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Xotic PC


Good Luck getting your order or a Refund!

First off understand I have ordered 2 Computers from XoticPC the First was in 2008 service was slow but I ordered a very high end rig that ran me 4,600.00 USD. It has lasted me almost 10 years, I decided it was time to get a new system, So I ordered a new Rig with only 3 Upgrades, Ram, HDD, and Office 2016. Easy, I could have parted it out and done it myself but I had ordered from Xotic before and decided to us them again. I placed my order on the 9th of Dec, Paid in full and funds were deducted by the 11th of Dec. On the 13th of Dec I did an on line chat with a sales rep by the handle of Emily to ask why my order was still in phase one of six and what was the estimated time for me to receive the system. She told me 7 to 9 Business days plus 3 days for ground shipping once funding had been processed. I pointed out they had already charged my card and I had paid. So working on the outside 13 days from my order date and taking out the Christmas Holiday I should have received my order by the 29th of December. (I didn't) not only that it had not left Phase one. After a series of failed live chats and emails I finally got ahold of an Eric on Jan 8th 2018 who told me that there was already an inquiry into my order and he couldn't find out why it was being held up till that was updated. on the 9th of Jan 2018 I got ahold of Emily again who told me it was held up because they did not have any copies of Office 2016... This is a Medialess program, its just downloaded. At first I told her to just drop that off my order, she told me it would be 1 to 2 days to change the order and then it would be processed. I then confirmed that the "processing" would be another 7 to 9 Business days and 3 days shipping. Which means I wouldn't see the system before the 26th of Jan 2018. I canceled my order, and I will NEVER do business with XoticPC again. I just found the same system and parts on their competitors site and added it to my cart with a 2 day delivery. (Waiting on my refund) Since 2008 Xotic PC Customer service has tanked, I will no longer be recommending them.


A Mr. Landon reached out to me and wanted to try and "make it right" after I posted this review. Here is his first comment on this review

" Let me begin by saying that the process and development of this order does warrant your review."

After several emails I stated My requirement would be 2 items, One a guaranteed delivery date of the 18th of Jan 2018 (next Thursday / one week later) and at no additional cost to me they upgrade the ram to the 64GB (4x16GB) G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR4 3000MHz I already had ordered the 32GB of the same. This is a 350$ Increase in cost they would take on, That on the whole original order as it stood and I would be happy.

Mr. Landon stated "I will be upfront and let you know that the RAM upgrade would not be possible. However, I would be happy to check in with the current config and an ETA" Mr. Landon followed up with an offer of a stock system shipped that day, (Why would I spend this kind of money and go to xotic for a stock system?) I can get that from ExcaliburPC or Amazon and cheaper.

So no guarantee it would arrive on my deadline and no reason to take another risk.

I am now waiting on my refund to place the 2 day order for base system and parts from another vendor and assemble it my self.

:::::Update 14 Jan 2018:::::

It has been 5 days since I canceled my order and I still do not have a refund. I used a Credit card and have already started making payments on a system I do not have.

Bonus Points they deleted this same review off of their facebook page and their forums, way to stay transparent.

::::Update 16 Jan 2018:::

Still have yet to get my refund 7 days after canceling my order. Mr. Landon wants to try and Price match their competitor and emailed me a request to list part and price so they can try and match it. I don't have time for this, I need my refund so I can purchase a computer.

::::Update 17 Jan 2018::::

Mr. Landon is persistent in attempting to get me to purchase a system. Yet I still have not received my Refund. I am out of time and will now have to travel with out a Computer.

::::Update 6 Feb 2018:::

I received my Refund on the 20th of Jan 2018 10 days after I canceled my order. IF you choose to do business with Xotic PC do so at your own risk. They are not transparent in their delivery and build process, they have a serious lack of communication till the customer walks away, and they take a long time to process refunds. I have now done Business with them twice and they have failed 50% of the time. As the saying goes Caveat Emptor "Let the buyer beware"!!!

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