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First time purchasing something from Warehouse Auto Parts. Had to get a sunvisors for my SC because it didnt have an extension one. Visor Mates was the choice and buying direct was too expensive. Luckily, Warehouse Auto Parts had some and the shipping charge was less costly and reasonable than some inflated shipping charge. The shipping speed was fast and well packaged. So far my experience has been a positive. I look forward in future purchases through their Ebay's storefront since they are planning on closing down their website.


This is my first time purchasing from AutomotiveTouchup and I was a little worried about the reviews at first, but the competitive pricing along with the qty offered compared to other sites drew my attention. I ordered the products for my SC along with a sanding pad which was well priced when combined shipped.

Shipping was a bit slow and costly, but well packaged. Used the paint, and clear coat and the paint really matched my car. Wished they included some sort of toothpick like tool for small parts since the brush is a bit too big. I used a toothpick and it made my life a bit easier.

So far, my experience with AutomotiveTouchup has be a positive. I do look forward in purchasing touchup paint if there's ever a need.

BJ's Wholesale Club


This is my first time shopping at BJ’s. I was drawn in because they the Griot’s DA Polisher at one of the best prices compared to anywhere else at the time along with free shipping. I had to order this DA polisher because of out of the choices: Porter, Meguiar’s, and etc, the Griot’s has a great customer support and warranty from what I have read, and a bit more powerful. Even though I didn’t have a membership, the fee for non members isn’t high. I still saved my self $40 from buying at BJ’s.
I received my order directly from Griot’s, a drop ship from the vendor a week later. My experience has been largely positive given the deal since I really had to get this for my new daily. I look forward in future deals from BJ’s.



This is my first time shopping at AutoGeek (AG) to buy several products for my new daily. I wanted to detail my car using better stuff than what you can buy from retailers. I would concur to one of the reviewers that shipping is expensive when purchasing small qty items because AG uses UPS ground as their only cheapest shipping method. But if one would a place a mid-sized order than its still worth it. At the same time, there are very few retailers and e-retailers that have the various products that can’t be found easily anywhere.

I made two orders, realizing that I would done detailing by hand. I later found out that it would be a lot easier in just getting a dual action (DA) polisher, which I had to get along with other products. For the my first order, I ordered Klasse, ONR, and Collinite 845. I was able to use coupon code “autopia” to get 10% off my order+shipping. Shipping took a while, 5 days because they are based on the east coast. I then placed a second order to get additional products because from reading more from their forums, having a DA polisher would make detailing the car a lot easier, which was very true when I detailed my car.

For my second order, I had to get some polishing pads like the Lake County CCS along with a polishing chemical. I wanted to get the Griot DA polisher but their pricing was high because I somewhere else had it cheaper. AG had a price match deal going on and requested if AG could do it along with getting free shipping and getting 10% off from using the coupon. Nick over AG said I had to choose one of the deals (free shipping, coupon, or price match). When I was told about that, I had to get the DA polisher from somewhere else. Luckily, I got it way cheaper from another place (BJ’s). But I still need to place an second order with AG. Ordered PoorBoy’s Polishing 2, Lake County CCS 6pk pads, 4 different pads from their buy one get one deal (BOGO), and Klasse Sealant (BOGO). Plus, shipping was free given the order amount; W00T! I received the order a week later and so far my experience has been largely positive giving the selection of products. I look forward in future purchases, especially the BOGO deals.


Ordered several refurb CPU coolers due to a deal that popped out. The pricing of the coolers was good despite them being refurbs. The shipping speed was really fast, but the packaging of the coolers wasn't well packaged; resulting in the some of the coolers' retail box being a bit damaged. However, the refurb coolers did look brand new due to how well Cooler Master has refurbished the coolers.

I do look forward in making future purchases at Cooler Master mainly just for the refurb items since my overall experience has been a positive.



This is my first time making several purchases at CrazyPC due to their plans in closing out their business. During their sale, CrazyPC had loads of great deals on computer parts. The shipping speed was fast, CrazyPC packaged my items really well to avoid any potential damage during transport. Also, Mike at CrazyPC was really patient and helpful in getting my order shipped out. The level of customer service was excellent.

However, there were things that I didn't like about CrazyPC; which was providing a more streamline inventory system. I ordered items that weren't later available, but Mike over at CrazyPC gave me a call several times in updating my order due to the lack of quantity of the ordered items. The other thing that I didnt like was the dated website, which looked a bit old and inefficient compared to other sites.

I have ordered more than 300+ items during the sale week and the overall experience has been a positive despite their lack of providing an accurate inventory count on their website.

