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Swift Ink


Top notch products and quality service

I shopped with Swift Ink twice. The first time they didn't have the product I wanted at hand so I decided to cancel my order. The cancellation process was easy and customer service was very communicative and helpful, but I did not have enough information for a full review.
The 2nd time I did order the product from them and I am glad I did. Shipping was quick and I got their free shipping upgrade. Their product is top-notch and it is one of the best replacement inks I've seen on the market. Comes in a professional box and works great in the printer.
My impression is that this is a company that really cares about the products they carry and about their customers, as such I will recommend others to shop there and it gets my top 5 stars rating.



Professional looking site & service

Whether you like the nesspresso coffee or not is a question of taste, however as far as service and cleanliness of website goes, gets top marks.
While not a bargain site, you get constant prices from and a flat shipping of $6.95 (at the time of this writing). It helps to keep an eye on occasional deals they have to be able to scrap the shipping costs or get 5-10$ off your capsules order, and of course you want to buy in bulk to keep unit cost to a minimum.
If you are buying the espresso machine, make sure to get a sale deal, I found their machines to be pretty good but always look for a return policy wherever you buy it.
As far as customer service they are as good as it gets. Always a live person on the phone and always very helpful. They will replace broken parts, fix any errors etc. They have local people even though they are a Swiss company.
The website is easy to use, they have pictures of everything so it's easy to see what you are buying and checkout process is easy with the shipping (while not free) is extremely quick.



Bought a book from BookHolders through, and I was lucky at that, since I got my money back 24hrs after I filed a complaint with I would be very upset had I bought it directly from them, and I recommend you to avoid such endeavour yourself, much like most of the other reviews here are saying: DO NOT BUY HERE!

Long version:
It seems that BookHolders exist for a noble cause, mainly it can provide cheap alternative to college student looking for otherwise expensive textbooks. So what's wrong? The search function on the site is hard to use, the info that is given for each book is incomplete and sometimes just plain wrong. Overall site design looks like its from the 90's.
Condition of the book seems random (most of the times over-rated) which is usually important (unless you buy a book about gambling maybe)
Customer service is almost non-existent. They did not reply to my mail to try to resolve the condition issue. The only reason they get 2 stars is because I got a refund quickly (again only because
The good: My book came in fast and was very cheap (sub $1 price) however how good is to get a cheap book that is not in the promised condition? or full with writings and circled answers in places that you may or might not supposed to write in?
I'm not sure where BookHolders get their books from but their inability to sort them and catalogue them correctly makes this service pretty much useless, noble cause and all.



Swing-n-slide have the utmost supplies for your youngster's outside play. Just like their name suggest, the offer swings, slides, slide-sets and other play outside elements. Site is pretty good, but it is obvious that it is lacking the big traffic to create enough reviews and tips from other customers. It would also be nice to have a full spec-sheet of the product (e.g. PDF manual) vs just list of text measurements. I guess most of their sales are not done direct but rather through Amazon, Home Depot and other merchants; beware though, those retailers will charge you more than buying direct from Swing-n-slide, and that is mainly the reason to deal with this site.
Overall you can save a few Dollars by buying direct from SnS but you will pay for in site clearness and shipping time.
Shipping is slow by today's standard. Took them 3 days to pack and ship my product and it wasn't even put into a special box. All they had to do is put a sticker on it and ship it, why should this take 3 days? plus I know it was not an anomaly with the shipping since I ordered twice from them with similar S&H times.
Other than this fact I would recommend SnS, they seem reliable, site is reasonably good and they seem to respect your privacy and don't spam you with email lists etc.
So overall- recommended if you care more about $$$ than shipping time.
- HL



Not sure why the astoundingly low rating for Walmart. I see people complain about bad instruction manual for the product they got and rate Walmart 1 star and similar unrelated issues.
I base my rating on 2 orders I recently placed with WM. Shipping was very reasonable in both cases and the products got here by the promised time (one actually got here much faster) they also have a commitment to deliver by Christmas and they keep these delivery dates. I'm sure some of the many shipments from Walmart go awry and from calling them I can tell their CS is not as good as Amazon's or Zappos but rating them 1 star is not really fair.
Here is my detailed rating:
Site: 4/5 - Site is pretty good, on par with sites like HomeDepot, search is a bit lacking they do have customer reviews and good product description.
Checkout: 5/5 - Very clear, tax & shipping calculated before final confirmation.
Shipping: 4/5 - Regularly time, great progress email with tracking, most of the time shipping is free to home or store. The packaging is not perfect and there is some chance of damage to shipment if not handled well.
Prices: 5/5 - Both product I bought were almost 1/2 of the price from the next lower retailer.
Customer Service: 3/5 - This is a typical brick & mortar CS with no automated RMA, but you can get reprimanded if you have some patience.
Overall WM (4.5/5) will _not_ my 1st choice of purchase, however sometimes they just have great products and great deals that are hard to pass on. Use it if it's not on your critical path (like must get it right on 1st try) and you are not a person that will get really upset if they got something wrong.



