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Great delivery time, well packed, and good prices.

Sundial Micro


Placed order on 8/17/2012 through their website.
Received email telling me order was blank on 8/17/2012.
Replied via email with info about what I ordered on 8/17/2012.
No response from company for a week, contacted them via email again on 8/24/2012.
They apologized for the problem, they apologized about losing my first email response, and shipped the product to me on 8/24/2012 via UPS Ground, the shipping method I paid for.
Package arrived 8/31/2012.
The item was shipped in an inside-out USPS Priority Mail box, that the seller had stolen from USPS, cut apart, resealed with packaging tape, and then mailed via UPS. If they had shipped via USPS Priority Mail the shipping cost would have been lower, and it would have arrived in 3-4 days, instead of 7 days.
And on top of the ordering/shipping nightmare, the "new" item that I ordered appeared to be an "open box" return, not something that was new.
Avoid this company!

UPDATED: Sep-08-2012 - response to Sundial Micro's post.
The item I ordered was a Silverstone PP05 power supply short cable set. That item has been available from Silverstone for at least two (2) years. It is highly unlikely that a company that has been in business for 11 years selling computer equipment has just now sold it's very first one. And I stand by what I wrote initially - the PP05 box had round stick-on seals covering the opening flaps, and the seals had been opened.
The USPS vs UPS shipping decision seems odd, since I specifically paid for UPS Ground shipping with my order because of Sundial Micro's high shipping costs. If they had waited until Monday to ship the package USPS Priority Mail I would have received it on Wednesday or at the latest on Thursday. Instead, they tore the USPS box apart, reassembled it inside out so the USPS Priority Mail logs were hidden, then used the inside-out USPS box to ship the item via UPS Ground, which arrived on Friday. At a minimum it proves they have no clue when it comes to actual shipping times.
Since I posted my negative review they have emailed me, and called me twice and left voice messages. I don't know what the voice messages actually said, because as soon as they identified who was calling I deleted the messages without listening too them.
But the last sentence in the email was very clear: "Can you let us know what should we do to make you happy and re-do the rating?"
And their original response here on has been edited. The original version, which I received in an email from notifying me that a response had been posted to my review, included this last sentence: "Is there anyway we can make it up to you and for you to re-rate the review?"
My response was to tell them to stop calling and emailing me, and that I would never do business with them again, and future emails would be reported to the US FTC as SPAM.

FINAL UPDATE: Sep-10-2012 - response to Sundial Micro changing their initial post on Sep-10-2012.

I tried to make it clear in my posts when I added to my review of Sundial Micro, by separating the sections by date.
Sundial Micro updated their response today by editing their initial post.

Read my original post (above) again. I placed on order on 8/17 using their website, received an email the say day saying the order was empty, to which I replied on the the same day (8/17) with the details of what I had ordered.
A week later, having not heard anything from Sundial Micro, I emailed them again. At that point, they finally got off their butts and shipped my order.
I paid for UPS Ground, they shipped it to me via UPS Ground, but the box was an inside-out USPS Priority Mail shipping box they stole from the US Postal Service. Their initial response to my complaint made some half-assed comment about wanting to ship my order via USPS Priority Mail due to their screwup, but they missed the USPS mail pickup on Friday, and re-used the box to ship it out via UPS.

No, I did not contact them before posting a negative review. Why should I, they screwed up, and other potential customers need to know that ordering from this company may cause you to have to argue with them to get satisfaction.
It took them a week to ship my order, and they did so only after I contacted them about where my order was.
And when the order arrived instead of a brand new SEALED item, the seals to the original Silverstone package were open.

They admitted that the email I sent them never arrived.
They admitted that their order system screwed up and did not correctly record my order.
And then they shipped me an "open box" item instead of the new item I thought I was ordering, and stole a box from the US Post Office to ship it in.

This company is highly unethical, and thinks nothing of making false and misleading statements.

I would avoid them, unless you like arguing about your order.
I'm done with this horrible company.

WASTE OF MY TIME UPDATE: Sep-10-2012 7:50 pm Central time.
The first email I received from Sundial Micro, which said the order was blank, also said I had paid through PayPal:
"We received an order from you today for the amount of $ paid via PayPal. However, for some reason, the order detail section on your order is all blank that we don't know what item that you tried to placed an order."

So now they're saying that the PayPal transaction wasn't complete, which is why the order was blank. But in order for PayPal to know how much to charge me, their system had to tell PayPal what to charge. And if their system knew about the order to send the amount to PayPal, and knew that I had paid via PayPal, why didn't their system know what it was I had ordered??

Sundial Micro screwed up and are now trying to blame anyone else for the problem, instead of just saying "We're sorry there was a problem with your order."
No company is perfect, and mistakes are sometimes made.
Admitting the mistake and trying to make it right is a sign of a well run company.
Blaming your customer or payment vendor on your mistakes is the sign of a company to avoid.

posted Dec-31-1969

A rep from Sundial Micro, ,has responded



Ordered one of their "Mystery Boxes".
Actual value of what I received was significantly less than what I paid.
Avoid this seller unless you like throwing away money.

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I ordered 3 items, all were shown as in stock/ready to ship on the MacMall website. About 3.5 hours after placing the order I received an 'order status' email, which noted that one of the items (the most important one to me, of course!) was back ordered. I checked the MacMall website again, and the item was still being displayed as in stock.

I sent an email to MacMall customer service asking them to confirm whether the item was really backordered, and asking that if it was not going to ship by the promised date to cancel the entire order.

I called and talked to a customer service rep -- big mistake! She was less than helpful, and when I told her to cancel the order she said she'd "forward my request" to someone.

So I sent another email complaining about the customer service rep, and asking them to confirm that the "complete order" had been canceled. 5.5 hours later I received a reply confirming that just the item that was back ordered was canceled.

Even though I'd told them to cancel the order on the phone, and told them again in email, they only canceled the one item that I really wanted!! That triggered another phone call (to voicemail), and another email telling them to cancel the entire order.

13 hours after the phone call to cancel the order I received an email response telling me it could take up to 24 hours to cancel the order, since it was already being prepared for shipment.

In the meantime I'd received another order confirmation email telling me that one item had been canceled, and the other items were "In Process".

Finally, 36 hours after I'd first told them to cancel the order I received an email from customer service telling me that the order had been canceled, but it was another 2.5 DAYS before I received an order status email confirming that all items on the order had been canceled.

After I received the actual cancelation notice, I wrote once more to let them know I would never order from them again, and asking them to never contact me again.

And here's where it becomes totally absurd...the next day I received the first email advertisement for MacMall, telling me about some sale. So I used the 'unsubscribe me' link in the email. And then the day after I'd unsubscribed I received yet another email advertisement from MacMall. And I clicked the 'unsubscribe me' link, and their website told me that my email address wasn't subscribed to any MacMall email lists.

So I sent off another email to customer support and received a response several hours later, notifying me that it could take 3-5 days for them to actually stop sending me emails.

My recommendation: avoid MacMall, there are plenty of reputable businesses that sell to Mac owners.

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