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Ashley Furniture


Swivel Recliner Purchase

My wife purchased a swivel recliner on 11/9/2017 and was told delivery would not occur until 11/22/2017. Recliner was purchased at Ashley Homestore Pineville, 11320 Carolina Place Parkway, Pineville, NC 28134. Offered to pick up the recliner and was told if picked it up we would still be charged a delivery charge? Guess this should have been a clue of what to expect. The recliner was delivered as scheduled and I was advised if any issues existed to contact the store where purchased within 24 hours. When questioned as the next day would be Thanksgiving was told to just leave a message. Anyway, later that evening when sitting in the chair I noticed the chair did not feel comfortable and it made strange grinding noises. I attempted to contact the store and was not afforded the option to leave a message. Called customer service and was transferred to a number that did not answer and I was disconnected. Have copies of text messages documenting contact to customer service as I was starting to loose trust with Ashley Homestore and Staff. On 11/24/17 called store where recliner was purchased and left a message and my call was not returned. We decided to visit the store to complain in person. While waiting with my wife and I found the same swivel glider as purchased and sat in it. I sat in the glider in the showroom and it was comfortable and confirmed to me that something was wrong with the one delivered to my home. Spoke with customer service and was advised they could not help and we would need to deal with customer service directly and they called and handed the phone to my wife. They took our information and advised that parts would be ordered and upon receipt we would need to call to schedule an appointment for repair. Customer Service (female voice) stated they would call once the parts had been ordered. Customer Service called to confirm that parts had been ordered etc. My wife wanted me to speak with customer service and I did. I ask why we could not just have a replacement chair that was operational instead of having to wait possibly two weeks to have a defective chair repaired vs having a new chair in good working order that we purchased. I was advised the only other option was to return the chair and pay a restocking fee. I ask if I could speak with a supervisor and was advised she was the supervisor and there was no one else I could speak with. I again, expressed my displeasure to no avail. I also mentioned that the chair in the show room worked perfectly and was advised not to expect a product from the store room to function like one delivered. That really makes no sense to me and implies that products that are on display to be sold are not the ones that a customer should expect to receive. Seems to me the right thing for Ashely Homestore to do was to exchange the defective chair for one that functions properly. Even if the chair is repaired; I will always feel that I did not get what I paid for and received a repaired chair for the price of a new one. Though customer service representative did state I would be accommodated for my troubles. Not sure I believe this either? I can not in good faith recommend dealing with this company to anyone. Maybe Action 9 News can help?

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