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Home Depot


Don't trust Home Depot

I am an architectural designer for residential projects in the northwest and I would tell everyone to never use home depot for any services. If you can’t walk in and grab it on a shelf don’t even bother. I was trying to buy vinyl flooring for my condo and it took me 8 trips to the store to just order the product and that was after they completely screwed up my home measuring service (which they require before you can even start). When I was trying to order the material they originally wouldn't tell me how much I was paying for each item which is just ridiculous.I finally got the material order and about 4 weeks went buy which is about a week more than what they said the delivery would be. I call the store to find out where it was and it took the guy an hour to even find my order because apparently it glitched out and my order was stuck somewhere. So if I wouldn’t have called it would have never been delivered. Then the day they were delivering the product they would not actually bring it into my home even though I paid a 2 guy handling fee to bring it in and they left it outside in someones payed for parking spot. Even the first delivery guy had told the store that customer was going to be unhappy and expect a phone call before he even left the store. I called home depot and they gave me a whole run around as to why they didn’t have to do anything but I finally got them to send someone else to carry it in. I have never had to yell at someone so much in life but I guess that’s the only way you can get home depot to not screw you over. We will see how the actual install goes and right now I’m really glad that it is a separate entity that does the install.


Tried to order two monitors from this place. First of all the website would not let us order the monitors so we had to call the order in. We never got a shipping status so we called in to the same guy and he said that the system screwed up our order. We asked him to call us back when I got it figured out. He never did. Later when we called again got the same guy and asked to speak to someone else because he obviously did not know what he was doing and he said he was the only one there. He then sent us an email that he shipped it to the wrong location. How that happened I don’t know because we only gave him one address. After that email we told him he needed to ship us the monitors today and not wait for them to come back and ship them again. He didn’t understand why we didn’t want to wait for him to get the monitors back before shipping them to us. At the end we told him he need to give us a tracking number or we are canceling. We gave him two days to do that and he could not figure it out. We ended up asking for a refund, its been four days and it doesn’t look like he knows how to that either. We ended up calling our credit card and having them dispute it so we can get our money back.

All in all, if you are looking for someone who knows how to ship the products they sell don’t go to this guy. He has no idea what anything is and seems to be all alone in it. And you will never receive your product. I wish I could give negative stars on this thing.

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