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Sunlighten Sauna Leaves You With A Warm Feeling


I already knew the Sunlighten sauna from about one year’s use of their mPulse series at a local spa, so I was confident when choosing it over other brands. My purchase was in February 2016.


The Sunlighten Signature I sauna was delivered quickly but not in perfect condition (see below). Sunlighten uses CEVA Logistics as their freight carrier and the CEVA driver backed into the wall next to my building’s loading dock doing $700 of damage to the masonry. CEVA did cover the damages.


I had minimal trouble singlehandedly assembling the Signature I sauna but it took 3 hours to do it carefully avoiding scratches and disposing of the huge quantity of packaging and boxing materials it came in. Bear in mind that the Sig I is the smallest box sauna they make, it’s for 1 person.


Get the A.R.T. system. It is cool to feel your favorite music vibrating through your body while you’re in the sauna. But beware that Sunlighten’s assembly instructions can be wrong and pre-drilled holes are not where they are supposed to be. There is some white noise distortion in the system after installing A.R.T. even after ensuring the wires are snug and properly connected. The Blaupunkt sound system is one of the best features of the product even if you don’t opt for the A.R.T. upgrade. Think high-end car audio system.

Do NOT buy the Chromotherapy colored light system from Sunlighten. I was able to find the exact same LED bulbs with remote control on Groupon for $12. Compare to $149-159 for the same feature from Sunlighten. That’s quite a mark-up! Whether you buy from Staples, Amazon, or Groupon, make sure you order the correct bulb base fitting as it is not the standard threaded kind but the two prong type.

I purchased the bamboo carbon towels set but they were backordered. I received some of the towels a little over a month after purchase but now in July I am still waiting for the rest to arrive, 5 months later. The ones that did arrive are wonderfully soft and stand up to regular washing and drying well. I use my sauna several times per week so everything is getting thoroughly tried and tested!


The glass door, right out of the box, was smeared with a layer of some kind of chemical that had to be carefully scraped off. Sunlighten reimbursed me for the cost of having this repair done.

The bench was very difficult to fit into the assembled sauna and caused some permanent indentations on the side panels.

A bag of assorted fuses arrived a few months after purchase with a diagram and link to an online video showing how to install them with the warning that failure to install voids warranty. The installation is easy if you are a licensed electrician.

Be sure to ASK when you place your order whether any items are back ordered. The wait in my case has now reached 5 months.

Keep track of your Sunlighten store credits! If your friend buys a Sunlighten the company does not notify you of having the $100 credit so you may need to be proactive about claiming it. A friend of mine purchased the mPulse Conquer two months ago.


I am pleased with my Sunlighten sauna and get regular use out of it. It clearly does help with certain health conditions and it’s far more comfortable to use than a traditional dry sauna. My electric bill did not skyrocket and it does not overheat my bedroom. The warm-up to operating temp takes about 45 minutes but that’s because I like it hot. I recommend this product with the above cautions.



My order placement was easy and quick. It was easy to customize. All but one item has arrived within a few days and in perfect condition. Customer Service was immediately responsive about the back-ordered part. This was a business purchase and I will definitely shop at MacMall again.

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