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Excellent selection.....horrible customer relations

My first foray into a NFM. I was delighted to see the selection of photography equipment! Pro lenses as well as advanced consumer bodies. SO, I inform the "sales" person the lens I wish to purchase. I also inform him I'm tax exempt. He lets me know he has no clue how to handle that, so he looks for help. He was told to get on the phone. After that conversation he leads me to the finance dept. Apparently that department sets up tax exempt status accounts. After standing in line, the lady behind the computer throws a stack of paperwork at me, and informs me to fill all of it out, "FAX" it back, and give them a week to 10 days to process!
I inform her, that her forms look like a credit application, and I'm not looking for credit. After getting to the bottom of this episode, we're told we have to go to customer service! Now keep in mind, this place is so big, it gives new meaning to big box store. Customer service is back where I came from, near the photography equipment!
Now I look for an uber to get me to customer service. Once there, after standing in line, I inform the lady behind this computer that I simply need to set up tax exempt status for my purchase. Of course! She's never done that before, SO she needs help. The "help" lady asks me if I'm a reseller. So again, I explain how photography business works, and show my tax certificate. She states that unless I'm a reseller, she doesn't know how to set up the account. (REALLY!) I have a damn tax exempt status card from Best Buy, and Office Depot!!!!!!!
She says she's sorry, but "our systems aren't set up for that type of tax exempt category". (having spent 35 years in sales, I could read the script back to her from her forehead! She struggled getting the words out of her mouth!)
And what's even worse is the look I got from the first lady at Finance, and a very similar sour pus look from this lady! So I can't help myself and let her know that I can't think of a single professional photographer that would pay tax on equipment, AND that they have quite a bit of "professional" equipment to sell! So of course in disgust I leave. I didn't raise my voice or make a scene in any way. That's not my style. My style is to smile, walk out, and NEVER go back. I'm that consumer that retailers are afraid of in that once we're treated that way, there is NOTHING they can do to get my business back. Ever.
SO NFM is attempting to super size big box stores. Big box stores are well known for sales people lacking knowledge of many of their products (except many of the Best Buy stores I've frequented. Their training shows!) And NFM has had to hire so many to man such a monstrous retail store that they've obviously had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for "retail" staff, and they're main training seems to put ill informed staff on the floor, giving little training, except of course how to ask for the "help" staff.

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