Kmart is one of those stores that just could not turn the corner of the digital age. The digitization of items, the quick turn-around and flexibility of a well-designed online presence simply does not exist for Kmart. This is going to be a long review, so I'll give you the summary first:

I would strongly suggest to order from any other site rather than If you are here because you already ordered and having problems with their customer service, the only thing I can offer you is my condolences.

Let me start here. On every RR review you are asked to give your order #, in Kmart's case this is like treading on one's corns. I talked to several Kmart employees both online and in-store and they could not even locate my invoice. I had the original invoice printed and the one that the product came with, nobody in the store could either- locate the product, locate UPC of the product, locate my invoice or locate my order by name and date. I was on hold on the phone for over an hour with the online store representative but even after that they could not even give me the right _information_ on how to return the item.
I have to mention that the actual store and on-line employees are very nice and polite, it seems like they are just heading a brick wall when it comes to Kmart's computer system and they are rendered useless as much as their are giving it their best effort, but still coming up with nothing.
The have apologizes numerous times to me, sent me to a UPS store (which was entirely NOT necessary since they sent the UPS to ME) then apologized again but issue is still not resolved. I am down $92 and nothing in the horizon exist to hint to me that this money will be refunded.

Website quality- I would describe the website as mediocre. It is not the worst I've seen, but also doesn't stand up to well managed sites, even in their own category such as Home-Depot or Sears. I don't really understand why Kmart site was not joined with since the products are similar and similarly priced (the products on kmart are "on sale" in most of the times)
Product quality- The product sent by Kmart are actually good, they ship quickly and are as described (I make the safe assumption that the few 5-star ratings of this store due to this category tested in vacuum)
Customer service- Ohh, where do I begin? the inability to locate an invoice, the fact that they advertise that you can return to the store, but in many cases you cannot. The fact that the employees are overloaded with customers that have crazy demands and therefore they cannot deal with some of the reasonable requests coming from loyal customers... this list can go on and on. To read some other examples, just look at the various other reviews.

Bottom line is, if you plan on buying an item and you are 100% sure you will never want to return, question the price of the item even if it's defective- you may go ahead, but I will be darned if I can't say I warned you. PLEASE STAY AWAY.

EDIT: I am upgrading to 2 stars since I did eventually get the refund after 2 weeks and numerous emails to support.


Always suspicious when you see all reviews are either 5 or 1's. I decided to rank QF4L as a 5* due to their excellent customer service. Since they are a small business they do hit snafus from time to time. On my order they did not have people to unload the truck even though they ordered them from the trucking company. However customer service were very helpful and sorted this out + refunded us the handling charges. Thank you Chris and Jasmine! oh and btw- they have amazing deals on floors and yes, they do deal with large orders and save you $$$ our contractor was very impressed with the quality of the floor and the price we paid for it.



Adorama is a solid merchant. They actually sell a lot of their stuff through Amazon. As with many cases, you get a slightly better deal if you go directly to their site, which I did.
Camera arrived as expected, so it wasn't slow to arrive neither they were super-quick, took 2 days to process the order and 7 days to get to me. Packaging was again good but shipping a camera in a big box together with accessories always scares me, also they had one of the items as back ordered and it arrived 2 weeks later in a separate shipment (fortunately it was a free camera bag which I did not intend on using anyway)
They also have a pretty cool system in which you can ask questions about a product and other Adorama users will answer you if they can.
My bottom line is, I will come back mainly due to price, beware if you need something 100% in your hands the next day they might not be the best choice, but if you have some time buffer their prices can be a great thing to take advantage of.


Store had very competitive prices. I bought a watch that was at least 50% more anywhere else. Not a very good research site, but if you know what you want it is very effective, shipping was very quick (paid extra for 2nd day air) and the product was as promised. Product could have been packed a little better, but for this price I don't have any complaints about the service.
Added 4/22: They do add your email address to their extremely aggressive daily email thread, so make sure to opt out of this one or don't give them your main email account.



SuperMediaStore has a nice selection of media items and great ability to search and order easily and support PayPal.
Shipment came in quickly, although many stores before have messed-up my ink orders, SMS were very accurate with the shipment and delivered as promised.
Ink has plenty of shelf time left in them (manufacturer is G&G) Prices are very attractive as well, better than Amazon marketplace.

Update: I am deducting a point due to SMS mediocre customer service. Not that it does not exist, but it is slow and you are not getting the feeling you are being taken care of (compare to #swiftink CS, for example which is great).
Case in point- one of the ink cartridges was DOA, SMS CS answered my email after a few hours and simply sent me a replacement item. Great, only it was the wrong item. I alerted them to the fact and in a few hours they said they would have sent the right item only they don't have it (btw- it is totally available on their website for sale), took me a few more emails (couple of them left unanswered) and a few more days to find out what the refund would be and still waiting for it a week after my complaint.

