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Google Store / Project Fi support team: NO SUPPORT

I placed an order online with Google store for their Pixel 2 to take advantage of their Google Mini Home promotion, and to sign up for Project Fi on Oct. 7, 2017 @ 2:33 p.m, well within their promotion period and verified by their emails.

During the ordering process, an email address was a required field. So I inputted a Gmail account that I typically use for contest entries, football picks, etc. I also inputted my credit card information and the shipping address. The order form AUTOMATICALLY populates your name field with the name associated with that Gmail account, even if it’s a nickname. You can’t change it initially. I didn’t think anything of it because I used my real name for shipping and the credit card. The confirmation email indicated a delivery date of Oct. 27-31.

2 weeks later, on Oct. 20, 2017, I received an email indicating: “Unfortunately, your payment couldn’t be processed. You have 8 days to update the payment information in your Google Store Account if you want to resume your order.” I immediately clicked on their link to update information, changed the nickname info to my real name, and even added another credit card for good measure.

On Oct. 29, I get the following email from Google Store/Project Fi: “Unfortunately, your order was canceled because some of your information couldn’t be processed.”

A phone call, live chat, and email correspondence to resolve my order were unfruitful. The Project Fi team are NOT customer service oriented, and would not take any responsibility for their cancelling my order. They told me I would have to re-order, and since I am no longer within the promotion period of the free Google Mini Home, I am not eligible for it. WHAT?

YOU CANCELLED MY ORDER! If they were going to cancel my order, they should have done it right away, so that I would have had a chance to rectify it. Why did they wait 3 weeks after the fact?! I even sent them a screenshot of the error message I get (at their request by the way), when I try to access my order through their link, WHICH STILL REMAINS AND IS UNRESOLVED: “It’s not you, it’s us. We’re working on fixing the problem. Check back soon. Error 500” It’s been like this for 2+ weeks!

The Project Fi support team is unresponsive & ill-equipped to resolve any customer-related issues, even when they are the ones who caused the problems. Does everyone using Facebook use real names? Do all email accounts use real names or are initials sometimes used? Their self-absorbed stance about real-world applications & circumstances is problematic. I’ve done product management, and Beta & QA testing for tech products. Quite frankly, their Customer Support & Project Fi team ****: Arrogance and incompetence rule the day. You’ve been warned.

UPDATE: 11/4/17
I tried deleting my credit card/financial information on the Google Payments section. I get the following: "Removing it means you won’t be able to use this payment method for other Google products and services without adding it again" I'm okay with that & click on "Remove."
I get this: "This payment method is associated with your services or subscriptions. To remove this payment method, first replace it with a different payment method. Then come back and try removing your payment method. Go to my subscriptions to unlink this payment method."

I go 'my subscriptions.' Guess what? One can't unlink this. I CAN'T DELETE MY FINANCIAL INFO. I JUST finished talking to another Project Fi specialist on the phone who confirmed that YES, I can't do it, and neither can she, or anyone for that matter. She says Google is aware of this problem, and they don't know when there will be a fix. Stay away from Project Fi. If you have a problem, they're not Vanilla Ice, they won't solve it.

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