Just about CrazyPC was going to close its business, new owners has bought over their operation and plan to keep CrazyPC in business. I do hope that the new owners of CrazyPC will improve CrazyPC's operation to become a bit more modern to stay competitive against other computer enthusiast grade hardware sites.

I look forward in doing future business at CrazyPC.

Daily Steals


Ordered a refurb Logitech joystick because it was a great deal. The shipping speed was ok, but wished the product was better packaged. Overall, the price was great, and the item looked new. I look forward in purchasing some hot deals at Daily Steals.


This is my first time doing buying some stuff at Sidewinder Computer Systems and the overall experience was a positive one.

At first, all I needed was some black fan screws which I have checked all around. Sidewinder had the best price+shipping on them. Then I saw some other "good" deals that Sidewinder had and bought some thermal pastes and cleaning kits which are cheaper than other places.

Shipping was extremely fast. Given the small amount of stuff I ordered with regards to the weight, I chose 1st class mail parcel. Then I found out from checking the tracking info that Sidewinder upgraded the shipping method to USPS Priority mail at no extra charge.

The things that Sidewinder Computer Systems should improve is having the weight info per item. So that way when someone choose some items, he would be able to choose which shipping options can be applied to his order.

Another thing of improvement would be a wider selection of more items and fast restocking of items that are sold out. There were a few items that I wanted to buy, but they were sold out for some time prior to purchasing.

Anyhoo, I do plan in purchasing more stuff from Sidewinder Computer Systems given the prices and the low shipping costs.

Circuit City


Ordered some graphic cards, but one was on backorder after being notified a few days later. After several weeks, I gave them a call and request to cancel that one item. The rep was quick to process my request and all was good.

The shipping was quick, the packaging was ok. I look forward in making future purchases at Circuit City (online).



Ordered some fans, and some other minor stuff due to a sale that Koolertek had for a couple of weeks. Also, a coupon code ("overclock" - expired) was provided for the members of from a rep of Koolertek. Koolertek has lots of minor items that most sites/stores don't carry which I really needed. Also, the pricing for many of their stock is pretty good too.

The shipping prices isn't great if one orders a few items (small, light items), but the combine shipping of ordering "lots" of items is pretty good; one of the best I have seen.

There aren't a lot of items, but the rep I have spoken to, welcomes continuous feedbacks on what people want; knowing that Koolertek needs to stock up on "more" stuff that enthusiasts wants.

The packaging of my items was good, but I personally think it was a bit "overkill" especially for items that aren't that fragile. I mean, there was just a load of packaging peanuts and it took a while to dig some stuff out.

This is my first time doing business with Koolertek and the experience has been positive. I look forward in making future purchases at Koolertek.


Ordered some packaging supplies and forms from the USPS website at no cost, and the shipping speed is pretty fast.
I have been using USPS for many years, and the shipping speed relative to the pricing is pretty good. However, if I need to ship something big, then I would have to use the other carriers.

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Verizon Wireless


Ordered some Plantronics bluetooth headsets from Verizon Wireless because there was a good deal on them. Free overnight shipping was included, and received the headsets the next day. The packaging was good, and the free shipping was excellent. So far, the experience has been positive and I look forward in making future purchases @ Verizon Wireless.

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Performance PC's


Ordered some of the newly released and most anticipated fan controller: Lamptron FC-5 because Performance-PCs were the first that had them. I also ordered some other small parts that I really needed for my new setup. Peformance-PCs has a wide selection of items which are averaged priced. The shipping cost is pretty high and it didn't felt that there were "big" discounts on shipping when making a "big" order. However, my priority was getting the new FC-5 and I am happy that I received along with the other parts in such a short time. The shipping speed was fast, and the packaging was average. I do forward in doing business again with Performance-PCs.



Ordered several hard drives on the 20th and the order the was shipped on the same day. Received my order on the 25th which was faster than the estimated time. My order was packaged really well, more like "overkill" given the hard drives are retail boxed and were placed in a huge box. The pricing was ok, wished TigerDirect would be more active in price matching other online competitors. However, I do look forward in making future purchases at TigerDirect.

Toys 'R' Us


Ordered a Sony MP3/4 player because Toys R Us had a great deal on it due to the Cyber Monday sale (11/30). The order was shipped out two days later via UPS and I received the Sony MP3/4 player a week later in a mailing envelope.

Toys R Us should use USPS to ship the item because it would have been quicker given the size of the item. Other then the speed of the shipping method, my package arrived in great condition.

I do look forward in making future purchases @ Toys R Us when some hot deals pops up.

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