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A useless parasite.

Basically, PayPal is a very convenient way to pay, but I avoid using it whenever feasible. Their Buyer Protection is a joke and unless you have unlimited time to all the BS that PayPal tell you to do to make your claim valid, you simply won't be able to benefit from the buyer protection. And even if you follow their labyrinth of deliberately designed awkward procedures and your claim is totally legitimate, the chance that you get your money back is next to zero.

Furthermore, even though PayPal doesn't offer ANYTHING of value except fast payment, their fees are ridiculous, especially the hidden once that PayPal charge for no obvious reason.

I've been an eBay member since 1999 and have used PayPal from the very start and have a flawless feedback profile after thousands of buys and sell, so this is not written in rage because one single transaction.

There is a reason why people like Elon Musk get rich (founder of PayPal) and trust me, in the absolute majority of cases it's not because of hard work, education and intelligence. Of course Elon Musk has made a fortune on subsidies from the tax payers' money with his "green" lies, but the creation of the greedy monster PayPal must surely have contributed well to his wealth aswell.

Avoid PayPal whenever you can. It's just cash machine for the owners without any real benefit for the customers.

Tower Hobbies


Tower Hobbies is for masochists.

I have no idea why people buy from Tower. Their selection is in reality poor although quite a lot of items are listed, their prices not at all competitive and their multiple "bonus" programs are useless. Also, they are extremely late at getting new releases in stock. Furthermore, though totally legal, they have lots of brands and products with unacceptable quality that my moral would have stopped me from offering if I had a business myself

I've spent a total of roughly 500 Euro on 31 items from Tower, and deeply regret giving them my money. I reckon Tower is rather big, but I bet they won't survive as global competition gets harder and people realize that there are so many better shops out there.

HobbyLink Japan


Was a tolerant customer for many years and now deeply regret giving them my money.

From around 2006 to 2012, I bought a total of 527 items with a total item price of 6.810 Euro (without shipping and customs clearance) from Hobby Link Japan. During this time, they messed up a few times, but ordering from them was easy and I thought the prices were competitive, so I continued buying.

After the introduced the "Personal Warehouse", things got much worse. What sounds like a good idea, is in reality terrible! HLJ may benefit from it in some way, but for the customers, I think it's a good reason for not buying there. Because of the logic (or lack thereof) of the Personal Warehouse, I ended up paying a horrendous shipping fee for a minor item. I politely asked HLJ not to ship it alone, but they declined with a nonchalant "that's our rules!", obviously not taking into consideration that I had been a loyal, problem free and probably not exactly their smallest customer for quite some years. Realizing that HLJ don't appreciate their customers and just want their money with a minimum of effort, I decided to stop buying there. I'm happy for that. I just wish I had stopped much sooner!

If you care about a company's moral, HLJ is in my humble opinion absolutely the wrong place to buy. As a part of the earthquake/tsunami relief in Japan, HLJ added a few % to their prices for a limited time. As such absolutely OK! However, once the collecting had been completed, HLJ presented the result, giving the impression that HLJ was donating the money and not the customers! Talk about resting on other persons' laurels!

Leaving HLJ wasn't a loss in any way. I've found multiple shops with better selection, lower prices and much better customer service.

So, despite having a shop that is relatively easy to navigate and fairly good English, there is no reason why anyone should buy from HLJ. I woldn't recommend HLJ to my worst enemy, and if there's a bit of justice in this world, HLJ will go bankrupt and disappear. The sooner the better.

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