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Edmund Scientifics


On Feb 6th, 2007, I placed an order with Edmund Scientific, which is apparently now only possible through Google Checkout. Two days later, my card was charged for the order. After a week of waiting, the order had still not shipped, making this the second longest waiting period I had to deal with online (the first was with the now defunct At that point, I sent a query to them regarding the order, and I was told the items were “on back-order with a approximate date of 2/23/07. These items will ship once they arrive.” There was no indication of this status when I placed the order. Considering that I placed this order in response to an email advertisement they sent me, I would expect much faster service than this.

Well, that date came and went with absolutely no change in the order status. To this day, over two weeks after that notification and over a month since I was charged, nothing has shipped, and the order status page still says, “Your order is in progress”, with the last listed activity being my card being charged on Feb 8th.

At this point I have cancelled my order. I now wonder just how long I’ll have to wait for them to get around to handling that.

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