon provides).


I received an order of Bucky Balls from thinkgeek as a Christmas gift. The product is great, and is tons of fun. There's only one problem - it was missing one ball. Without that one, it's impossible to make most of the best things that can be made.

I contacted thinkgeek customer service, who was more than happy to send me a few extras to complete my set. I was glad that they were sending some spares, as these look to be easy to lose. They tried 3 times to send replacements, none of which made it here. I found out why on the 3rd shipment - they were shipping extremely powerful magnetic balls in a standard white envelope. I can see the outline of where 9 buckyballs used to be, and the holes through which they exited. I haven't heard back from thinkgeek in a while - I think they gave up.

So, great product, good try from customer service, but failure because of an issue you wouldn't expect from geeks. I'm still left with an only partially usable product. The only upside is the mental picture I have of those 9 tiny magnetic balls coming loose and wreaking havoc on the postal machinery they stick to.

EDIT: It took 2 tries, but the people below took excellent care of me. I not only got a whole new set of bucky balls, they sent me all three of the new executive colors, as well. The service was way beyond what I expected. 5 stars all the way.

posted Jun-03-2010

A rep from, thinkgeek_CS,has responded

“Hiya Benjiem1!

Oh man! That's a weird situation you have there. I'm sorry we didn't package those Buckys in a stronger envelope! Though to be honest, the idea of Bucky Balls loose in the world amuses me, too!

Well, we'd like to make this up to you (With shiny things!), but we'd need you to shoot us an email so that we can get your address information. Could you send an email to referencing in the subject line? Or! If you prefer voice communication, call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF (1-888-433-5788).

Look forward to talking to you soon!

ThinkGeek Service Monkeys


First off, ignore any 1-star reviews below. There was a price mistake, and a few users from a certain deal site that shall not be named got mad when they didn't get a $70 product for $7, and gave Harbor Freight lots of 1s.

I buy from Harbor Freight fairly regularly. Usually in the store, but occasionally online. I've had mostly good experiences with their tools. They're cheap, but not all cheaply made.

For example, I bought an 18-volt cordless drill from them about 6 years ago. It cost a full $20, and finally died just a couple months ago. Sure, it's not the same quality as a Dewalt, but replacing the entire drill (including battery and charger) costs less than just a new battery for the Dewalt. Most of their power tools are that way - they're plenty strong for the casual homeowner (or not so casual - I just used their tools to remodel my home).

Their hand tools, on the other hand, seem to be just about as good as anything you'd buy at Home Depot or Lowes. I've never had one break on me, and I've put a lot of them through their paces.

The store itself is pretty decent. Tends to be messy, and there probably aren't as many people working the registers as I would like, but where is that not true these days? Online is similar - their website isn't very well designed, and shipping tends to be a little slow.



I was wary of buying something as expensive as an engagement ring from a store I hadn't dealt with or heard of before, but the prices were excellent, and my credit card company is good at disputes, so I took the chance. And I'm glad I did. This is a great company.

I'd checked Blue Nile and some wholesalers (local and online) along with the standard jewelry stores (Kay, Reeds, etc). I'd been to (a must for anyone shopping for a diamond) and done my research. I'd found what I thought were some decent prices, but DiamondOnNet blew them all away.

I then accidentally wandered onto their development site and ordered the ring based on outdated platinum prices, saving me $400. And they actually honored the price mistake - not something you see very often anymore. (For those of you who are thinking about doing it on purpose, the problem has been fixed, and orders can not be placed on the development site anymore). Even without the price mistake, their prices were much better than anyone else.

I then called and spoke with Bijan, who picked out an absolutely stunning stone for me. I was afraid that it may not be exactly what I was looking for, but I realized when I got it that I should just trust the expert. I've seen lots of stones, but never one this nice, and definitely not for that kind of price.

They have an option (which I took advantage of) where they will send you the setting and stones, loose, before you actually purchase them, for pretty much just the cost of shipping ($20). It really helped me feel better about the whole process, because I wasn't sure who these people were or if they were even legit. There was a slight miscommunication, so for those of you who want to use this option - the diamonds come finished, polished, and ready for use, but the setting is still a little rough and unfinished. It looks good, but not as good as it will eventually. We got it all sorted out, though, so I'm still happy overall.

I ended up getting a 3-stone platinum ring with a tcw of 1.36, including a center stone that's ideal cut with hearts & arrows and D-colored, for under $3000. I couldn't be happier.

I'm not saying you should definitely order from them. If they hadn't had a setting I liked, I doubt I would have. But don't count them out. They have customer service like they used to, and like all companies should - quick, attentive response, and the customer comes first.