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The most unreliable company ever

The most unreliable company ever. They sell items which do not match the description on their website, the quality of the item is far from satisfactory and the item is good to use only for a week. Even though they sell items under the so-called “money back guarantee”, this protection does not work and they do not want to refund anything or accept a returned item as a proof that it does not work. Instead, they ignore your emails, refuse to help and DEMAND YOUR NAKED PICTURES/VIDEOS in order to give you a refund. You can feel sexually harassed by this company’s employees and see that they are totally unwilling to help you solve the issue. Their live chat does not work at all (there is an automatic robot replying to you and NOT a real person), their employees’ English skills are too low to communicate with clients, they are the worst company that you can ever encounter!



The worst online shopping website!

1. I order the phone using the business priority service but they sent it via regular post. I paid for business but it took me ages to ask them to refund the money that I paid for business services. But at least, they paid it back to me.
2. After that they asked me to wait for 10-21 business days but when I said that I didn't receive the item after this period, they out of a sudden told me that it can last for two months! I didn't know that at first, this was not in their terms and conditions so asked for a full refund but they refused to do that.
3. I asked to resend the phone at least, yet - they refused to do that. They promised a ridiculous compensation of 1 EUR but they even didn't give it tome!
4. I reordered another phone with them but they did't send it out to me. Neither did they give me the promised ridiculous compensation of 1 EUR.
5. Conclusion: after ordering the phone two months ago, I still have no phone, no refund, and no proper communication with them.This is the worst online shop ever!

posted Jun-09-2017

A rep from gearbest, kooowa1957,has responded

“Dear Vvytukas,
Thank you for taking your time to write the review.
Please note the available shipping method of the order will be affected by item's features at customs and the limit in shipping company.
For more details on our shipping methods and whether free shipping is available, please see here: http://www.gearbest.com/about/shipping-methods.html.

For all expedited and registered shipping methods we offer a tracking number that can be tracked on the related tracking site.
Kindly note that the estimated shipping time is valid regardless of tracking information availability.
We have already sent the new order out and provided the order information for you in the message we sent to you.
Please check it in your account and reply to us there.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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