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Rating 10/10

The site acknowledges that orders not fulfilled directly by them (without their little "protection" option) are risks. However, by buying only from sellers with immaculate ratings (and surprisingly, that's been most of them that I've dealt with!), I've yet to be burned once, and gotten some CRAZY good bargains. So, with the acknowledgement there IS a risk of getting hosed, I have to say my experience has still been 100% positive to date!

Rating 2/10

You'll notice quite a few 5 star reviews. This is hardly surprising, since the company quite literally bribes customers with free extra hardware for them. In fact, until things got very ugly with me, mine was one of them. If this seems wordy, please, hold on. This whole thing has a punchline.

An initially very good experience - overpriced shipping, but decent part prices, a good web interface, and tons of options - was unfortunately, in the weeks following, quite rapidly blackened by a parade of errors and borderline duplicity.
My machine arrived as-requested, nicely packed and all in order. It's still quite great. There was only the one, teeny-tiniest, easiest to fix little problem. I had paid for a full allotment of 120mm case fans, with white LEDs, and was missing two. (Please remember these criteria. They will become important.) Whoever assembled the system probably just overlooked the two additional slots on the case. An honest mistake, nothing to be upset by. It wouldn't even be a big deal to do without. But I did pay for those fans, even paying extra for the LED models, and I wanted what I bought. I wrote in to report it, was asked to photograph the case and empty slots, and I was promised new parts.

A while later, I received... a CPU fan and heat sink. That isn't even the same kind of part as a case fan.
I wrote back, and was again asked to photograph the contents of the package (as the invoice attached was correct, even though the contents were not). I specified that, if possible, I would like to receive a fan with a 3-pin connector, simply as a favor if it was reasonably doable. Once again, with no particular apology, they agreed to send me the parts, after initially claiming that 3-pin LED fans do not exist (until I sent a follow-up photo of one of mine).

A while later, I received... a case fan. It was 120mm. It was white LED. It was a 4-pin fan. And it was the only thing in the box.
Now, it being a 4-pin fan was not what I wanted, but not really grounds for a big fuss. But I still had not received all my fans yet. Yet again, I contacted tech support to explain I had once again received the wrong package. I spelled out, to the absolute most clarity of my ability, that I was owed two white LED fans, and that I'd like 3-pin fans if possible. Once again, I provided photos of the packaging and item.

A while later, I received... two fans. They were 120mm. They even had 3-pin connectors. And neither had white LEDs.
I contacted tech support AGAIN, with photos, explaining that my request - for two white LED case fans - was still, after three RMAs, not fulfilled. This is when they got ugly. Asserting they had sent me "too much free stuff already" (as though I had requested all of these mistakes), they demanded that I return all the materials they had sent, and pay shipping myself. I explained I was reluctant to pay return shipping for items I never asked for, and was met with the threat that if I did not comply on my own dime, they would not provide me with any further fans at all, because they had "already sent me the correct number of fans". I pointed out this was literally only correct if one disregarded that the fans were not of the type I paid for, or disregarded I had only received one that was. They returned to the fact they were offering to send me a pair of 3-pin fans, claiming that this was "a favor" and that I was not actually owed anything further (like the full number of items I had paid for).

I eventually knuckled under, for the simple reason that if I stood my ground, they might be able to get away with sending me just one more fan, and I'd be left stuck with the other one that wasn't of the connector type I wanted. I concede, even as painfully simple a favor as it is, that accepting my request for a specific pin connector was not something I paid for, so objectively, they only "owed" me one more 120mm white LED fan at that point.
So, here I am, out money, because the company could not assemble a case correctly, could not identify (or count) two simple computer parts in three attempts, and unapologetically behaved as though these mistakes were my fault and that sending me the items I had paid for - in the quantity I paid for - in the variety I paid extra for - was a magnanimous favor. There was no reaction at all to my agreement to send the parts back - no thanks, no apology, no acknowledgement of any form.

Today, over two months later, I finally got my fans.
This time, they didn't include any screws.

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