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Import Shark


DO NOT buy from Import Shark !! Rude, Unprofessional, Nasty, Unhinged owner! The Worst !!

DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT buy from Import Shark!!....unless, of course, you are a masochist, who likes being mentally tortured and reamed out by the owner....I could do a long detailed version of what happened to me, but I'll keep it to the main points....Here's what will most likely happen to you if you order from Import Shark:
Place your order, pay via PayPal....then you'll receive absolutely no indication as to when your item might ship out to you....weeks will pass, then out of curiosity, you'll politely email Import Shark asking when you might receive your item...the owner (see info below) will email you back with an immediate snarky attitude...basically implying "why the hell are you bothering me??; go away, you're an assh*le!"...then, more time will pass, still no tracking number and no shipment to you'll email him again, and get even more attitude from the owner...then, just to protect yourself, you realize that you'll have to contact PayPal before the elapsed time passes, to notify them that you have not received your item...then the owner will start flipping out on you, cursing you out, he'll even call you a "f*cking c*cksucker" and more, and even worse than that....can you imagine? Yup, it's, that's some way of doing business...then you'll have to wait weeks to get your money back from's the deal: This is a one-person operation...he runs it from his house....he's rude, unprofessional, and just downright nasty....he definitely seems unhinged in a psychotic way....also zero integrity and the most foul-mouthed degenerate that you'll ever deal with (the worst business person I have ever dealt with in my decades spent on this planet)....After I ordered from this company and had problems, I read these reviews and realized I made a big mistake...DON'T do the same...again, unless you like to be mentally tortured, cursed at, and also pay for an item and then wait weeks and weeks and maybe more to receive it (or receive something that you are disappointed in)...THE WORST !! Just look at their website and buy elsewhere..or not at's not worth it...just read this and the other reviews here, oh and also read the "stellar" (sarcasm intended) reviews on also...(spoiler alert: on BBB, he has an "F" rating....shocking)....

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