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Rating 10/10

Lost one of the feet of my expensive Gitzo tripod on a mountain climb. Looking around, I found they keep an online store and have this part in stock. The price was a little more than the distributor, but with favorable shipping and the ability to buy just one instead of all three, it worked out to be a good deal. They shipped right away, came two days later, and it's the right part. I'll order again if I need to.

Rating 2/10

Ordered on March 3.
Received email notice on March 10 that the product is and was out of stock and MAY ship soon. The product, a Winegard MS2002 antenna is in stock at lot of other stores.

I called and SolidSignal's sales rep explained that they may stock items or have them drop shipped. He refused to upgrade shipping because of the delay.

This is not a responsible attitude at all toward conducting business: to list and sell merchandise as though it were in stock without knowing or even particularly caring if they have the stock to sell. This borders on fraudulent practice.

The salesman claimed to expect the product in supply within 1 or 3 days, maybe....

I'd think twice before dealing with SolidSignal -- I think this is a fairly common experience with this vendor, and it puts them solidly in the bottom end of internet vendors in terms of business practices.

The key is whether they know what they have in stock, and what they are offering for sale on their webpage: there is NO, repeat, NO, excuse for not SolidSignal not knowing what they have available to sell!

I would have chosen another vendor if I knew that the product was 'backordered'.

Solid Signal's Avatar
posted Mar-11-2010

A rep from Solid Signal, Solid Signal,has responded

“Dear Customer,

As the General Manager I often to go RESELLERRATING.COM to check if there is a customer who feels Solid Signal did not treat him/her as a valued customer. I am sorry you were dissatisfied and my goal is to make sure you are satisfied again. I would like to gather knowledge about your order so that I can make your customer experience a better one.

Please understand that many times the manufacturer may change the Estimated Time of Delivery and that is why we like to inform our customers that the item may ship soon, rather than promise it will. Please know that we always work very closely with the manufacturer so that we can satisfy our customers.

As a frustrated customer I hope you contact me and I will work my hardest for a happy ending for
all. We always try our best to reach our customer and turn the experience to a happy ending. We value our customers.

Mae Kouza
General Manager
877-312-4547 Ext: 7450

Rating 10/10

Paid for my R1C1 on Aug. 4th, received about 5 emails with shipping / order confirmations over the next 3 days. I had my fingers crossed - Beach has mixed reviews, mostly about post sales service, and a lot of happy customers too. Amazing, I was in shock! My package came in Aug. 7! Brand new, complete, all parts working, USA Nikon warranties. Shipping was cheap (we upgraded 1 level, the original deal was for free shipping.)

This was a great experience: the price was great, and shipping and product without a hitch. I can't complain at all.

Rating 10/10

This is my second order from Mel Pierce. Some of their prices, especially on consumables are hard to beat. Customer service is responsive to email, haven't tried calling, nor needed to. My main beef is not receiving a tracking number until I wrote them (both orders this happened.) Hopefully they'll fix that, but next time I find what I want at good price, I'll order from them again.

It pays a dividend to keep the reliable vendors going!

Rating 10/10

I needed to replace batt's in 2 UPS units; went to my bookmarks, I've done this before, and so I relied mostly on previous research. Lowest price, Portable Power Systems -- dba on the web as Gotbatteries.com The price I paid for the batteries has gone up, but order 2 and there is a price break per battery that makes them more than competitive; plus, even though SLA batt's are HEAVY, they are not trying to make another boat payment with each order (on the shipping alone!), read: it was reasonable.

SO, I place my order online, enter credit data, receive "FedEx Shipment Notification" quickly and the package arrives within 3 days. The batteries are well packed, are what I ordered, and have dated warrantee stickers right on them. Both batteries look new and work.

What more do you want?

Rating 4/10

I called in advance to ask if they had the Summit-FS20L in stock at that time. They assured me they had it in stock, so I completed a web order.

Called a week later to find out what was going on as their online status showed no change -- the order was listed as 'processing' instead of sent. They told me that in fact they didn't stock the item I had called about (and then ordered.) "We are right down the road from Summit and we send out orders when they fill them." I guess that's what counts as the 'truth' in New Jersey.... (Right down the road is the distance from Fairfield, NJ to Bronx, NY ~28 miles.)

I wouldn't count on timing with these characters, but the freezer was packaged very professionally and arrived in acceptable condition. It was shipped DHL; it said in giant letters for the shipper to require a signature confirming receipt and condition, but they just dumped it on the doorstep.

One last note, about Summit: despite saying on Summit's website that they now have a manufacturing facility in Bronx, NY, the unit I received was not American made -- one reason I chose Summit -- but it had giant stickers all over that said: "Made In China". Ewww; I'm not a big supporter of destroying the US by selling out to China for cheap goods, even if they sometimes work ok....


Update: 2010.03.11: the address for Amroyal.com shows an error page, "Bad Hostname" I'm guessing they've gone out of business?

Rating 10/10

Giving myself what I thought would be plenty of time, on April 21 I ordered an mp3 player for a birthday gift, to be presented on May 5th. Shipping was by land, but the package didn't arrive until April 27! That's 7 days; shipping didn't take that long -- my order sat over the weekend and shipped late on Monday. I didn't see where there would be time to seek a replacement from Newegg: 7 days to ship it back and have them officially receive it, processing time, 7 more days to have them send out hopefully NEW merchandise.

The problem was that the mp3 player I received was 'OPEN BOX' (the rest of the order, 3 pieces, was ok.) The player's package had been opened previously -- it was very obvious:

o part of the package missing: the plastic window-panel in the front of the box
o someone had taped a paper note over the hole for plastic window; the tape was still there with the edges of the paper, but the note had been removed.
o the box lid was very bent and had been ripped slightly on opening.

Why does any of this matter?
o It was a gift for someone else: I had to explain, great... :(
o I purchased a NEW item, not an OPEN BOX item
o I expect to be told if an item is OPEN BOX before I agree to buy it
o If I choose to buy OPEN BOX, I expect a minimum of 30% lower retail price.

In sum:
o I received partially used merchandise
o I contracted to buy NEW merchandise
o Shipping was slow
o There was not time to reorder given the above
o Newegg doesn't cross-ship: by their terms, even to correct their own errors
o Intent_to_deceive is not certain in the above (intent to dump returned or damaged merchandise, but it would be deceptive to intend the offer of 'OPEN BOX' as NEW....)

I may buy from Newegg again, but I will hold them to higher standards. I recommend caution dealing with Newegg; be wary of inferior quality or slow shipment, and be very aware of how their terms affect you:

"All refunds require a 15% restocking fee." Newegg

(note on shipping: UPS delivery was received 1 day after it was marked delivered on the UPS and NewEgg tracking pages. This may occur if the package goes out for delivery, but for some reason is not actually dropped on that day.)


After seeing my dissatisfaction, I have to say that NewEgg's customer service has gone the extra distance to correct the situation. Though the offer to replace the mp3 player, which had already been given, wasn't an option for me, their level of interest in correcting the situation was actually very impressive. I haven't dealt with another internet vendor who showed as much determination to correct an issue with a previous order. I believe after this exposure to their customer service that they truly didn't intend the error detailed above, or that at least it was not a mattter of policy!

I recommend NewEgg for future purchases.