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I ordered a ARB Bull Bar from these guys on the 8th of August 2016. Since placing this order I have found that the reviews on their website are BS and that people should probably do a google search of the real reviews. I have called this guys at MINIMUM 3 times a week for a tracking number and even had to get ARB involved because they were blaming it on everyone instead of taking responsibility for the problem themselves. Come to find out it is a internal issue between them and TWA "4WHEELPARTS" but they wouldn't tell me that I had to go to other sources to find that out. Everytime with the exception of 1 time they have lied, blown me off or just flat out told me that I needed to be more patient with them. Well when you drop over $1500 for a component patients goes in the trash can after a week with NO tracking number and NO communication to at lease insure me that I didn't just get ripped off. These guys, with the exception of JP on ONE occasion, have been rude and completely unprofessional in interaction. They even tried to tell the ARB rep that I wasn't telling the truth over the phone, well that is until they found out that I had forwarded emails and that I was listening in on the line. GOOD JOB MATT. Either way I purchased the bumper at a lower price than I could find ANYWHERE on the web then 2 days after I paid the price magically when up on the website and now they want to refund my money instead of providing the part. Seems to me that they screwed up advertisement and are trying not to fulfill a order. All I can say is that IF you read this and still do business with these guys you get what you deserve. THEY DO NOT STOCK ANYTHING. YOU PAY THEM AND THEY THEN ORDER IT FROM A REAL COMPANY THAT STOCKS THESE PARTS AND HOPEFULLY THEIR ACCOUNT WITH THAT WAREHOUSE IS IN GOOD STANDING SO THAT YOU CAN GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR.

Guess my next step is a attorney because I am sick of company's not fulfilling what they advertise.

Good luck!

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