Overall I feel I should alert other people to their lackluster customer service, but they do offer products at a great price, you get what you pay for, I guess.



Very good overall. I was looking for a cheap ink replacement cartridges for my Epson printer. The last merchant I used has closed doors. After looking for a bit I decided to give Inkmarts a chance. They had a very low price for a replacement ink and not less important- free shipping. I used the chat feature on the site to make sure I am ordering the right thing and CS were pretty good. Overall the experience was good. Website & cart integration can be a bit better but it is simple enough and it works. Email confirmation was promt and the package has arrived in 3 days! The cartridges work great and have plenty of shelf life left in them. Summary:
Website: 3 / 5
Price: 5 / 5
Shipping / CS : 5 / 5
Product selection & quality: 4 / 5
Overall 4/5. Highly recommended.


I found to be reasonable overall. The website is somewhat archaic but easy enough to use and the product are shown and described clearly. Ordered replacement ink for my printer, my previous place of ordering would charge double for the same order (and it is not even the most expensive on the web)!
After ordering with TechBudget you get a very prompt email with your order confirmation and then an email every time the "status" changes (e.g. order packaged, shipped etc). You even get a USPS tracking number, however USPS tracking system is not very useful.
The package was shipped and arrived very quickly! (within 4 days). The packaging was reasonable and considering the S&H price (about 2/3 of what other sites would charge) I was happy as long as it worked.
Another thing to check with cartridges is their expiration date (shelf life). The ones I got from TechBudget were close to their expiration date, but since I plan to used them immediately that was not an issue for me.
Overall I think TechBuget will be my new source of replacement ink, they seem reliable and 2/3 the price of similar sites.

Update: 2011 - they are gone now, so don't try to buy anything from them now

Vitamin Shoppe


I looked for an order that included some variant vitamins. VitamineShoppe seemed to have a huge selection of products and included everything I needed. The only other comparable shop was VitaCost. I went with VS since I liked the site better and they have physical local stores, they were also slightly cheaper.
The order process was: Ordered on Sunday, confirmation email was immediate. Shipped on Tuesday (everything was in-stock) with UPS tracking number. Package was at my door Friday.
Everything was well packed and exact match of my order.
Overall I am very satisfied and will continue to shop there. Hopefully they will not send me same propaganda material (brochures) as the ones included in the shipped box..
P.S. VS has nice coupons and deals, look for them to get really attractive prices.



I read the reviews here before my order, but I decided to take a chance with ABCink. They have great sales on ink and I bought 7-pack of Ridisc ink packs. I read the reviews and Ridisc ink is highly rated replacement. I took the free shipping options, expected a two-weeks shipment, but I was pleasantly surprised, I got the package after only 4 days!
The package included my order, plus free photo paper (which was not clear from the site whether I should get these or not) and a cleaning kit bonus.
So overall I am very satisfied. The only bad thing I can say about ABCink is that the expiration date on the packages is pretty close, meaning, these units are sitting in storage for a while (maybe this is why they are on sale...) but if you are going to use them in the next 6 months or so you should be ok. I will report how they print when I try them, but right now I am pretty happy with the price, product and shipping.
Commented: Jan-23-07:
Turns out I ordered the wrong ink. I contacted customer support for replacement. I had to pay the shipping and restocking fee (15%) but considering this was my mistake, I am not unhappy. ABCink were responsive via emails (thanks Carol!) and they always respond within 24hrs. The new ink were sent promptly again arrived at my door 4 days after my order! so this quick shipment was not a one-time thing. The new ink works perfectly and only the labels are not printed as nicely as the original Epson ink :) I recommend this store to anybody who don't expect a red-carpet type of service, but can do with reasonable prices and service.


1call is one of the honest shops on the net albeit usually not the cheapest one around (they do come close) however if you weigh in the headache free transaction it usually worth the extra 1%.
Ordered a high-end camera for my business, the shipping was $16 (3-day FedEx), but with an online special it was the same price as other shops that had 'free shipping' giving that it was the lowest price available. NOTE: I am not taking into account any of the NY-style pay-but-never-get stores.
My only complaint for 1call would be that they are very anal regarding shipping and billing (a bit too conservative) they wouldn't ship to my business address because I used another credit card and they would not ship w/o signature, so I had to call them to clear this out, they would only ship to an address that is registered with your CC.
In any event, I proceeded with the order thinking I would be home Friday to sign for it. I immediatly got a shipping confirmation and a FedEx number and the package was there Thursday afternoon (less than 2 days later!)
Unfortunately I wasn't planning being home Thursday so that didn't help me...
I got the package Friday, they package was a little banged up but it was well packed so the product was in perfect condition; new; US model (no gray market) no complaints there.
In conclusion I am very happy with 1call and will recommend them to anybody. I will continue buying from them but I will still shop around because they don't seem to have loyalty program discount.