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Tower Hobbies


Tower Hobbies is #1

I love Tower Hobbies!! I have never had a bad experience with them on many, many orders, and one return of a faulty product. Most of the complaints here are about customer ignorance and attitude. For instance, any refunded charge (debit purchases are different) takes 3-10 days to go back into your account and the merchant has ZERO control over this... It's the bank holding the funds. Second, when using PayPal from ANY merchant's site, you go go PayPal for approval first, then back to the merchant for the total with shipping. (Why? I don't know, but Amain and Horizon are the same way!) Third, the prices at Tower are very competitive. Occasionally, I might find an rc car $5-$10 cheaper somewhere else, but when you add in Tower's coupons, their prices are always much lower. Fourth, they cannot carry every thing (nor does Amain or Horizon), and let's face it, while there are some great US made rc items, 90% of the rc hobby is manufactured overseas, so don't knock Tower for that. Fifth, their easy pay plan is wonderful. You order a $500 rc car, make the first 1/3 payment and get the item within a week. They TRUST you to make the other two payments! WOW! So, you cannot blame them for occasionally denying this privilege (not a right), if something appears to be amiss with an account! Finally, I find that calling the customer service of any company with a bad attitude, usually illicits a bad attitude on the other end. You are not the first mule's rearend they've talk to that day. Rather, a pleasant demeanor with an attitude of "can you help me" brings favorable results 99% of the time.

Unsolicited, Tower's customer service/technical has even called, and emailed, me after a purchase of a kit, to ask if I needed any help with the project. Their coupons, Super Saver Club, Easy Pay, Parts Saver Shipping ($1.99 for many smaller items), and other free shipping deals are terrific customer care, but their customer service keeps me coming back!

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