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Shark by name shark by nature!!

Only placed a small order for a replacement emblem on the 10th of June and paid through PayPal. After two weeks nothing had arrived and no communication was received from the company. I sent them an email asking for an update on my order only to be told that the item had been discontinued by their Korean office without their knowledge. This was a round emblem to replace an existing one on the front grill of my Kia Sorento, which I made them fully aware of. They then tried to offer me oval emblems and an inferior round emblem, I thanked them for their efforts but told them that I already had these other items from another supplier from the States and they were no where near the quality of my original order. I therefore asked for a refund through PayPal. No reply was forthcoming, I emailed again, the owner reckons that all previous emails had not been received although my laptop told me different ( that's funny !! ). I again attempted to ask for a refund as they could not supply the original order, again no reply. The order was only for $42 which is not a great sum granted, I'm not going to miss that small amount, it is just the principal that this so called business man can hold his head up when all he is doing is ripping people off. I don't really care about this amount, I therefore filed a complaint with PayPal and as if by magic he replied to an email that he reckons he never received in the first place. He then proceeded to call me child that spat his dummy out and ran crying to PayPal, therefore I have no order with him, don't expect to get my money back, good bye. I am 55 years old and far from a child !! The only child here is the one trying to run this company and rob people of their hard earned cash. If he is that desperate to steal $42 from me, which in theory is what he has done then he can stick it where the sun doesn't shine!! So please take notice of this letter to any potential new customers, please don't bother with this company. As the title says " Shark by name Shark by nature" because that's all he does is rip innocent people of!!

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