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Shop at Nordstrom instead.

Ordered 4 rings that were shipped from 3 vendors. After weather delays I checked delivery status online. One shipment was marked "exception"--that is undeliverable. I called Bluefly and was told to call USPS. I said that the reason I ship online is to avoid this sort of thing, and I shop online and receive deliveries ALL THE TIME, with no problems. The rep I spoke with said that he would contact the seller and update me the following day. (I did call USPS, but there was a 30-minute wait on hold to speak with a rep, so I hung up). Anyway, the first Bluefly rep did not follow up with me (and the other 2 deliveries have not arrived either), so I called today and spoke with another rep. He was also unhelpful even though I told him that USPS said that the mailing label may have been illegible, hence no delivery. This rep told me that one of the other shipments has been returned to sender (no reason why), and so what I am left with is 1 returned shipment, 1 somewhere in limbo, and 1 that still has not been delivered. What followed was a frustrating conversation in which the rep could offer no satisfaction, including an estimated date for my refund, and no chance to talk with a manager because she had gone for the day. The rep even intimated that requesting to speak with a manager at 5 PM on a Friday was unreasonable. I told him that my delayed (second) call to them resulted from giving THEM the benefit of the doubt: I'd waited for the first rep to keep his word and call me with an update. When he failed to do so, I called back--yes, later in the day (at about 4:40 PM). What a racket! I gave Bluefly (not their sellers) money for jewelry and received, for all intents and purposes, tracking numbers instead. They have a tracking number for the return of 1 item, but they will not issue an immediate refund for it. (Goes against their policies.) Another item is in limbo somewhere and Bluefly says it has to wait to hear from the seller about next steps. And a third item may or may not be delivered this evening. Neither rep was particularly helpful (one was dishonest or sloppy), and no manager was present to speak with me. Do NOT shop at Bluefly! Whatever products or discounts are offered will not be worth the irritation should something go wrong. You can get your designer clothes and accessories, and your fine or costume jewelry from Nordstrom online. You can get your shoes from Zappos, and you can get anything through Amazon. I have NEVER had such frustrating interaction with a vendor, nor have I ever experienced such a complete failure to take responsibility for business practices or for ensuring customer satisfaction. Last but certainly not least. Bluefly leaves its customer service representatives poorly equipped to manage customer dissatisfaction in tangible ways, in effect putting them in the line of fire. This is not a quirky or anomalous event. I shop online a great deal and have no issues. Ever. This is a(nother) example of Bluefly's execrable business practices. I will actively discourage my shopping buddies never to use Bluefly.

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